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The emergence of Donald Trump as President of United States of American, despite all odds at this time, is by God’s providence. It is a welcome development to Americans in particular, and the world at large. US being a leading nation in the world, makes much impact in security and economic well being of nations. People all over the world have been yearning for emergence of a truly God-fearing President of United States, to address some anomalies in that country, and the world at large.

Soon on assumption of office, we expect him to abolish that obnoxious and satanic gay marriage law. That law is not only ungodly, but against all forms of decency in the society. All those involved in the promulgation of the law, as well as the practitioners,  have no fear  or regard for God Almighty, the creator of the whole universe. By legalizing gay marriage, and glorifying lesbianism, homosexuality, they have shown total disobedience and disregard for Him. He has been relegated to the background by the country’s rulers. The LORD is not happy about it.

The scripture said, “For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet. And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them”—Romans 1: 26-28 & 32.

We want him to also take the lead in fighting injustice and wickedness in the world such as: dictatorship, tyranny, terrorism, religious extremism, and other atrocities; in collaboration with United Nations and other international bodies. Let him improve on the performance of his predecessor Obama, in dealing with dictatorship and terrorism in the world. A lot of sit-tight dictators and tyrants, are presently lording it over their helpless citizens. There are many of them in African countries.

Some of them use armed gangs to climb to power. When they get there, they will jettison the bandits that helped them, and won’t rehabilitate them. It is like someone using ladder to climb to the top of a house. Then, he will kick or destroy it. As a result, a lingering conflict or rebellion ensues. Tyrants use tribalism, nepotism, religious bigotry, name them, to perpetuate themselves in power. They thrive in conflicts, and subjugation of other groups. Tribalism and religious fanatism are their trademarks. Crux of the matter, is that tyrants see their lordship over their subjects as birthrights. These wicked rulers, have begun to withdraw membership of their countries from International Criminal Court (ICC). By so doing, they think they are immune from prosecution, by the world body.

Withdrawal can never confer immunity on them, from prosecution on crimes against humanity. ICC is an organ of United Nations, of which all of them belong to. They can never dream of withdrawing from United Nations (UN). These despots are aware they need UN to survive, just as fish needs water to survive. For instance, when they cause huge refugee problems in their countries, due to suppress opposition or “rebels,” UN and other international bodies will come to their rescue. UN bears the burden of proving food, shelter, and medication for refugees, or internally displaced persons. These evil rulers should be compelled to remain to allow their countries to remain in ICC, or another International Court of Justice, should be established under United Nations, to prosecute and jail these dictators, whether their countries belong to ICC or not. They should no longer be allowed to destroy their people.

God Almighty is using United Nations, and its leadership to curb the activities of wicked rulers, among other things. Gone are the years, when evil rulers used the so-called charter of, “Non interference in the internal affairs of member countries,” to commit genocide and other wicked acts against minority tribes, and political opponents with impunity.

Quite a number of them indulge in cannibalism, (eating of fellow human beings). As well, they feed their animal pets like lions with human beings. The world body, including the United States of America (USA), should rise up to their God-given responsibilities, to fight all forms of human right abuses and wickedness in the world. In the past, God Almighty used rulers of world empires to control the activities of nations. Nowadays, He is using UN and world leaders; including United States to do so.

Dictators like Idi Amin of Uganda, and Marcus Nguame of Equatorial Guinea, wrecked a lot of havoc. Eventually God visited and dealt with them. Some of them were killed. Some died through protracted sickness. If somebody escapes judgement of men, can he escape judgement of God? No. The evils that men do live with them.

