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United Nations: Toothless Bulldog
United Nations body has been doing marvelous job, since its inception after the second world, especially in humanitarian services. However, it lacks the will power to deal decisively on evils in the society like genocide, dictators, religious intolerance killings, and antisemitism. Without the existence of UN, the world would have been worse for it. It is an instrument in God’s hands.

However, UN decisions are controlled and dominated by Arabs and their Islamic religion. In other words, UN is pro-Arab and pro-Islam, with formidable opposition led by United States. The leadership of United Nations condones excesses of dictators, authoritarian rulers, wickedness perpetrated by religious bigots, among other crimes against humanity.

Take for instance, the genocide going on in Southern Cameroon, against the people of Amazonia, seeking freedom from oppressive Cameroonian Government led by Paul Biya, the octogenarian. Houses are being raised down, women and girls raped, and people slaughtered like animals. UN overlooks human right abuses there.

They react strongly and promptly when Muslims are at the receiving end. That is to say their keep quiet, or fin ignorance, when non-Muslims are being oppressed. This biased attitude has trickled down to other regional and international bodies, like African Union and ECOWAS.

United Nations has age-long history of ignoring crimes against humanity going on in Nigeria. It ranges from 1966 genocide to atrocities of Fulani Jihadist Herdsmen, unleashed on people on Middle Belt and Southern part of the country.

Millions of people were massacred before, during, and after Nigerian civil war. United Nations kept practically quiet, as well as African union. Sponsored terrorist gangs springing up all over the north, together with existing ones, have killed hundreds of thousands of people, mostly non-Muslims. International bodies maintain nonchalant attitude.

UN needs to be reformed, in order to make it what it ought to be, right from its creation. The policy and decision making of the body should not be at the disposal of Arabs and Muslims alone. You ignore violent demonstrations and attacks on Israel. But when they defend themselves, you come up with resolutions against them.

United States, being a leading world power, should be allowed to play more leading role, in resolving conflicts among nations. UN should have intervention force, which should enforce arrest on wicked rulers, dictators, and others, wanted by International Criminal Court. Their mandate should go beyond that of peace keeping, to making arrests. It should be peace enforcement, with sophisticated weapons. Impunity of evil rulers must be curbed.

Religious intolerance in some countries should be sanctioned. That barbaric action of executing killing publicly for their beliefs should be stopped. Countries like Saudi Arabia should be called to question. Let UN impose heavy sanctions and isolate countries that promote religious intolerance.

United Nations is for all. World powers including US, France, and Russia, should not allow the body to be hijacked by any clique: Arab or non-Arab, Muslim or Christian. The body should maintain secularity in the discharge of its humanitarian functions.

If all these issues are properly addressed, UN will truly be a global umbrella body, serving God and humanity. It will go a long way to address the Antisemitism (hatred for Israel), plaguing the Middle East. Rulers over nations and their surrogates, will operate with caution and apprehension, of being called to order by the world body. Then, the world will be a much better place for all of us to live in.

Armed Banditry Business in Northern Nigeria
Terrorism business in the far Northern Nigeria, has assumed new dimensions over the years. It has given birth to all forms of banditry, enveloping most states in the North. The bandits as they are called, are Boko Haram fighters and other terrorists, in disarray from their bases in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa, in the North East.

They are now “diversifying” into less dangerous, yet criminal means of livelihood. For instance, they are now into illegal mining, robbery, kidnapping, and hired thuggery in the case of Southern Kaduna. Of course, many of them who disguise as armed Fulani Herdsmen, unleash mayhem on non-Muslim communities.

They are out of control of their original sponsors_ Northern elite and politicians. These terrorists (sorry bandits), are springing up all over the North: in Zamfara, Sokoto, Katsina, Kaduna, Nassarawa, name them, apart from the ones operating in the North East for years now. Nigerian Government has a lackadaisical approach, toward this dangerous phenomenon ravaging the whole North. And if nothing urgent is done, terrorism and banditry, will overwhelm the whole of Northern Nigeria. And they can never come out of it.

