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Open-Letter to Joe Biden of USA.


We will first commend you, on your emergence as current President of United States of America. You are now more or less number one world leader. Your influence and authority extends to other nations; far beyond United States.

We therefore urge you to rule with the fear of Almighty God; who has allowed you to occupy that exulted position for a while. For the whole world is His, and the fullness thereof. For God looks down in the kingdoms of men; to pay everyone according to his deeds.

We are glad you spoke of being of the Catholic Christian Faith. It’s a welcome development. You are expected to study the bible and go to Church regularly. The founding fathers of America like George Washington and Abraham Lincolm, trusted in Jehovah; and He saw them through.

In the books of Kings in the bible (1st and 2nd Kings), the LORD visited the kings of Israel and Judah, at one time or the other. He blessed or dealt with them and their families individually; depending on whether they served God or not. Kings like David, Josiah and Hezekiah, served the true God, and they were blessed. On the other hand, evil kings like Jeroboam and Ahab arose. Years later, God wiped them and their families, out of the surface of the earth!

We urge you to emulate the God-fearing disposition of your immediate predecessor, Donald Trump. He made remarkable achievements in pushing the Middle East peace process forward. Also, he gave recognition to Jerusalem as eternal capital of Israel. He moved US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem; and encouraged many nations to follow suit. He fought terrorism; and dictatorship around the world.

We would want you to beam your searchlight, on the activities of dictators over the nations; especially in Nigeria. The crux of the matter is that Nigeria has been ruled for years now, by a succession of foreign impostors. These foreign nationals are being hired, cloned, and masked, to impersonate the dead Nigerian ruler. We will be very glad if you collaborate with United Nations, or International Community, to carry out thorough investigations of what is happening in Nigeria, and bring perpetrators to book, without any sentiment attached. ICC is a toothless bulldog. Wanton destruction of lives and property, tribalism, and high level looting of the treasury, are all hinged on the facts, that nobody can be held responsible. Nigeria is in virtual state of anarchy, where Fulanis are being used to kill people on daily basis; while our wicked rulers keep quiet.

When a hireling, is lording it over a sovereign nation in the name of governance, it has far reaching consequences on the masses. Take for instance, the killings going on across Nigeria by sponsored Fulanis. The person at the helm of affairs, occupying Aso Rock doesn’t care. He knows that one day, he will suddenly leave the place with or without a trace. His kinsmen from mostly Niger Republic, are pouring into Nigeria to engage in terrorism, armed robbery (sorry banditry), kidnapping, and other heinous crimes, with impunity. How long will international community continue in the conspiracy of silence? We appeal to the conscience of world leaders. We are entitled to self-defence, as our dynamic Biafra leader, Nnamdi Kanu and his colleagues, are organizing Eastern Security Network (ESN).

We appeal you use your position as world leader, coupled with your sound educational background, to stop the wickedness going on in Nigeria, for the sake of humanity. Everybody knows that President Joe Biden is alive and real. Your picture anywhere under different attires, remain the same. Your identity can never be under suspicion. Your oval face is there; which looks like the shape of “paw paw” in Africa.

International Community has been dragging its foot to restore Biafra. Biafra has met all the requirements, to be an independent nation from oppressive Nigeria. If former Soviet Union, Yugoslava, and other countries, can be divided into many nations without a war; why won’t Biafra go? What you people see as ethnic groups in Nigeria, are nations in Europe. United Nations have consulted with the Biafra leader Nnamdi Kanu, and his colleagues  a number of times to deliberate on Biafra issues. We want something concrete to come out of it. Let the UN facilitate the independence of Biafra. Fulani atrocities and lordship over our people, are far worse than colonial rule. We want to be free from the clutches of the wicked.

The issue is that Nigerian Authorities have been spending fortunes to “settle” rulers of nations that matter; to scuttle Biafra bid. Nigeria is hell to our people. Agents of Satan are ruling over the country. This struggle started over fifty years ago; when millions of our people were massacred, raped, their property destroyed, and bank accounts frozen, by evil rulers in the country. No human being or devil can stop Biafra. Anybody talking about making Nigeria to remain one, is a hypocrite who has vested interest in wickedness going on there, in name of governance.