Let God use President Donald Trump, and other world leaders do more to fight terrorism, and religious extremism all over the world. Nefarious activities of terrorists have degenerated to a stage where: children, girls, and married women, are being adopted, raped and impregnated, by these hoodlums, who hide under religion to perpetrate evils. They kill and burn alive perceived enemies of Islam, without any regard to the law of the land. In most cases, these heinous crimes are committed through tacit support, and inciting statements of religious leaders. They tell their followers to kill anybody, “trying to lure them away from practicing their religion.” They aid and abet religious killings for their selfish reasons. The fanatics kill and burn people under the cover of blasphemy of their religion. With the coming on board of President Donald Trump, all these rubbish are expected to be tackled headlong.


                 Evangelist Joseph. Afurobi 

The systematic genocide and oppression of Igbo tribe in Nigeria, has continued unabated since 1966; over half a century now. Although, the civil war ended in January 1970, the agitation for a sovereign state of Biafra persists; because of the wickedness of Nigerian rulers: both past and present, including military juntas, against Igbos and Niger Deltans. There is an orchestrated plan to keep the Igbos under perpetual bondage; and quench their enterprising nature, like the Israelites in the land of Egypt. But the more they are oppressed, the more determined they are to survive. Remember, Igbo’s are widely believed to have their origins from Israel. Their progenitor was a Jew, who migrated to Africa, and eventually settled in Igboland.

Virtually all those who have ruled this country, and the ones still in power, pay lip service to one Nigeria. They are very tribalistic. Hausa/ Fulani oligarchy in Nigeria is far worse than colonialism: it is internal slavery or local imperialism! We call on United Nations and its allies, to assist in actualizing Republic of Biafra, as a panacea to peace in the area. It is long overdue. Our taskmasters; the Hausa/Fulanis are bent on enslaving us indefinitely. Actualizing Biafra will help the citizens attain their full potentials in an egalitarian society, with equal opportunities. Taskmasters trying to force them to remain in Nigeria, so that the oppression will continue, won’t succeed.

Now, the atrocities being committed against Igbos by succeeding Governments in Nigeria, have exceeded the travail of many oppressed groups in many other counties, before quitting to have their separate countries. Pakistan, and former Soviet Union, etc, are not left out. The agitation began with the massacre of millions of Igbos in Northern Nigeria, under the watchful eyes of military dictator Gowon. He promoted (catapulted) himself from the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, to five-star General in one single day. The genocide led to Nigerian civil war, in which multitude of people died.  A lot of atrocities were committed. It ranges from rape to burying alive of human beings. After the war, the systematic genocide continued unabated.

Riots, religious fanatics, and terrorists, were incited and sponsored, for wanton destruction of lives and properties of Igbos living in the North. Northern elites used their ill-gotten wealth to finance the brutal killings, rape, looting, and burning of belongings of our people, for their selfish, sectional, and political ambitions. Gowon’s half education and pomposity, contributed immensely to the death of millions of people, between the year 1966 and 1975, when he was butted out of power. Today, he moves about free from any form of prosecution; whether locally or internationally. If somebody escapes the judgement of men, can he escape the judgement of God? Never! He contributed more than any Nigerian ruler, to the deplorable condition of South Eastern Nigeria.

These taskmasters in the persons of Nigerian tribal rulers, and their surrogates, have been handing over baton of rulership to themselves; to perpetuate the subjugation and oppression of Igbos and Niger Deltans. The killings continue. Up till this moment, the South Eastern Nigeria is the most backward and least developed, among the six geo-political zones in the country.  There is no Federal Industry there: no refinery, though it is crude oil producing area. Most of the federal roads there are in very bad shape—grossly neglected. Nigeria Government never built a steel company in that neglected zone, because of tribal politics. The area has the highest number of unemployed graduates and youths. The notable federal presence in Igboland,  are Nigerian television Authority and Armed Forces, being used to mow down agitators under any flimsy excuse.

The marginalization also rears its ugly head, in recruitment into Federal Government institutions across the country—civil and other public service inclusive. Buhari administration recently sacked a lot of soldiers; ninety percent of them are southerners. It then recalled many soldiers who were laid off by his predecessor; for reasons ranging from sabotage in the ongoing war against terrorists, to failure in promotion exams three times. Tribalism rears it ugly head in the country. This current Government is the most tribal in the history of Nigeria.