Those highly placed individuals, who finance and make fortunes from havoc caused by these hoodlums with religious undertone, will live to regret it. Already, these insurgents and bandits are turning against their mentors for breach of “sponsorship agreements.” They now burn mosques, and kill fellow tribesmen and Muslims, among other atrocities. All those outlaws have certain things in common. They rape, kill, burn houses, rob, and kidnap people. Their activities are like a time bomb, that will explode in the North, if not checked.

In some states like Zamfara and Sokoto, they are into illegal mining. They use their arms to force their way into the mining sites. Inhabitants living around are cleared or driven away. Even security agents are scared to go close. Many of them are being shot dead or kidnapped. Bandits control territories to enhance their criminal operations.

In Kaduna State, they operate as hired armed gangs, to depopulate and subjugate Christian communities in the Southern Kaduna. They are being used by those at the helm of affairs, to fight non-Muslims in Southern Kaduna. Tens of thousands of people have been killed, houses burnt, women raped, communities sacked, under the watch of Governor El-rufai. He has a nonchalant and hypocritical attitude, toward the bloodbath in his state, against predominantly Christian population in the south. There was a period he paid armed Fulani terrorist gangs in the state.

Arrest and prosecution of the midget Governor of Kaduna state by International Criminal Court (ICC), is overdue for aiding and abetting bloodshed in his state. His misguided comments and inciting statements, are not helping matters. Nigeria has become a killing field, to the extent that human lives are almost equated with those of cows. Some gunmen or bandits now moving freely on the streets in the North, brandishing their AK 47. What a lawless society.

Leadership of Nigerian Government shouldn’t be left off the hook of ICC either. It is a fact that when the head is sick, the rest of the body is affected. The killings going on across the country by bandits: Fulani Herdsmen, and other terrorists, are eloquent testimony of the kind of bad and heart less rulers we have in the country. Nigeria is under the stranglehold of illiterate and fetish rulers, who have no fear of God in them, though they claim to be religious. All those directly and indirectly involved, in the senseless killings and maiming in the North and Middle Belt mostly, can never escape the wrath of God. A day of reckoning must come.

The current leadership of ICC should be investigated and changed, especially the President Justice Osuji, for corruption and incompetence. His unauthorized and suspicious visits to Nigerian Government at the peak of human right abuses, left much to be desired. Instead of inviting Nigerian President and his surrogates for serious questioning, he was given honourary invitation to ICC headquarters, where he lectured the ICC judges, on respect for human right. It was like Elizabeth Taylor’s lecture on chastity, (a prostitute teaching against harlotry). He was left to go scot-free; and the killings are getting worse day by day.

Many people are of the strong opinion that money changed hands, in order to downplay the atrocities going on in Nigeria. They never cared to investigate the strong allegation of cloned impostor from Sudan, who is lording it over people of Nigeria, particularly Southerners. ICC is a total failure, as far as the sponsored bloodbath in Nigeria remains overlooked, including the shooting, killings and torture of Biafra agitators.

The earth tremors that shook Kaduna sometime ago, should serve as a lesson to all. Jehovah has power over natural disasters. He is not happy about the killings going on everywhere unabated. Let us not provoke Him into allowing natural disasters like earthquake to occur in Nigeria.

One day, we shall all individually give account of our lives to our creator Almighty God. He said the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him, “The soul that sins, it shall die. The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son: the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him”—Ezekiel 18:20.

Evangelist Joseph U. Afurobi

We urge Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, the Presidential candidate of People’s Democratic Party (PDP), and the presumed winner in the 2019 election, to go ahead to reclaim his stolen mandate. It is clear he won. However, the result was manipulated to favour the incumbent Nigerian President, Buhari.

Atiku’s electoral robbery, was reminiscent of MKO Abiola’s victory in 1993 Nigerian Presidential elections. When it became obvious MKO was on the verse of being announced winner, the dictator in power, General Ibrahim Babangidia annulled the result. He was desperate to perpetuate himself in power, against the collective will of the people. Eventually, he was butted out by the protests and strikes embarked upon by the people.