Donald Trump did the much he could, to advance the cause of Biafra during his tenure. He tried as a human being. Other world rulers like: Putin of Russia, Netanyahu of Israel, and Emmanuel Macron of France, are lending their support for the restoration of Biafra. However, our greatest trust lies in Almighty God, creator of the whole universe. He has the power to remove anybody from whatever position and replace him with whoever pleases Him.

We urge you to hold consultations with Biafran leader, Nnamdi Kanu and his colleagues, to find lasting solution to Biafra restoration.

God Almighty reigns in the kingdom of men. If you observe carefully, you will notice He is dealing with wicked rulers, and their surrogates in Nigeria. He has taken away many of them out of this world, since the middle of the year 2020. People are running away from Aso Rock for fear of mysterious deaths. God Almighty will judge any nation or individual, that gangs up against Biafran people; no matter how highly placed. On the other hand, He will bless nations and individuals, who support and work toward Biafra independence, from Nigerian slavery.

We are eagerly waiting for your swift positive response. Let not United Nations wait for the situation to degenerate into another genocide, and full scale civil war before intervening. For our Biafran leader and his team are highly determined to defend our land. Let them not think they can repeat the atrocities they committed during the civil war; when millions of our people mostly civilians were massacred. They should know that if they start another war, it will reach all parts of the country.

God said, “Fret not yourself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity. For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb. For evildoers shall be cut off, but those that wait upon the LORD, they shall inherit the earth. For yet a little while, and the wicked shall not be: yea, thou shall diligently consider his place, and it shall not be.

“The wicked plots against the just and gnashes upon him with his teeth. The LORD shall laugh at him; for he sees that his day is coming. The wicked have bent their bow, to cast down the poor and needy, and to slay such as be of upright conversation. Their sword shall enter into their own hearts, and there bows shall be broken.

“I have seen the wicked in great power, and spreading himself like a green bay tree. Yet he passed away, and lo he was not; yea I sought him, but he could not be found. Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright: for the end of that man is peace. But the transgressor shall be destroyed together the end of the wicked shall be cut off”—Psalms 37.

I will write you again in due course.

Yours Sincerely, Evangelist Joseph U. Afurobi.

Governor of Katsina Poses with Bandit and Security Agent.

Terrorism, Banditry & Kidnapping in Northern Nigeria.

Nigeria is under the stranglehold of Fulanis, who illegally migrated into the country since some decades ago. Fulanis  occupying Nigeria, can be grouped into three categories: elite Fulanis who loot Nigerian treasury with impunity; peasant Fulanis who engage in terrorism, banditry, and kidnapping to maintain luxurious lifestyle. The last category comprises of genuine and law-abiding Fulanis, who engage in legitimate means of livelihood. And they are in tiny minority.

Today, most of the terrorists, bandits, and kidnappers in Nigeria are Fulanis. They look for short cuts to amass wealth, without sweating much for it. They have been brainwashed to shun ‘Western Education’: seeing it as evil and anti-Islam. These charlatans are very lazy set of people, along with their elite kinsmen; who see the control of our crude oil being produced mostly in the South, as their birthright.

Nigerian Fulani Government, gives tacit support to terrorists, bandits, name them, who are mostly lazy Fulanis. In other words, there is a synergy between the ruling Fulani junta, and their kinsmen who pour into the country from Northern neighbouring countries. The countries include: Niger Republic, Mali, and Chad. Most of these illegal migrants, who are given instant citizenship in Nigeria, are involved in heinous crimes. Nigerian Government pays them huge sums of money, running into millions of dollars and euros, in the guise of paying ransom, for release of abducted innocent people.

While the Fulani elite class in Government,  loot the treasury in hundreds of billions, their illiterate peasant kinsmen, indulge in wanton destruction of lives and property for money. These two classes of Fulanis are the evils which have befallen Nigeria. The situation is getting worse each passing week. These hoodlums, are now spreading their dragnets to the Southern parts of the country.

Many Northern Governors encourage those miscreants, by dishing out large sums of money to them, in the guise of appeasing them; instead of rounding them up. Recently, Governor of Zamfara State bought hilux vans and gave huge cash to Fulani armed robbers (bandits), in the state. Governor Masari of Kastina State, also gave outrageous amount of money, to those armed robbers operating in his state. He even took photographs with them, along with security agents. How do you take pictures openly with armed gangs, and want this country to move forward and remain one?

