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Cloning of foreign human impostor to rule over a sovereign nation is an abomination before God and man. It is the obligation of International Community and world powers, to investigate such evil phenomenon, bring perpetrators to book; and wipe out evil from the land.

Instances Of Human Cloning Or Double
Felix Dadaev was one of the four men employed to impersonate Joseph Starlin, the Soviet Leader at: rallies, motorcades, etc. Before then, he was badly injured during the Second World War. His family was told he had been killed.

Dadaev was much younger than Starlin he was cloned to impersonate. The idea of having Stalin’s double, was to save him from assassination plots,, and tedious public ceremonies. He was to wear the attire of Joseph Stalin: red Army cap and heavy overcoat encrusted with medals. Felix learnt to mimic his movement and intonation, by watching Stalin’s movies, speeches, and mannerisms. He did it so well, that closet associates of the Soviet leader couldn’t notice him as impostor.

However, his biometric data couldn’t match those of Stalin of course. For instance, Felix Dadaev’s ear pattern was different, and very small. Biometrics is the biological features which defer in individuals e.g. finger prints, ear patterns and palm markings. No two persons can ever have the same pattern. Biometrics is the litmus test of detecting cloned persons or impostors; where facial recognition fails or is confusing. Even identical twins don’t have exact biometrics. It is therefore a clear and undisputed means, of differentiating the original person from the clone or double. That is to say doubles only share superficial resemblance, to the main person. There is no biological or genetic commonality.

It was rumoured that some other rulers like Saddam Hussein of Iraq, and Adolf Hitler of Germany had doubles. When Saddam was captured by allied forces, he was subjected to thorough tests to endure he was the real Saddam. There are look alike (either naturally or with the aid of plastic surgery).

Body doubles were used by world leaders decades ago as political decoys. They were never allowed to rule over countries, or sign official documents. Of course, these body doubles were never used to replace dead rulers; to lord it over other minority ethnic groups in the country. In the present scenario, a foreigner has been employed by an ethnic cabal to replace a dead ruler, whose death remains a guided secret; and was secretly buried in a foreign land, in an unmarked grave.

There is another kind of body double: impersonation of dead persons by devils. Some devils (fallen angels), come to live physically in this world like human beings. They usually assume the personality of individuals who departed from this world. A devil can appear almost exactly as the human being he is impersonating, and imitate his vocal cord.

An incidence occurred recently, where a Ghanaian actress based in Nigeria lived with a ‘ghost’ for years. Initially, she was ignorant she was living with a devil (ghost). One day, he decided to park his belongs and vacate the house they were living together in. He discovered someone from Ghana who knew him as impostor, was coming for a visit in the house. He gathered his possessions and disappeared till today.

These fallen angels who act as impostors, mingle among the people. They rent and live in houses, work in banks and other places, attend night clubs, and so on. You see them physically; but they are not human beings.

Some of them appear in mediums, claiming to be spirits of the dead. They imitate the persons’ mannerisms, voices, and so on. But, they are all deceivers and impostors. They only appear to ignorant people, who don’t know or believe the Holy Scriptures. There is no communication between the living and the dead.

Impostors or clones can be ruthless, if allowed to act in a position of a dead ruler. King Saul of Israel went to inquire from dead Samuel through a medium. Actually he inquired from impersonating devil. Eventually, “Samuel” told Saul among other things, that he and his three sons would die the following day. And it happened, “ …..and tomorrow shall you and your sons be with me.”

Impostors can wreck havoc in a country they are ruling. These unscrupulous elements embark on ethnic and religious cleansing with impunity. They don’t care if people are being killed everywhere like animals. Their conscience has been seared with hot iron. These wicked and heartless persons, loot the treasury with alacrity. They have nothing at stake as strangers. Devils incarnate! And they seem to forget God Almighty reigns in the kingdoms of men. They are stubbornly waiting for the time they will be exposed and disgraced from their usurped position. There is nothing hidden under this sun that shall not be made manifest. The LORD will expose their true identity thoroughly before the public, including blowing off the caps from their heads!