Before the 2019 Presidential election result was tampered with, alarm was raised both locally and internationally. Everybody including Independent Nigerian Electoral Commission (INEC), was reminded that authentic comprehensive Presidential result involving the states and Abuja, had been stored in cloud storage (internet server). Now, Atiku and his PDP are bringing in Microsoft and IBM experts, to testify that INEC server was compromised to alter the result figures.

This phenomenon of refusing to relinquish power, is common with many Nigerian rulers, mostly from the North; whether Presidents or Military dictators, who metamorphosed into civilian Presidents. Once they get into power by hook or crook, they develop dictatorial tendencies, and inordinate ambitions to remain in that seat for live. Therefore, they plant stooges around them: in governance, every sector of the economy, electoral body, etc, to realize their wild ambition. But, can they prevail against the will of the masses? They can’t.

Babangida was forced out of power by popular uprising. He failed woefully in his grand plan to make himself life President; despite all his scheming, bribery of pressure groups, labour union leaders, and prominent Nigerians. General Abacha tried it and failed. He died before he could realize his ambition. Gowon as well wanted to perpetuate himself in power, until when he was overthrown, and he fled to Britain. Obasanjo attempted to push his third term agenda through. It hit a brick wall. National Assembly leadership stopped him, in spite of his intensive bribery.

We are currently facing serious threat of self-succession in Nigeria. The ruling party is seriously maneuvering, to position a certain Senator from the North, as Senate President for sinister motive. The man himself has publicly said on many occasions, he will use his new anticipated position to effect amendment to the constitution. This will allow the sitting President to rule until he dies. God is watching them.

Chief Judge of Nigeria, Justice Walter Onnoghen, was suddenly suspended and subsequently removed from office, few weeks to Presidential elections; under flimsy excuses, and suspicious circumstances. He hails from Southern part of Nigeria. It could be recalled Buhari never approved his appointment; though he was next in line in hierarchy, after his predecessor who left after retirement. It was when the tribal President was on long medical vacation in London, that Acting President Osibanjo, moved to make Justice Onnoghen a full-fledged Chief Judge of Nigeria.

Exit of Onnoghen, ushered in the most rigged Presidential election in the history of the country. The question on the lips of everyone is, will the judiciary be trusted in the legal battle to reclaim the stolen presidential mandate, now that Onnoghen has been replaced by a Fulani Muslim? Hasty sacking of Onnoghen was premeditated. He is known as upright Judge, who cannot be bribed to pervert justice. He was sacked on allegation of corruption, when our rulers who have stolen billions in naira and dollars, hidden in foreign banks and odd places, are left off the hook.

We call on United Nations to pass a resolution, to allow the International Court of Justice to be the final arbiter, in a clear case of rigged Presidential elections, and manipulation of judiciary by dictators, or authoritarian rulers, in any member country. This will checkmate carry-over of justice, orchestrated by rulers in power, who use government machinery and financial inducement, to get themselves declared winners in election they failed woefully.

Nigerian Judiciary should be given full autonomy. Sudden suspension or removal of Chief Justice of the federation, was calculated to undermine the judiciary, and rig elections with impunity.

Majority of Nigerian voters, including myself, voted for Atiku. He may not be the ideal leader Nigerians are yearning for. It is expected his Presidency will reduce drastically, the bloodbath across the country, if not to stop it completely. We have never had it so bad, in the killings all over the country, by combination of sponsored Fulani Herdsmen, terrorists, and now bandits from the North. His coming to power will no doubt reduce to minimum the very high level of tribalism, nepotism, and religious bigotry. Nigeria needs someone who has sound educational background; who will stop the killings going on everywhere across the nation.

Ill-educated, illiterate, tribal, and fetish rulers are the; bane of development in African countries. Bad leaders are responsible for most of the conflicts and civil wars in the continent. We thank God we are moving away from the era of darkness to marvelous light.