The very few Igbos in the Government, are sycophants. Give Igbo man an appointment or a contract, and he will forget about his people; and even turn against them. Our rulers discovered this very early; and are using effectively it to divide and rule our people for decades now.

They can almost quench agitation from South East by “settling” Igbo leaders. It includes giving them contracts, political appointments, or bulk money. But this time around, they are finding it very difficult if not impossible, as real agitators for Biafran Republic are mostly young people. They don’t want to take any nonsense.

An average Igbo leader is self-centered. He deceives his villagers to give him vast land; ostensibly to build industries. He uses it to build kingdom for himself, with a number of storey buildings. He fences it with very high wall, almost as high as Berlin wall, with electrified barbwire. He installs giant plant for electricity, only for himself and immediate family; while his kinsmen are living in darkness.

He builds water bore-hole for himself, when his villagers trek for miles to fetch water. He positions his fierce-looking dogs in his compound, to scare away intruders. This man meanders through the very bad roads leading to his country home with his rugged jeep. He buys chieftaincy tittles and awards here and there. He is conferred with numerous chieftaincy tittles, honourary doctorate degrees, and other mundane awards. Mediocres! Igbo leaders are the most selfish set of people in the world!

The presidency of Nigeria has eluded them for more than half a century now. They prefer being at the corridor of power, as glorified messengers to mediocres and half educated juntas. Many of Igbo leaders have studied extensively abroad, and worked there for years. They excelled in various fields of human endeavours. But, back home they are subjugated and fall prey to ruling cabal.

Britain is the architect of Hausa/Fulani oligarchy in Nigeria, since the so-called independence. It began with the amalgamation of the Northern and Southern protectorates to form Nigeria in 1914 by Luggard. The two were ‘married,’ not because of economic viability. It was done with the ulterior motive to subjugate the South, for selfish reasons by colonial masters. They discovered that southern protectorate was much richer in mineral resources, even before discovery of crude oil in commercial quantity, in Niger Delta region. British colonial masters reasoned it would be very hard to rule the South directly; with all the battles and resistance they encountered from people living there. They also noticed the inhabitants of the area are resourceful, intelligent, and very eager to be educated. They reasoned something drastic has to be done, in order not to loose grip of the colony in future.

Then, they took the decision to merge North and South. They counseled the Northerners to do everything possible, to put the Southerners under subjection, and rule over them. They warned Northerners should they ever concede power to the South, it would be disastrous for them; seeing that they had little mineral resources to sustain them if there is separation.


Moreover, the Southerners are much more educated and intelligent. Therefore, Northerners were placed as taskmasters over Southerners. The colonialists wanted to install puppet regime, they could easily manipulate. Since then, that mentality to rule Nigeria perpetually at all cost, has been there for decades. They want to dominate and control everywhere; even to the extent of owning most of the oil wells in far away Niger Delta: Warri, Port Harcourt, Bayelsa, etc. They gave exploration licenses to themselves; which is renewable after ten years. That is to say the oil licenses cannot be revoked or canceled, until the long expiration date. That was why former President Jonathan, couldn’t revoke or cancel oil licenses during his tenure. The licenses granted Northerners and some other persons until 2016 expiring date. Jonathan left 2015.

The domination, repression, and operation continue. People from the North now control the three arms of the Government: Judiciary, Legislature and Executive. They control and dominate the armed forces. Virtually all frontline security positions are manned by the North. Yet, they shout one Nigeria very loud!