Cloning Controversy in Nigeria
There is a raging controversy in Nigeria, over the true identity of the person currently occupying Aso Rock_ the seat of power. Speculation is that the man is Aso Rock in not Buhari, the elected President; but Jubril Aminu Al-Sudan, from Southern Sudan. The contention is that the Nigerian President died of sickness in London hospital on January 20th 2017; the very day Donald Trump was inaugurated as President of United States of America.

He died after a protracted illness. Before then, he had been frequenting London hospital. He looked very skinny and emaciated days before his departure and subsequent death. Queen Elizabeth of England signed his condolence register. African Union observed a minute silence over his death. Series of events took place. The rumour of his death continued to build up; reminiscent of the demise of former President Musa Yar’adua of Nigeria from the same state of Katsina with Buhari. He also died of protracted illness in German hospital.

For months, Nigerians didn’t know. There was no sitting President. His death was shrouded in secrecy. Then, the Minister of Information, Dora Akunyili, mustered courage to announce his death publicly. The announcement helped to put in check the scheming of Hausa/Fulani cabal, to smuggle his dead body into Aso Rock, and rule the country by proxy; claiming that Yar’adua was still alive. This happened early part of the year 2010. Then, the Vice President Goodluck Jonathan, courageously took over his constitutional role, as the full-fledged President.

This time around, the Northern cabal opted for a body double. For over one hundred days, nothing was heard of our President; only that he was responding to treatment. Suddenly, ‘he’ emerged vibrant and rejuvenated. The impostor flew into Nigeria. Since then, his utterances actions, and inactions, have aggravated the security situation in the country; killings everywhere.

Sponsored, rapist Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen, were unleashed on people in Middle Belt Region, and Southern Nigeria. They rape, kill defenseless people, destroy farmlands, burn houses with impunity, in the guise of cattle rearing. But they are being used to pursue narrow political and Islamic agendas, of those at the helm of affairs. No single Fulani terrorist has been arrested and prosecuted. They have killed thousands of people, and displaced millions. These miscreants are being shielded by Fulani-dominated Nigerian Government. Apart from Boko Haram, more terrorist groups are springing up in the far North. They include the ones in Zamfara, Kaduna, and Sokoto states. Terrorism is a booming business in Northern Nigeria.

Now, a lot of people are worried about the high level of killings and destruction going on in Nigeria; as well as unprecedented looting of treasury. Observations are being made and questions asked by citizens.

When the current occupier of Aso Rock came, he couldn’t go and open the Presidential office. It was alleged that rodents took over the building. As a result, he couldn’t go in. Many reasoned it had to do with finger printing of the new man. Unless the finger printing is changed and embedded, no other person can open the office of the President.

People noticed the present occupier is shorter than the original. The original was taller than Senate President Saraki. But now, Saraki is taller than the impostor. He looks like a dwarf before the Senate President. It is also observed that the his notable biometrics doesn’t tally with those of the real President. For instance, the markings on the palms and shapes of the ears are not the same. The current occupier cannot speak Fulani language, Fulfude. How can a septuagenarian or octogenarian, who claim to have grown up in Fulani community for decades, not be able to speak the local Fulani language? Wonders shall never end.

Another serious suspicion, is that he will never remove or doff his cap in the public. This is because he doesn’t have bald head, unlike the real President. He had to absent himself from gathering of heads of state, where the dress code was mandatory for everyone not to wear cap.

Prominent persons in and outside the country, have urged him to make a nationwide broadcast to Nigerians, and prove all these allegations to be false. He has kept quiet. This is not helping matters. Going far away Poland to tell a small audience he is still the same Buhari, is far from solving the problem.