Now, those criminals move about freely along the streets in the North, brandishing their AL-47 rifles with impunity. They have gone further to be demanding ransoms, from residents in their houses face-to-face. The latter are threatened with kidnap. Farmers pay ransoms, to be allowed to harvest their crops in the farmlands. Hundreds of farmers are being slaughtered in their farms, by these armed barbarians. And nobody is doing anything to apprehend them.

Many of those armed gangs, were originally recruited by Northern elite to evade Southern Nigeria. When they failed in their bid, due to regional security network being set up there, they decided to turn against their own people in the North. They kill, maim, rape and loot, under flimsy excuses. They now attack Churches and Mosques. As well, they invade schools and abduct students; whom they release on payment of ransoms. Those barbarians, want to destroy educational system in the North in particular; and Nigeria in general. Some years ago, they adopted over hundred female students in a secondary school in the North. They were paid ransom to release all their captives; with the exception of their only Christian captive, Leah. For years now, nobody can give accurate account of her condition in the hands of  terrorists. We heard she has been made pregnant, and gave birth in Boko Haram camp. Our rulers don’t care. Nigeria is bedeviled by wicked rulers and religious bigots.

Nigerian Government is doing practically nothing, to end the nefarious activities of those outlaws. They indulge in other criminal activities like illegal mining. The insurgents have killed thousands of soldiers and policemen; as well as capturing many security agents. No single bandit has ever been arrested and prosecuted for all these atrocities. Who are those aiding and abetting them? Your guess is as good as mine. They are treated as sacred cows. Nigeria ruler shields them.

Now, Fulani terrorists and herdsmen, are taking over forests in Southern parts of the country. They seized forests to serve multiple purposes for them. The forests are used as hideouts to store their weapons, and kidnap victims. Those undesirable elements, use fire wearms to wage war against neighbouring communities, where they operate. They kidnap and keep their victims in the bushes; until millions are paid to them as ransom. These sponsored miscreants  from the far North, go to the extent of abducting traditional rulers in the communities, and hiding them in their enclaves.

A lot of our people are afraid to go to their farmlands, for fear of being killed and raped by Fulani Herdsmen. Nigerian Fulani ruler gives them logistics supports. People see military helicopters drop food, and armed supplies, to those Government sponsored terrorists inside the forests.

However, these jihad foot soldiers are not finding things easy; as regional and state security networks, are being established by Governors in Middle Belt States, Yoruba, and Biafra land. They are contending with the expansionist ambitions of those rapist and evil gangs. Governor Ortom of Benue State, established security network against Terrorist Herdsmen in his state. We have Omotekun in Yoruba land. Of course, we have Eastern Security Network (ESN), put in place by Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in Biafra land. ESN has been a formidable force against Fulani criminals operating in the area. ESN is taking the bull by the horn.

All those killings, abductions, taking over communal lands by Fulanis, are orchestrated by Northern Fulani elite. When those Northern armed robbers (sorry bandits), are arrested and detained in any part of Nigeria, they will be released within few hours, no matter the atrocities they committed. Once order comes from ‘above’, they will be left off the hook; to continue with their nefarious activities. That is one Nigeria for one.

The Fulani ruler in Nigeria; who happens to be an imposter, budgets hundreds of billions yearly for the upkeep of Fulanis; including the terrorists and armed robbers  among thems. For the year 2021, he budgeted  360 billion naira, ostensibly for ‘prosecution’ of Fulani terrorists and bandits. Actually, the money is being lavished for the upkeep of these criminal Fulanis.  The elite Fulani rulers steal billions of dollars from the oil money; and use part of it to sustain their lazy, criminal kinsmen.

Multitude of pensioners are owed in Federal Government owned companies in Southern Nigeria, for upward of ten years. Yet, our heartless rulers, waste much more than they owe Southern pensioners, on terrorists. They should have dealt with, and done away with those armed gangs longtime ago, if they are sincere to move the country forward.

For how long will terrorism or insurgency, continue to plague Nigeria? Thousands of soldiers and other security agents have been slaughtered, by those over-pampered hoodlums. Also, they have kidnapped a lot of soldiers and policemen, through ambush. Needless to say the civilian population are at their mercy. Nigerian Authorities are doing business with terrorists and Fulani armed robbers.

For how long will Nigeria continue to be a killing field, for multitude of defenceless people? Human beings are being slaughtered here and there like animals; and nobody doing anything about it. Nigeria is an animal kingdom.