Britain continued her imperialism in Nigeria, by using military juntas like Gowon, to wreck havoc in the country. He emerged as the ruling dictator, from a bloody coup in which the then head of State, Aguiyi Ironsi was brutally murdered. This imperialist country condoned the genocide against millions of Igbos, which began in 1966 and continued for years, under the dictatorship of Yakubu Gowon. Britain was the principal supplier of arms and ammunition; as well as military personnel, to Gowon and his men, to mow down our people. Yakubu committed a lot of atrocities against Igbos, and grievous crimes against humanity. At a stage, his spokesman said, “starvation is the legitimate weapon of war.” He blocked food supplies to our people. Kwashiorkor (severe malnutrition) was rampant in Biafran land during the civil war.

During his era of tyranny, he went to Organization of African Unity meeting. He was able to lobby and seek support of most member countries, not to criticize or interfere in his destruction of Biafran land. It became a charter that member countries shouldn’t interfere in the internal affairs of fellow member country. That gave him the license to devastate Igboland with impunity, while the world watched. Other African tyrants copied from him, and began ethnic cleansing in their countries; until several years later, when United Nations began to deal with them. If not for involvement of Britain, Biafran soldiers would have dealt a deadly blow to Gowon and his men; with their gallantry and inventions in military hardware. Britain wanted Biafra crushed, so that she would go ahead to siphon crude oil from Niger Delta, and her imperialism in that ‘forced marriage’ called Nigeria.

When Gowon was overthrown in July 1975, he fled to Britain with his ill-gotten wealth. Of course, he owns a house, and investments there. When he was implicated in a failed, bloody, counter coup seven months later, in which the then head of state, Murtala Mohammed was brutally killed, he refused to come back to defend himself. He was shielded. He shouts “One Nigeria” louder than any other person. Hypocrite! He has been acquiring: doctorate degree, honourary doctorate degrees and other mundane awards. These can never erase his genocide and wickedness against Igbos. Although, he has been shielded from being prosecuted by International Criminal Court for now, he has a date with justice.

He claimed to be fighting for the unity of Nigeria, even when he turned down peace agreement, he was a signatory to earlier in Aburi, Ghana in 1966. He reneged on the peace accord. He boasted he would crush Biafra in 24 hours, which he couldn’t. Fifty years later, struggle for sovereign State of Biafra, is even getting hotter. He will continue to be haunted by his murderous past. God said, “But the wicked are like the troubled sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt. There is no peace, said my God, to the wicked”—Isaiah 57:20-21.


Oil exploration in Niger Delta region is a case of the hen that lays the golden eggs. But, the area has been relegated to the background since time immemorial. The territory produces the bulk of cruse oil in Nigeria. It is responsible for up to 90% of national income.

It has been grossly neglected by succeeding Government, including military juntas since independence. Oil exploration there has caused serious environmental hazard, as most oil companies there are not sticking to set environmental standards, in their operations. Many of the farmlands have been destroyed by oil spills; Aqua life has also been adversely affected due to pollution. Of course, their means of livelihood have been seriously affected. The inhabitants are mostly farmers and fishermen.

Nigerian Government which been dominated by Northerners, and to lesser extent people from South West, cared very little about the well being of the people in that area. Military rulers set the pace for exploitation and injustice, meted out to those people _wallowing in abject poverty in midst of plenty. During military dictatorship, multinational oil companies like Shell Petroleum Company, spent a lot in importation of sophisticated weapons, to crush agitation against environmental degradation and neglect, her operations inflict on the impoverished people. The company prefer buying arms to kill and maim people, to solving the hazards they created. Shell is an imperialist Company!

Many of the people are living in shanties, mud and thatched houses. Some of their make-shift thatched houses, are ‘hanging’ on top of the river. And beside some of the houses, you can see oil companies huge siphon pipes, dipped inside the river to drain oil. Local imperialism. There was a time people couldn’t differentiate Shell Police from Nigerian Police. The former recruit security men, train and get them armed with sophisticated weapons, and register them as Nigerian Policemen. Shell really exploited people of Niger Delta, especially during the long military rule.