Furthermore, using security agents and other surrogates to deal with, or threaten people to submission, won’t succeed. The issue has circulated worldwide. Unless proved otherwise, the allegation is that a foreign impostor is holding Nigeria to ransom. Something has to be done to address the issue, including intervention of International Community. God Almighty, the creator of the whole universe, is watching the abomination going on in the country. The Northern cabal are so desperate for power and Islamization of Nigeria, that they prefer recruiting a Sudanese impostor, to allowing anybody outside the core North to rule the Nigeria. Their stranglehold on the country, orchestrated by imperialist and ungodly Britain, won’t survive the test of time. Whatever has beginning, has an ending.

Nnamdi Kanu’s Assertions
Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), boldly made the disclosure that the man in Aso Rock is not Buhari, though the rumour had been making rounds earlier.

Since then, Kanu has backed up his assertions with proofs that cannot be controverted. Initially, most people didn’t take him serious. They thought he was making the accusations, merely to further the pursuit of Biafran actualization. But now, the world has been shocked by the veracity of his allegations. People are amazed at the water-tight accuracy of his findings.

One of his observations is that the real Buhari was left-handed. He used to write and sign documents with the left hand. But the present man in the Villa, writes with the right hand, and signs documents with it. It is impossibility for an adult to change from being left-handed to right-handed; and verse versa.

I am a left-handed person. I started using my left hand to hold matchet for cutting of grass, and to do other menial jobs early in life. My mother was determined to stop me from using left to write. She tied a heavy iron on my left wrist. So, I had no choice than to be use right hand to write. Today, I handle the pen with right hand; and use left hand to handle matchet. Now, if anybody tells you I can use right hand to cut grass or wood effectively, he is telling a big lie. It can never happen in my adult age.

Kanu also said the Aso Rock impostor doesn’t have bald head; unlike the real Buhari. And he told the world the man can never remove or doff his cap in the public. Days later, he was vindicated during world peace conference held in Paris-France on November 2018. There, rulers of all nations gathered for the conference. And the dress code was suit. Wearing of cap of any form was not allowed. All those in attendance were photographed and videoed; which is common in such event. The Nigeria impostor was never seen in or around the venue; not to talk of seeing him without his cap on the head, as the participants did. He was conspicuously absent in that meeting throughout the duration.

The IPOB leader as well said the man cannot speak Fulani language (Fulfude). And it is true. He cannot speak or hear the native language of where he claims to come from, in his old age. It sounds strange.

Nnamdi made several observations which border on biometrics like conflicting patterns of palm markings of the real Buhari and the impostor. The differences and size of the ears are also mentioned. He challenged the man to undergo DNA test along with the first son. He hasn’t responded.

There have been uncountable confirmations or corroborations of Kanu’s statements. Prominent among them is the North Korea leader, Kim Jong Un. He said that Buhari is dead and buried. Gen. T.Y. Danjuma said it too. Bishop Oyedepo said it as well. He is currently the most outspoken and courageous Christian leader in Nigeria. He has refused to be bought over or intimidated into keeping quiet, over the wickedness going on in the country.

It is now known all over the world, that the man in Aso Rock is Jubril Aminu from Sudan, the impostor. He has to go through DNA test outside Britain to prove his innocence. He has been urged to come out of his confinement, and speak out to the citizens on the current situation.

This is a grand conspiracy and abomination by the Northern elite; against people of the South. It is never heard of that a stranger from another country (a prison convict), is cloned and imposed as President of a sovereign nation; to lord it over the country. This shows they can go to any length, in order to perpetuate their slavery over Southern part of Nigeria, especially Biafra land.

God Almighty will judge them for their wickedness, treachery, and stranglehold on the country. They seem to forget that though the LORD is slow to anger; He is mighty in power and won’t allow the guilty to go unpunished.

“The LORD is slow to anger, and great in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked: the LORD has his way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet. He rebukes the sea, and makes it dry, and dries up all the rivers: Bashan languishes, and Carmel, and the flower of Lebanon languishes. The mountains quake at him, and the hills melt, and the earth is burned at his presence, yea, the world, and all that dwell therein. Who can stand before his indignation? and who can abide in the fierceness of his anger? his fury is poured out like fire, and the rocks are thrown down by him”– Nahum1:3-6.