But one thing is sure, God Almighty creator of the whole universe, is slow to anger; but mighty in power. He won’t allow the guilty to go unpunished. For some years now, Nigeria is being ruled by succession of impostors. God has been dealing with them and removing them from power; along with many of their surrogates. Don’t forget God’s injunction that he who sheds innocent blood, shall have his own blood shed by man—Genesis 9:6. 

ICC Icon: Fatou Bensouda

Injustice and Tribalism in Nigeria

Nigerian rulers are getting worse each passing day. People are suffering, and things are getting out of hand; due to bad and clueless rulers in power. The country has never produced a true leader, since the so-called independence from Britain. What we have on the ground are tribal rulers, nepotists, religious bigots, authoritarian rulers, name them.

There is a dangerous development in the sell out of the country. Why is Niger Republic being used to re-colonize Nigeria, since the inception of Buhari administration? Railways are being constructed from Kano to right inside Niger Republic; while our rail transportation system is a pack up in Southern Nigeria.

The Government allows free flow of movements of people from that terrorist country to Nigeria- without any check on arms smuggling by terrorists. Niger nationals employed by the Nigerian ruler, are more than those from South East and South South put together, in the Federal Civil Service.

Niger republic is now exporting refined petroleum products to our country. Niger produces less than 20,000 barrels of oil a day. Nigerian existing refineries have been incapacitated, to make way for foreign importation by our crooked rulers. A country that is capable of exporting over 2,500,000 barrels of crude oil daily, cannot refine her own oil for domestic consumption. Nigeria recently reached agreement with Niger Republic authorities for importation of fuel. What a blunder!

Pipelines are being laid from Niger Delta in Biafra land, to Niger Republic. The aim is to steal and smuggle our oil to that country. Then, it is refined and sent back to us at exorbitant price.

Nigeria supplies electricity to Niger, Chad, and some other neighbouring countries; while her citizens are wallowing in darkness. Electricity tariff is being hiked every now and then, by this clueless government. It is causing upward movement in cost of goods and services, as industrialists are paying more to produce.

Nigerian debt profile is ever climbing; courtesy of this administration. It is now in trillions. They keep borrowing, with practically nothing to show for it in terms of investments.  They borrow and share the money among themselves mostly. China is a ready creditor. It is fast approaching the stage, where half of national budget will be used in debt servicing. They borrow money to finance budgets, and to pay salaries for those they want to pay. They don’t consider the burden of debt repayment. Their thinking, is that by the time the financial crisis in Nigeria reaches intolerable level, they must have fled from the country.

Nigeria is like somebody sitting on a time bomb. When the bomb finally explodes, it’s effect will be very devastating. Therefore, it is very dangerous for a foreign national, to be hired or cloned to rule over another country; to impersonate a dead ruler. Nigeria is being ruled by impostors one after the other, for some years now. Look at the different faces of persons ruling us from Aso Rock. It will baffle anyone to observe, there are well over ten different faces, appearing on the news media at one time or the other. The woman “taking care” of those different faces, must be practising polyandry. Everybody is aware of the sad development. Almost everyone has decided to keep quiet; especially our elite in the land. Only few persons like Obasanjo, Oyedepo, Danjuma and Nnamdi Kanu, have the courage to speak out. If nothing urgent is done about it; Nigeria is finished as a country.

The plain truth is that if an impostor from another nation is ruling, he doesn’t really care about what is happening around him. That people are being killed here and there, doesn’t concern him. His conscience is seared with hot iron. People dying of hunger, workers and pensioners being owed for years, have no effects on him. He knows that one day; he will suddenly leave the country, when the pressure is too much. Religious bigotry, tribalism, massacres everywhere, are the hallmarks of foreign impostors. They are ready to loot the treasury dry, because they know they are hirelings.

There is a strong allegation making rounds, that the current man in Aso Rock is from Niger Republic. He is Yussuf Mohamed Abubakar. Let him come out in the public and debunk the allegation. Let him be bold enough to speak out and clarify issues. Clear conscience fears no accusations. He should make physical appearances before the people he is ruling; like genuine Presidents of nations. There should be nothing to hide. Why should he be hiding from the people; and making recorded speeches on radios and televisions?