Today in Liberia, light is shinning over darkness. After the turbulent years of bloodshed, Sirleaf ruled and George Weah took over from her. The era of impunity has gone. Sanity, rule of law, and development are coming to Liberia. Similarly, other countries are embracing God-fearing leaders with sound educational background. Liberia shouldn’t go back to the dark ages of likes of Samuel Doe.

Recently, God shook Abuja with what some people termed earthquake. A lot of people panicked, including those at the seat of power, Aso Rock. It occurred at the peak of mystical or occult activities in Aso Rock. God used the tremors as a warning to the powers that be in Nigeria. If they continue with those mystical or occult powers, and hiring of marabous, God Almighty can bust their evil powers. Fetish rulers draw their countries backward. They that trust in idols and charms, shall be disappointed and ashamed. A word is enough for the wise.

Stemming Tide of Anti-Semitism
Antisemitism, the misguide hatred for Israel began as far back as 13th century BC. That was when Almighty God brought them out of the land of Egypt to go and possess Canaan land of promise. God by His mighty power, helped Israelis to drive away the original inhabitants of the land, for they forsook God to worship idols and engaged in other iniquities. That land is the present Israel today.

It is true that on a number of occasions, the Israelis were driven out of the land by their enemies and the place rendered desolate. The survivors would go into exile. It happened as they transgressed against God’s laws and statutes. Eventually, He brought them back to same land to occupy.

No individual, group, organization, or nation, can challenge the decision and authority of God, for allocating that particular territory to Israel. The whole world belongs to Him, including land. At one time or the other, He allowed the forefathers of nations to migrate, and settle in their present lands. He did it to Syria, Persia (present Iran), Babylonia (Iraq), and many other ancient countries.

People of Israel have faced severe persecutions, including holocaust in Germany and survived total annihilation. Eventually, they went and occupied their God-given land. Their resilience, is eloquent testimony that God had given the land for everlasting possession; and nobody born of woman can take it away from them.

Nations are ganging up to fight against Israel, which include Syria and Iran, and boasting to destroy the Israel. They are ignorant of God’s impending physical and fierce battle, against enemies Israel to wipe them out. It’s going to be a day’s battle, very devastating and spectacular. All the soldiers that turned up against the Jews will be slaughtered. No single person will escape. Their dead bodies will litter the whole place unburied. And the birds of the air will feed on them.

Now, there is a limit to which you can fight against the plan of God. Though the LORD is slow to anger or to respond, doesn’t mean He has forgotten. He has appointed time to react. Jehovah has a way of cutting short arrogant nations that boast of their military might. He can allow natural disasters like excessive flooding to ravage their land. He has the might to use earthquake to destroy their military installations, even their so-called nuclear weapons. No mortal or devil can stand against God’s eternal plan.

We know the Arabs; including the ones in Middle East, are descendants of Abraham. They are partakers of Abraham’s blessings, if they live right with God. It’s true the place where Abraham made the historic sacrifice to God, is in eastern part of Jerusalem. Jewish temple and Western wall are situated in Jerusalem also. Christians also go to Jerusalem for holy pilgrimage. You can see it’s unique city created by God, for true worshippers to come and worship Him. It is surrounded by mountains. God said, “But I have chosen Jerusalem, that my name might be there; and have chosen David to be over my people Israel”_ 2Chronicles 6:6.

Ownership of Jerusalem is not in dispute. It belongs to all who worship God in spirit and in truth. However, it can never be partitioned or carved out of Israel. Even in the new life that will soon come, God will make everything new. He will also create a New Jerusalem to replace the present one. It shall be the world headquarters of God’s everlasting empire. It shall have twelve gates with an angel of God guarding each of them..

“And he carried me away in the spirit to a great and high mountain, and showed me that great city, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God. And the twelve gates were twelve pearls; every several gate was of one pearl: and the street of the city was pure gold, as it was transparent glass. And the nations of them which are saved shall walk in the light of it: and the kings of the earth do bring their glory and honour into it. And there shall in no wise enter into it anything that defiles, neither whatsoever works abomination, or makes a lie: but they which are written in the Lamb’s book of life”_Revelation 21: 10, 21,24,27.