Sponsored Killings Everywhere
The spate of killings and wanton destruction of property in Nigeria since 2017, is unprecedented. The country has become a killing field by rapist Fulani Herdsmen, and other terrorist groups springing up in Northern Nigeria.

Since the emergence of the impostor ruling the country, Nigeria has not been the same again. It has been under siege by dictatorship and armed bandits, who see killing and maiming of fellow human beings, as a way of life, and Islamic obligation. The well being and future of the citizens, especially Southerners, are at the mercy of wicked and heartless rulers.

The most pathetic thing is that those ruling over us keep quiet and feign ignorance, while those illiterate jihadists are being used by Northern elite to mow down our people like animals. The crux of the matter is that these religious bigots, foreign impostor and their Jihadist foot soldiers, wrongly think they can impose their false religion on people, through ethnic and religious cleansing.

In the midst of Fulani Herdsmen are: rapists, murderers, vandals, arsonists, ritualists, name them. Some feudal traditional/religious rulers in the North, and those ruling the country, lie that the killer herdsmen are foreigners. They should have told us the truth that the person at the helm of affairs, is a stranger, who has no regard for human lives.

People shouldn’t be deceived by the slight reduction in the rate of killings, and Islamization agenda across the country. This is due to the fast approaching Presidential elections. If our evil rulers are re-elected or allowed to rig themselves into power again, Nigeria will be worse for it. It may end up being the most traumatized, and terrorized country in the world.

All hands should be on deck to vote out this evil and hypocritical regime. Nigerian authorities should put to an end, the extra-judicial killings by members of the Armed Forces, under slight provocation. Soldiers and Policemen show excitement and exuberance, to descend on unarmed and peaceful protesters. They shoot, and kill indiscriminately, even those who are not part of the protest; going about their normal business. Bu t, these armed security agents, especially the soldiers, become apprehensive and afraid, when it comes to facing Boko Haram and other insurgents. They give countless excuses, for running away from the battle fronts. A lot of them have killed or captured by the insurgents. God will surely judge the wicked.

The killing of thousands of soldiers and others by insurgents, has its origin in the capture and subsequent killing, of Boko Haram leader and his surrogates. The thinking was that they could easily crush and wipe them out. They are wrongly seen as people of no consequence. But today, the Government is spending billions of dollars fighting the insurgents since 2009, whose leader they executed. One can now see the outcome of that hasty and pompous action: the devastation and ding dung war affair.

We therefore call on the Government and Armed Forces, for a change of attitude, in their dealings with unarmed people in peaceful procession or protest. Let them allow peaceful protests as obtained in civilized countries.

Let the Authorities release Shiite minority Muslims, IPOB members, and other prisoners of conscience. Those in authority ought to learn by now. If you kill leaders of sects or agitators of peaceful protest, you can drive them underground. Let all these operation python dance, crocodile tears, and show of force come to an end. We are supposed to be in a democratic dispensation; where the rule of law reigns supreme, and court orders obeyed. Dictatorship and authoritarianism should give way to humane governance.

The fact is that Nigerian rulers don’t want to allow Shiite Muslim sects to practice their faith in Nigeria, for fear of dominance over the majority Suny Muslims. Hence the crackdown, and long incarceration of their leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky. Hundreds of them have been shot dead by the Armed Forces, under flimsy excuses. Meanwhile, nothing has ever been done to terrorist Fulani Herdsmen who kill at will. Our fear is the continuous shooting of Shiites, may push them into armed struggle. This will compound the already volatile situation in the country.

It should dawn on Nigerian Authorities by now, that the struggle for the actualization of Biafra, is a very legitimate one. It has spanned over fifty years, and a bloody civil war. The Soldiers and Policemen should stop shooting, killing IPOB members, and other Biafran agitators. The use of brute force can never end the struggle.

People of South East in particular, have been grossly marginalized, neglected, and shut out from the scheme of things. The condition has been made very unbearable, by this Government for almost four years now. The top leaders of this administration hate Igbos. Such hatred and deprivation against Igbos, can only be addressed through self-determination.