Most of the oil wells in the area are owned by Northerners; as well as marketing of the product. Yet, they shout one Nigeria slogan loud. Succeeding rulers and their surrogates have looted hundreds of billions of dollars; proceeds from oil sales. Many of them build their mansions, by allocating free huge quantity of crude oil to companies, who in turn build the mansions for them. The masses are short-changed in the process. They have no moral right, to accuse some inhabitants of oil producing zone of oil theft. They themselves allocate oil wells to themselves, to the exclusion of the inhabitants. They are the real rogues. These cabal own refineries abroad. They steal and smuggle ship loads of crude oil; send them overseas to their individual refineries. There, the oil is refined and sent back to us at exorbitant price, claiming subsidies running into trillions of naira. They are the jumbo-sized looters, and not the petty thieves who are denied ownership of oil wells in their own lands.

Now the youths are rising up against the injustice and exploitation: that man’s inhumanity to man. Multinational companies in Nigeria, tried to stop agitators, but couldn’t. Initially, they tried to appease them, with one little development project or the other. But the gross neglect of the area, impoverishing of the people, and mass unemployment, cannot be appeased with little incentives.

Now, the conflict has assumed a high proportion, with the militants acquiring deadly weapons. They are formidable force to reckon with. A situation where oil produced in the Southern part of Nigeria, is used to develop the North, does not auger well for the country. It is the crude oil that is keeping Nigeria one. When you hear them shout one Nigeria; their eyes are on the crude oil in Niger Delta. If the oil happens to finish, it will be “every man to his tent oh Israel.” The self-imposed lordship of Hausa/Fulani over the rest tribes of the country, won’t survive the test of time. They are parasites of the highest order.

This terrorist group was initially financed and used, to confront former President Jonathan administration, by Northern elites. Their cardinal objectives were, to put in place a Northern Muslim as President, and to Islamize the country. They bombed housed, engaged in arson, wanton destruction of lives and properties, rape and so on. Their main targets then were Southern Christians, especially Igbos. They were slaughtered in Kano, Adamawa, Borno, and other parts of the North. Eventually, Jonathan left office, and Northern Muslim, Buhari took over.

Now, the activities of the terrorists/insurgents have backfired on them and their sponsors. The cabal can no longer control them. The insurgents have turned against their own tribesmen and women. They have embarked on: adoptions of girls, and married women, and impregnating them. They burn villages. What is happening in North Eastern Nigeria, is a direct consequence of sponsoring insurgents and terrorists, by northern cabal. It is also a retribution for atrocities committed against Igbo, especially during the reign of Gowon. Kwashiorkor in Igboland during the civil war, is being replicated in Internally Displace Persons (IDP) camps in the North. Killings, bombing, and rape have become common features in the area. They are victims of self-inflicted wounds.

Sabotage by some Nigerian soldiers, as well as sales of arms and ammunition to insurgent, have added a dangerous dimension to the war in North East. The insurgents’ exchange of some of their hostages for ransom is disturbing. The truth is that the conflict will linger for a longtime to come. There is no end in sight.

The Federal government should stop wasting billions fighting terrorists. Rather, it should nip in the bud their activities, by rounding up the original sponsors of the terrorist groups. Most of the financiers are among those who looted the country blind. They use their stolen wealth to finance: riots, genocide, and terrorism in the country. By so doing, they are partakers in the heinous crimes which include: impregnating girls and married women. The evils that men do live with them.

Attempt to Islamize Nigeria is not borne out of the desire to please God, or work for Him. Rather, they want to use religious enslavement to gain political control over the people, and gain easy access to their mineral resources.


God dealt with certain past rulers who wanted to Islamize the country. There arose a religious crisis in this country in the year 1986. Rumours were making rounds in the country; that Nigeria was about to be registered as a member of Organization of Islamic countries (OIC). That was during military rule. It was causing restlessness among the Christians in the country.