We know there is corona virus in land. He should remove those masks, both face and skin masks, eye goggles, and so on, for people to see him clearly. Even when taking photographs inside Aso Rock  where he is holed up, let people see him naturally, and be convinced he is the real Buhari. You cannot continue to deceive hundreds of millions of Nigerians, and billions of world population. God said, there is nothing hidden under this sun that shall not be made known. Every secret thing shall be exposed at God’s appointed time.

During the pre-corona virus era, we were hearing much of Jubril of Sudan occupying Aso Rock. He was actually the first impostor. At the height of corona virus scourge, God Almighty eliminated some wicked rulers in Nigeria; including Abba Kari. The impostor suddenly seized to exist. Before his disappearance, he used to come out in the public. He was not covering his face.

We need to be sincere to ourselves, and address the root cause of our problems. Why is it that the looting of the treasury is very glaring, in this era of “passing of baton” by impostors; and nobody raising an eyebrow? Our imposed rulers are looting much more than they are borrowing.

While God was removing those wicked rulers one after the other, we heard of billions and trillions being stolen here and there, by top Government officials with impunity. You heard of mysterious fire outbreaks in Central Banks, Accountant  General’s office, EFCC , and INEC offices. Our heartless rulers would just announce missing of trillions of naira and dollars. Why should all those fire outbreaks and missing of trillions, occur almost at the same time? They have something to hide.

How can they fight corruption? Who will probe who? They should first start within themselves. Let them first remove the beams in their eyes; so that they can see clearly to remove the moths in other people’s eyes. They are the jumbo-sized criminals in the society; armed and unarmed robbers! Nigeria is a rotten country.

Tribalism is at its peak with this present Government. Take a look at the disbursement of 20,000 naira to people as palliatives, to individuals to cushion the effects of corona pandemic. Vast majority of the beneficiaries are Northerners.

Nigeria soldiers were used to brutalize the people of South Nigeria; ostensibly for not complying with curfew, imposed by Nigeria Government. They were beaten; many were forced to swim in dirty waters inside gutters. But in the North, there was hardly any restriction there; not to talk of soldiers maltreating people. The present ruler has polarized the country, along ethnic and religious lines. Let us not continue to deceive ourselves. This country is overdue to be divided into several nation’s like former Yugoslavia. That is the lasting solution, to the wickedness going on in Nigeria in the name of governance. The country can never be the same again.


Eastern Security Network (ESN).

Eastern security Network (ESN), was established by Nnamdi Kanu-led Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). The aim is to secure Biafra land, from nefarious activities of Fulani terrorist Herdsmen, and their likes. ESN started operating late 2020. Since then, our people have heaved a sigh of relief.

There is hardly any reported case of Fulani armed gangs robbing, raping or destroying farmlands again. ESN security men and women are well trained, disciplined, competent and formidable. They have been rounding up Fulani armed robbers, who camouflage as herdsmen. Before now, those outlaws occupied our forests, where they committed various atrocities like rape, kidnap, and store of their weapons of warfare, against our people.

These marvelous security operatives, are swift to destroy the mushroom and mud houses, erected by those criminals; and chase them out of the bushes. We are not against anybody rearing cattle in our land. He won’t be allowed to occupy farmlands or forests. He must start his genuine business by renting a house in residential area. He ought to acquire business premises; where he operates, with his livestock secured against destroying crops, in other people’s farms.

Buhari Government, has ulterior motives of allowing Fulani terrorist herdsmen to invade communities; to engage in wanton destruction of lives and property. They are Jihadist foot soldiers, being used to conquer territory and grab people’s land, under the pretext of cattle rearing. Such primitive agenda won’t survive the test of time. It has far reaching consequences, including disintegration of Nigeria_ that British contraception.

Wandering Fulanis, succeeded in obliterating the Hausas in the North, by the illegal migrant Usman Dan Fodio from Funtua Jalon in Guinea, along with other invaders. They tricked the indigenous Hausas, who vastly outnumbered them, to give out their lands to the visitors for grazing of cows. Fulanis are less than 6 percent of Nigerian population. Before they knew what was happening, the illiterate Fulanis had overrun their territory, and conquered them. Today, nearly all the Emirs, Northern Governors, Top military and police officers, and Nigerian top rulers, both past and present, are Fulanis. Hausas have been relegated to the background. They are mostly “Almajiris and Talakawas”. These bunch of illiterate and heartless rulers, want to extend their conquest and stranglehold on the North, to other geo-political zones, including Biafra.