Biafra agitators of nowadays, are different from those of decades ago. Their non-violent posture currently, shouldn’t be taken for granted. A lot of them have been shot dead by trigger-happy security agents. Yet, they exercise restraint. The day they are constrained to embark on armed struggle, activities of all the terrorists in the North, will look like a child’s play.

International Community To the Rescue
We appeal to International Community including world powers, to carry out thorough investigation into the true identity of man occupying Aso Rock in Nigeria. Let them unravel the phenomenon of Jubril Aminu from Sudan being imposed to rule Nigeria.

Let them prosecute and bring to book, all those directly and remotely involved in the human cloning or double. Nnamdi Kanu’s assertions against Jubril, should be investigated with military precision, and the culprits charged in International Court. If it is proved beyond reasonable doubt to be true, it means Nigeria has been colonized the second time; this time around by Sudan. There is strong allegations that our oil revenues are being shared with Jubril family members in Sudan, in an attempt not to let the cat out of the bag.

All these abominations are going on, with the active connivance of British Government. Britain should be listed among the terrorist nations in the world. They are part and parcel of evils going on in Nigeria. Britain is an occult nation. British Authorities mix Christianity with occult practices. Their leaders embrace Freemason secret society. And they are doing everything possible to initiate Commonwealth countries. They pressurize rulers of these countries to legalize gay practices among their citizens. They want to turn Commonwealth Head of States meeting into occult gathering. Britain used bible to colonize many countries: including the ones in Africa. But today, they and their pro-gay Arch-Bishop are religious hypocrites.

God Almighty will visit British age-long atrocities and hatred of Biafra, and other Southern parts of Nigeria, where crude oil is being exploited. They cannot keep us under Hausa/Fulani bondage perpetually. Biafra must be free, whether Britain likes it or not. Let the world bodies prevail on Britain to relinquish their aiding and abetting tribalism and nepotism, and subjugation of Biafrans by their puppets- Northern elite. Britain is a safe haven for Nigerian treasury looters and fugitives.

Hausa/Fulanis cannot continue to hold sway in Nigeria. Their desperation to hold on to power at all cost, has driven them to hire Sudanese impostor to rule over the country with iron fist. A lot of intimidation and bribery are going on in the country, to cover up the exposure.

Finally, let all international bodies in which Nigeria is a member, make the dress codes of participating Presidents or Head of States, to involve non-wearing of caps; like what happened in Paris peace conference in 2018. UN, AU, ECOWAS, etc, should not be left out in the dress code. It will go a long way to fish out impostors. Something drastic has to be done by International bodies, to end this evil development.

One thing is certain; God the creator of the universe is watching. He knows when to remove whoever He wants to remove from power, by whatever means. He can decide to take somebody out of this earth through protracted illness or sudden death. He killed King Herod because of his pride and wickedness. God has the might to expose any secret, like the human cloning issue in Nigeria, for everybody to see. The Holy Scriptures said, “For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither anything hid, that shall not be known and come abroad”—Luke 8:17.

I could remember an incidence way back in the year 1986 in Nigeria. God sent an Evangelist to meet the country’s military rulers and their ‘mentors’, to warn them against Islamizing the country. As they gathered, the man of God first advised them to remove their caps to honour the LORD, as he was about to say the opening prayer. Everybody removed his cap including the military generals. But, a certain billionaire Islamic bigot, who was behind registering Nigeria as a member of Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC), refused to remove his cap. He proved stubborn and arrogant. As the Evangelist lifted his hands in prayers, a mighty wind came from nowhere and blew the cap off the head of the arrogant man. Instantly, an unseen hand of an angel held his head, and knocked him hard on the floor.

God sent him a message that if he didn’t retrace his steps, He would deal with him more ruthlessly than He dealt with King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. God sent the whirl wind to blow off the cap from his head. Anybody who refuses to ‘remove’ the cap on his head, shall have it swiftly removed by God. And when the wind blows, the anus of the fowl will be exposed!

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