All these scriptural facts should be able to guide people and nations in their attitudes toward Israel. It is disheartening, United Nations has lackadaisical approach to the threats and aggression against Israel. UN condones subversive activities of Israeli hostile neighbours and sponsors. Syria and Iran are thorns in their flesh. We salute the courage of US and some other countries to stand by Israel. Remember God’s injunction, that any nation that curses Israel shall be cursed. In the other hand, any nation that blesses her shall be blessed of God.

We want to remind nations and individuals, planning to attack or destroy Israel, that they are actually doing dress rehearsal of the great battle Armageddon. It will take place in Megiddo, the valley of Jehoshaphat in Israel. There, God will gather armies of hostile nations into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and judge them there for scattering and oppressing Israel, and seizing their land (Joel 3:2).

At the initial stage, enemy forces will attack Jerusalem, destroying houses, raping women and so on. Then, the son of David will descend from heaven, with his army. He shall set his feet on Mount Olives near Jerusalem. Out of his mouth will go forth sharp two-edged sword, to slay the enemies with ease. His soldiers will be mighty in battle: the least will be as strong as King David.

God will smite the enemies. Their flesh shall consume away as they stand; their eyes shall consume away from their holes; and their tongues shall consume away in their mouth. He will strike them with madness, and they will be killing each other. The LORD will rain hailstones, fire, and brimstones upon them (Ezekiel 30:21-22). Their dead bodies shall litter the ground. Their weapons shall be used as firewood by inhabitants of Israel for seven years. The LORD God, shall wipe out all armies of nations that gathered against Jerusalem.

“And I saw an angel standing in the sun; and he cried with a loud voice, saying to all the fowls that fly in the midst of heaven, Come and gather yourselves together unto the supper of the great God. That ye may eat the flesh of kings, and the flesh of captains, and the flesh of mighty men, and the flesh of horses, and of them that sit on them, and the flesh of all men, both free and bond, both small and great_ Revelation 19:17-18.

It will take seven months to bury their dead bodies and sanitize the land. God Almighty will judge those arrogant nations for scattering and persecuting the Jews. Then, it will dawn on them the LORD is much greater than their nuclear weapons, and other weapons of mass destruction.

I therefore call on those nations that have been preparing to attack Israel to retrace their steps, and have a change of heart. They are not actually fighting against Israel, But against God Almighty. People in Gaza and other places can exercise their right to peaceful protests, and greater autonomy. They should know clearly that Israel won’t let go any part of Jerusalem territory.

We call for restraint on all sides in the conflict. Apart from military force, Israel also reaches out to her neighbours in humanitarian services like: medical care, provision of food and shelter. Israel soldiers are among the most restrained in the world. If we believe we serve one great God, let all these instigations to violence, destructive demonstration, and killings stop.

The truth is that these conflicts will finally and completely come to an end, after God’s supernatural intervention. Then, a new heaven, new earth, and new Jerusalem will be created. God’s own empire will reign forever.


Biafran Independence from oppressive Nigeria, is long overdue. We have been enslaved, recolonized by Hausa/Fulani, with Yoruba collaboration. We are worse than when under British colonial masters. We have suffered more than virtually all countries that are now independent from their former countries. Southern Sudan, Eriteria, Pakistan, and others went through less turbulent times, before being free.

United Nations is biased against Biafran independent since time immemorial. Having fought a bloody civil war which ended about 50 years ago, Biafra ought to be granted independence by UN; having fulfilled the requirements. Millions of our people have been killed, especially unarmed civilians, by Nigerian dictatorial regimes, among other atrocities. It remains the bloodiest war in Africa. UN did nothing to stop the war; neither did it try Gowon and his accomplices for genocide before ICC.

The situations that led to the civil war, are getting worse year by year. Northerners, with Yoruba accomplices, are bent on ruling the country perpetually, to the exclusion of others, especially Biafran territory. It is evident in every sphere of life.