They have been outsmarted by IPOB leadership, that promptly established ESN. Nigerian Fulani Government, has been able to scuttle the plan of Eastern Governors to form security outfit. This allowed the Fulanis to be killing and terrorizing our people for years. Our rulers are wicked and inhuman.

As soon as ESN came on board, our retrogressive rulers did everything they could to stop it, but failed woefully. This is due to the overwhelming support, the security operatives enjoy among the masses. Well meaning Nigerians, also spoke against Buhari Government clamping down on them. International Community supports the security arrangements; in view of high level killings going on in Nigeria, by Fulani pampered terrorists.

ESN security men are well armed. Virtually all the Fulani robbers, kidnappers, and rapists, have either fled from the East, or have gone into hiding. We had a peaceful Christmas and New Year celebrations, throughout Biafra land for the year 2020 that ended. We are not going to allow evil rulers to disband ESN, under any suitable pretext. The plans they have been hatching over the years, to use their kinsmen to massacre our people, won’t see the light of the day.

Nigerian barbaric Government, should do something about the nuisance of Fulani criminal elements, most of whom they imported from Northern neighbouring countries like Niger Republic and Chad, before things get out of hand. Right now, Yorubas in South West are battling these Fulani kidnappers, robbers and land grabbers. Fulani kinsmen ruling the country have given them the impetus, to carry on with their criminal activities unchallenged.

Youths in the area, have started to revolt, and chase away those undesirable elements from their land. Those rogues are being shielded by partisan Nigerian security forces, that have been decimated by Boko Haram insurgents. For how long will those miscreants continue to be shielded? Time shall tell.

Meanwhile, Eastern Security Network men are consolidating on their gains. They are currently guarding the forests and bushes in Biafra, against Fulani invaders and their likes. The security men are making breakthroughs in inventions; to enhance their operations. They have invented rockets, drones, and other weapons. The machine guns they use are locally made. It baffles many people, including our haters.

Nigerian tribal government, should know the resolve of generality of Biafrans, to be free from the clutches of Hausa/Fulani misrule; with Yoruba collaborators, is irreversible. ESN has come to stay. It is a panacea, to the hypocritical handling by the Nigerian Government, of the invasion of the East by Northern terrorist militia, under camouflage or the other.

ESN has the capabilities, to defend our land against sponsored terrorists. Our haters should know Biafra scientists are living up to their responsibilities. Our Fulani rulers should also know any war they start now, won’t end like the past Nigeria –Biafra war. The war will reach all parts of Nigeria.

Evangelist Joseph U. Afurobi

Lasting solution to this lingering problem, is to allow Biafra to go. Nigerian successive rulers and their surrogates, have stolen trillions of dollars worth of oil from mostly Biafra territory. Yet, Nigeria is a serious debtor nation. If they refuse to let Biafra go, God Almighty will continue to judge our rulers one after the other.

Give Young People Chance to Rule.

Nigeria is a country that recycles old and expired people in power. They hang on to power until they either die, or are kicked out of their positions. They don’t want to allow the younger, and more energetic persons to bring dynamic leadership.

Nigerian political office holders, recycle themselves, children, and close relatives in positions of authority. They lord it over the masses. Rulers in the country are more or less parasites; who impoverish the people they are suppose to carter for. Wolves in sheep clothing!

Our mostly old and ageing political office holders, are spent forces. They have nothing new or innovative to offer the populace. Rather, they are obsessed with the idea of accumulating stolen wealth; for themselves and their descendants yet unborn.

You see a semi-illiterate or stark illiterate “money bag”, recruiting University graduates as his political thugs. He uses people who are mostly more intelligent, resourceful, and educated than him, to do his dirty jobs.

They keep on falsifying their ages, in order to hold on tenaciously to public offices. You see somebody almost as old as Methuselah, celebrating 50th or 60th birthday. Even when their hands and legs are shaking like persons with Parkinson disease, they won’t leave the stage. They are grooming their children and grand children to take over from them.

Sometime ago, Nigerian Ambassador to US, died at the age of 82 years. If it were in a well organized country, somebody about half his age should be occupying that position. Similar situations are applicable, in all organs of governance in the country. Our taskmasters (sorry rulers) are in their eighties, and claiming otherwise. They employ their age mates to sit tight in positions of trust. They recall those old men and women who retired from service longtime ago.