Then, God sent Evang. J. Egwuonwu to meet the military rulers, and warn them on the consequences of their intending action. The Lord told him to first meet the Chief of Army Staff (Major General Sanni Abacha). God told them if they failed to heed His warning, He would deal with them more ruthlessly than He dealt with their predecessors. God said further, that He made it possible for the Army Chief to be in that position. Some other officers struggled to occupy that post. But, He made it possible for him to be there. The Army Chief then gave him date to come again; by which he would assemble the top rulers to hear more from him.

At the appointed date, he appeared before the rulers, including the Head of State– “Military Ruler, General Ibrahim Bandamosi Babangida.” He was called upon to repeat what he said earlier. He prayed before making his speech. As he was praying, the power of God moved in that auditorium. Three persons fell under the power of the Holy Ghost. They were rolling on the floor, and screaming like little children! Then, Egwuonwu told the gathering, that those three had charms with them. They tried to charm him while he was praying, but failed woefully. The three included: a wealthy civilian, a retired Major General, and a serving Brigadier General then.

He gathered and destroyed their charms. When he touched and prayed for them, they became normal. The retired Major General, admitted he got his charms while in India for military training. The personalities that gathered there; were overwhelmed by the power of God that moved in their midst. Then, the man of God began to relay the Lord’s message to them.

The Lord told them He would want  Nigeria to remain a secular state. In other words, He didn’t want any religion to be imposed on the country. They shouldn’t judge anybody. Only Him could rightly judge. He said the country should not be registered with Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC). He said further that religious war is an endless war, among other things.

After the meeting, Major Gen. Sanni Abacha took him to his expansive office. He told members of his staff around to leave the office. He explained to the man of God, he was amazed by what happened that day. He requested him to be coming to his office monthly to teach him the bible.

Although, he was a Moslem, he wanted to know more about the bible, and the Christian religion. He told him some of his colleagues used to criticize the Christians publicly; but secretly read the bible, and fraternize with Christians. He requested for a copy of the holy bible, which was given to him. He became a confidential bible student of the Evangelist. Each time the preacher visited, he would tell his staff to excuse them.

Then, a well-known multi-billionaire: who was the brain behind the move to do the OIC registration; was offended by the activities of the Evangelist. He had a lot of influence over the government. He ordered that the man of God should come and see him. He questioned, whether the man was greater than Prophet Mohamed. Arrangement was therefore made, for the preacher to go and meet the multi-millionaire, from the South West of the country. Some army officers accompanied him to the place. The wealthy contractor looked down on the man of God. When the minister was saying the opening prayer, the man refused to remove his cap.

As the prayer was going on, a mighty wind came from nowhere to blow his cap off his head. Then, unseen hands got hold of his head; and knocked it hard on the floor. He began to sprawl on the floor, and cry like a baby and shouting, “Olorun Oba O!  Olorun Oba O”!  That is “God is great God is great.” He was highly terrified!

Then, the minister gave him message from God. The Lord made it possible for him to acquire his wealth. He regretted he was using the money He gave to him, to cause trouble in the country. Finally, He told him He was ready to deal with him, more ruthlessly than He dealt with Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon!  And the man became sober. He called on the man of God to pray for him; that God would forgive him. And he prayed for him. Then, he realized God reigns in the kingdoms of men.

“The same hour was the thing fulfilled upon Nebuchadnezzar, and he was driven from men, and did eat grass as oxen, and his body was wet with the dew of heaven, till his hairs were grown like eagles feathers, and his nails like birds’ claws. And at the end of the days; I Nebuchadnezzar lifted up mine eyes unto heaven, and mine understanding returned unto me. And I blessed the most High, and I praised and honoured him that lives for ever; whose dominion is an everlasting dominion; and his kingdom is from generation to generation.

And all the inhabitants of the earth are reputed as nothing: and he does according to his will in the army of heaven; and among the inhabitants of the earth. And none can stay his hand, or say unto him, what does thou? At the same time my reason returned unto me, and for the glory of my kingdom, mine honour and brightness returned unto me, and my counselors and my lords sought unto me; and I was established in my kingdom.