The present Nigerian Government, is the worst in the history of governance in the country. The Executive, Legislature, and Judiciary, are controlled by the far North. Fulanis, who are in tiny minority, are controlling every sector of the economy and governance. Mediocrity is being enthroned. That is why things are getting worse. Vast majority of the people are suffering terribly in the midst of abundance. Our oppressors are billionaire rogues, to the detriment of the masses. Billions of dollars oil revenue is being stolen from Biafra land; while the people are wallowing in abject poverty.

There is infrastructural decay in Biafra: bad roads everywhere, causing most of the accidents there. There is no Federal Industry in South Eastern Nigeria. Mass unemployment and folding up of firms, is the order of the day. Simply put, our rulers are tribal and wicked. Yet, they shout “One Nigeria” very loud.

There is no single sea port functioning in the whole of Biafra, with the seas criss-crossing the length and breadth of our land. Now, the only functioning seaport in the country is in Lagos. The Fulani Government in Nigeria is also building ‘dry port’ in Kaduna, and some other places in the North.

The three seaports in Biafra; Port Harcourt, Calabar and Warri seaports, have been parked up. The situation now, is that goods from outside the country, are shipped into Lagos port. Our importers go through hell to get their goods cleared. Then, they have to pass through multitude of Police, Customs, Army, and other checkpoints, before finally arriving Biafra land. By then, they must have spent a fortune in settling these parasites on the roads. Our people are in bondage of Hausa/Fulanis. We want to be free.

Nigerian rulers are mediocres to say the least. They are either ill-educated, half-educated, or functional illiterates. There paper qualifications if any, have no bearing to their very poor performance in power.

Take for instance, the ever rising cost of fuel pump prices in Nigeria. It has led to astronomical rise in prices of goods and services for years. The naira currency is steadily loosing value and becoming worthless. Since 1960, our so-called rulers and their surrogates, cannot put our local refineries in order, and stop importation of refined fuel. This is due to high level of corruption and wickedness, on the part of our rulers. They prefer importing, as many of them and their family members build refineries abroad.

The crude oil is produced in Nigeria, stolen and shipped to their refineries overseas. There, they are refined and brought back to us at exorbitant prices. IMF, Credit nations, and other financial institutions, keep on pestering our puppet and bad rulers to remove fuel import subsidies, as condition for granting them loans and credit facilities.

The endless fuel subsidy removal, continues with corresponding rising inflation, devaluation of our currency, and untold hardship to the masses. Our half-baked rulers, have never sat down to think and ask themselves questions. Why is it that none of these exploitative financial institutions, and foreign Government agencies, has ever advised you to put your local refineries in order, and stop importing fuel for decades now? Those imperialists can never advise you on that. They want to continue to exploit your bereavement of ideas, and corrupt tendencies.

After Biafra independence, things are going to be quite different. Within a very short time, we will not only produce enough refined products; we will also export to neighbouring countries and others. During the civil war, Biafra scientists were producing very purely refined petroleum products. Our people are very resourceful and innovative, despite the subjugation from our taskmasters.

Biafra is a ‘miniature’ Israel in Africa. After our emancipation, Biafra will be among the most developed and industrialized countries in Africa. We are going to tap more from the creativity, expertise, and ingenuity of our “senior brother” Israel. We have passed through severe persecutions, deprivations, and subjugation, reminiscent of what Israel our root also passed through in Egypt, and other places. There must be an end to oppression.
Biafrans are breaking new grounds all over the world in inventions, industries, computer, science, technology, medicine, name them. But back here in Nigeria, we are suppressed in every corner.

No human being can stop Biafra, no matter how highly placed. No devil can stop it either. We call on UN, AU, and other international bodies, to help grant Biafra independence, speedily through concerted efforts. We are highly encouraged by more moral support of many countries including several world powers. Our prayers are that God Almighty will continue to bless and strengthen them. We believe Biafra will be realized through round table talks; rather than the force of arms.

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