Young and promising people hardly have any future in Nigeria; unless they are closely related to high-ranking public office holders. The elite hold the country to ransom. The youths have been relegated to the background. No jobs. The juicy jobs are being reserved for the elite, their children, and close relatives. When they advertise for job opportunities, they impose age limits for applicants as low as  27 to 30 years. They actually reserve such plumb jobs for their teenage children studying abroad. By the time the children finish their M.Sc. and PhD programmes, they are still in their twenties. Meanwhile, their counterparts with poor background in Nigeria, are battling with incessant strikes and other disruptions in school systems. Children of these elite, come back to take up the juicy jobs on a platter of gold; most times without even attending job interviews. Our rulers are very wicked!

Young and ordinary people cannot contest elections in Nigeria, due to money politics here. You need to have millions or wealthy sponsors, even if you are contesting for councillorship position in Local Government Elections. Else, a money bag will beat you hands down, or rig you out of the election! There is enthronement of mediocrity in the place of merit and hard work. That is why, a councilor earns more than a University Professor in our land.

How can the country move forward, and compare favourably with other progressing nations, when we are held hostage by corrupt, ageing, illiterate and incompetent rulers? We don’t have leaders but rulers. They spend millions or billions to rig themselves to power. Then, they go for billions or trillions through bribery, or outright stealing from the treasury.

Take a look at our legislators. Many of them don’t actually know why they are in the legislative houses. They sleep and while away time. Few of them engage in quality debates, or contributions on the house floor. They wait for the time of voting and bribery, in order to sell their votes to the highest bidders. Many of them come up with retrogressive bills; which are against the welfare of masses, they claim to be representing. For instance, a senator from Niger State presented a bill to the National Assembly, for the prohibition of sale and use of generators in Nigeria. He stipulated a fine and imprisonment for violators.

Such ignorant and ill-educated persons, shouldn’t be elected into office. The executive arm is worst hit by these charlatans. How can somebody who doesn’t have primary or secondary school certificates, rule a whole country, and you expect peace and progress to reign there?

Let the old brigades give way to the young ones. There are people, who have been participating in governance of this country since 1960s. They are still in power and refuse to leave. They have been looting the country for decades.

This country doesn’t need a PhD holder to change if for good. We need honest persons who don’t have high sounding paper qualifications to transform it. Almost all great leaders of nations don’t have PhDs. Even M.Sc. holders among them are rare.  They are mostly B.Sc holders. Let them go to the schools and teach, involve in researches and inventions. In Nigeria, many people with high paper qualifications in public offices are rogues! They ground any industry or company they head. You see moribund industries scattered all over the place.

We support the minimum qualification of HND, for anybody contesting any elective position in the country. It will help to bring sanity to the system. A bill passed by the National Assembly sometime ago, stipulates HND for only offices of President, Vice President, Governor and Deputy Governor. It should be extended to all elective offices; including those of councilors and legislators. It will go a long way to ensure good governance. All these killings across the country, bad governance, and impunity, will drastically reduce.

There will be no room for mediocrity in the emerging Biafra nation. Biafra will be a model for many African countries. Anybody that claims termites and cockroaches, ate his primary and secondary school certificates, while he was fast asleep, won’t have a place in governance of Biafra.

Different Faces of Buhari

Salary Scale for Political Office Holders

Nigerian political office holders, are the highest paid anywhere in the world, despite the ravaging poverty in the land. That is why, the scramble for elective positions, is a do-or-die affair. People can go to any length, to assume political positions whether by hook or crook.

We therefore call for placement on salary scale, all elected office holders, along with their political appointees. Nigerian politicians and their surrogates, are ripping the masses off. They are parasites in the society!

A Nigerian Senator is paid more than President of United States. He earns more than 30 million naira monthly; apart from the bribes and gratification he receives here and there. A civil servant on minimum wage earns a minimum of 30 thousand naira a month. But, many of the State Governments and private sectors, don’t want to go pay up to that amount to workers. Instead, they are paying old rate of 18 thousand naira. Even at that rate, many Governors owe workers and pensioners for years.

One can confidently say a Nigerian Senator earns the salary of more than 1000 workers in Nigeria. Remember “N-Power” beneficiaries, who are mostly graduates are paid 30000 a month, for a stipulated period of time by the Government. There are multitude of graduates in the country, who are paid less than 30,000 naira a month; especially in the private sector.