And excellent majesty was added unto me. Now, I Nebuchadnezzar praise and extol and honour the king of heaven, all whose works are truth, and his ways judgement. And those that walk in pride he is able to abase“ –Daniel 4:33-37.

Then, a paramount ruler from the far north of the country; was offended by the development. He was highly influential. He ordered that the man of God be brought before him in his palace. He questioned the genuineness of the minister of the gospel. He asked, “Is he greater than Prophet Mohamed?”

Arrangement was made for the Minister of the gospel to go and meet the paramount ruler. The Gospel Minister; was accompanied by only a Major (Ayuba) in the Nigerian Army to the palace. It was like a suicide mission. All the security guards were in full alert in the palace; with their weapons by their sides. The palace was filled up with eminent personalities from the north. A seat was ‘prepared’ for the minister to sit on. The picture of Mohamed was boldly designed on the seat.

The whole scenario was very intimidating. But God was always assuring him He was with him. “And call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver thee, and thou shall glorify me”- Ps 50:15. When he entered the palace, he saw some people making invocations with their idols and charms. Instantly, the Lord showed him a vision of angel following him with a sword.

The angel of the Lord went and defiled their charms with the edge of his sword. As he was about to sit down on the seat prepared for him, God stopped him. Instead, He instructed him to touch the chair with his hand. As soon as he touched the chair; it scattered along with the charms hid underneath. They started to scream and say “Allah Ya Sariki! Allah Ya Sariki”! That is, “God is great! God is great.”

They acknowledged God’s greatness. He used the opportunity to preach to them. He told them Jesus is the King of kings, and Lord of lords: Saviour of the whole world. He said, “come unto me, all you that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and you shall find rest upon your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light“ –Matt 11:28-30.

Soon after the sermon, he left the palace triumphantly. From that day onward, nobody summoned him again for questioning. Later on, the Defence Minister, Lt. General Domkat Bali told him, he initially thought he was using charms. He further said he was fearing for the Gospel Minister: should the charm disappoint him. But that day, he told him he had become convinced God was making use of him; after coming out successfully from every intimidation.

We therefore call on religious rulers to stop incitement of their followers. Many religious leaders in Nigeria instigate violence and brutal killings by their adherents. You Muslim leaders need to stop making inciting statements. It will go a long way to reduce drastically killings by mostly Muslim rioters. For instance, recently a well known Muslim leader instructed Muslims to kill anybody trying to stop them from practising their faith. Shortly after that statement, issue of blasphemy against Islam came up. 8 people were beaten and burnt to death by mob in Zamfara State, who acted under instigation. Christians began to be killed under flimsy excuses here and there. See killings going on all over the country by Fulani Boko Haram herdsmen. Almost all of them are sponsored or instigated to kill law abiding citizens. Let me be frank with you, the country is sliding to dictatorship and disintegration, if things continue like this. You religious leaders and Northern elites, share in the blame of religious and ethnic killings going on in Nigeria. Everyone will give account of his life before Almighty God. By so doing, they are overstretching the embattled Nigerian soldiers.

They launched “Operation Lafiya Dole” in the North East against Boko Haram. Also, they engage Niger Delta Militants in “Operation crocodile Smile.” The militants responded with “Operation Crocodile tears.” In the South East, the soldiers launched, “Operation Python Dance,” While IPOB and MASSOB responded with “Operation David Dance.” In the South West, the soldiers are as well confronting the militants there, including Lagos area. The military last time used fighter jets to ‘reduce’ the number of militants there. The soldiers are facing the Shiites, and to a lesser extent the herdsmen. The Nigeria soldiers have a lot of battles facing them. Our prayers is that God will intervene in Nigeria and purge the country of dictatorship and tribalism. And I know that as He delivered Israel from the bondage of the Egyptians, He will deliver Biafra from bondage in Nigeria at His appointed time.

Evangelist Joseph U. Afurobi (Publisher)

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