Why should a Senator or any other legislator, be paid salaries of more than one thousand workers in an impoverished country like Nigeria; majority of whom are more educated and better than him? Many of the so-called legislators, can hardly make any meaningful contribution on the floor of the house, or make simple and correct statements.

State Governors in Nigeria pocket billions annual as security votes. For instance, Anambra, Abia and Lagos States collect 10billion, 8.4Billion and 17 Billion naira respectively, as annual security votes. Then, how much will the President collect yearly as security vote alone? Nearly all the money goes to their private pockets. All the Governors, Presidents and their deputies: both past and present, are billionaire rogues!

A lot of them were paupers before they joined politics. Some of them had a number of cows as their assets. Now, they have the capacity to throw around billions of dollars, to rig themselves into second term in office. The jumbo pay and corrupt system, have made a lot of them to be richer than the states they govern. They have inordinate ambition to empty the treasury; so that that they will in turn use it to bribe and rig themselves back to power, or seek for higher positions.

Dangote isn’t the richest man in Nigeria; far from it. Most of the military juntas who ruled and ruined this country, are richer than him; including the dictator and mass murderer, who stole half of the money in Central Bank, and flew with it to Britain, soon after the civil war. They are using Dangote as front, to hide their stolen money.

Nigeria plays money politics. It is all about sharing money to gullible people, to commit all manner of atrocities to win elections. Many political office seekers spend billions to bribe electoral officers; to overturn election results to their favour. They pay heavily to thugs to eliminate their political opponents, and snatch ballot boxes. As well, they spend a lot in patronizing juju priests, and ritualists for fake powers. That is why ritual killings and disappearance of human beings, are more rampant during election period.

The lasting solution to all these jumbo pay, allowances, and expensive electioneering campaigns, is for politicians to be placed on salary scale. It should be a little higher than the normal civil service structure. All those allowances, like security votes should be drastically slashed. Genuine security votes and other allowances, cannot be more than their basic salaries.

Legislation in Nigerian is actually a part-time job. All allowances for legislators should be abolished. Let them be content with their main salaries. They ought to see themselves as rendering selfless service to the nation; and not milking it dry. Governance in the country is very expensive, to the detriment of the downtrodden masses. The country spends about a quarter of its annual budget, on National Assembly. What a waste!

Genuine contestants, who really want to serve, will be emerging, when the system is sanitized; and politician placed salary structure. All those charlatans, emergency billionaires, ritualists, and all worth not, will abscond. Thuggery and assassinations will be curtailed.

Then, most of the Government revenues will be used in massive development projects. Quality road constructions can be taking place everywhere. Massive infrastructural development will be going on. There will be enough funds for regular payment of salaries and pensions. Then, the nation’s wealth will no longer be concentrated on few hands. There will be redistribution of wealth. Nigerians will be better for it. Political dynasty and recycling of old politicians, will give way to younger generation of leaders.

Furthermore, abandoned projects and moribund industries will be resuscitated. All those rogue, political appointee chief executives of failed industries, should be shown the way out. Many of them have become richer, than the companies they are suppose to manage. All newly appointed chief executive officers, should be on normal salaries and allowances, at par with those of their subordinates.

Whom do Nigerian politicians think they are, to monopolize elective positions, and lord it over the masses? Moneybags, shouldn’t be allowed to hijack the electoral process perpetually. Let political parties remove the bottlenecks, in the nomination and selection of candidates for elections. Many of the people they use as thugs, are far better and upright than those candidates, that throw stolen money around. Let parties remove the huge fees placed on collection of nomination forms. The young people who don’t have god-fathers can’t afford it.

The oppressed young and enterprising people in our land, should wake up from slumber, and possess their possessions. Let them not allow themselves, to be used and dumped by those slave masters of politicians. Those political misfits and mediocres, should be done away with. They have no future for the youths.

The emerging Biafra nation, will exhibit exemplary leadership; full of young and dynamic leaders. We are not going to allow expired politicians, and spent force to rule over us. We don’t need moneybags, who looted the treasury and impoverished the people, when they were Governors, Ministers, etc, in Nigerian animal kingdom. God Almighty will use these crop of leaders spearheading the struggle to restore Biafra, to transform our emerging new nation Biafra- into the rising sun of Africa.

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