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Miguel Diaz

Bad Legacies of Nigerian Early Rulers

The monumental level of corruption and bloodshed in Nigeria today, are products of bad leadership examples of post-independence rulers, especially military juntas. Tribalism, divide-and-rule tactics, and corruption, have their genesis in the 1960s, when the British colonialists left Nigeria. Early indigenous rulers laid bad foundation.

Our rulers discovered that for them to steal the country blind and get away with it, they had to introduce tribalism, or divide-and –rule tactics (some call it divide-and-conquer). For a very corrupt and brutal leader to succeed in his evil plans, he has to divide the people he is ruling along ethnic and religious lines. This is what is happening now. He can decide to pocket half of the money in the central bank, and get away with it. He believes his tribesmen, and fellow worshippers in same religion, will rally round him against voices of dissent or resistance.

Those who governed Nigeria for the first ten years of its independence, are guilty of what is happening today. They have hand in its present predicament. The bad seeds they sowed have long germinated; growing, and equally bearing more bad fruits. The first ten years of a born child, determines a lot about his future. His lifestyle begins to take shape then. If the parents are bad, it will adversely affect him. He may turn out to be worse than them, if care is not taken.

Those early rulers of this country, including Gowon regime, played a major role in increasing hardship, caused by massive looting of the treasury and bloodbath going on. Their negative legacies have been imbibed by their successors over the decades. Now, we have degenerated to the pitiable abysmal level. The National Assembly has no check on the Presidency. So also the State Assemblies on the Governor. The judiciary has been highly compromised. There is impunity everywhere.

The yearly budgets are mere formalities. They are not being implemented. Why is it that some State Governors, including that of Imo State, owe workers up to two years, and nobody is doing anything about it?

It has now worsen to the stage, Nigerian Government owes pensioners for twelve years and more. A typical example is Delta Steel Company pensioners. After the strenuous and complex verification exercise that took place in the year 2017, they are owed twelve years of pension. And they are being paid monthly with very old rate of more than a decade ago.

Nigeria is drifting to a point of no return. Things are getting worse day by day. All the persons that have ruled this country, whether dead or alive, are also guilty of what is happening now. They laid and built on bad foundation. One of the past military juntas said recently, that corruption and killings going on now, were lesser during his time. He forgot he helped to nurture the twin evils in the society. But, his successors have only perfected on them. They took the negative cue from rulers like him, and perfected on their strategies.

If a father is a thief, the child will be watching him. He may be a petty thief who peaks people’s pockets, and snatches handbags. The child will acquire basic tactics of stealing from him. He can join him in the act. But, as he grows, he can graduate into a dangerous armed robber. He is bound to be greater than his father. Most of the bandits and terrorists today, their fathers and grandfathers were used and paid as rioters, by some past administrations right from the 1966 riots and killings. Many of those “Almajiris” that were brain-washed to be violent have graduated into handling automatic weapons like AK-47. They are the present day terrorists and bandits. You are as guilty as your successors down the line. That is why when judgement comes, it will likely affect you. One day, somebody like Jerry Rawlings can arise in this country.

Few rulers who would have shown good leadership qualities for others to emulate, didn’t last on that seat. They were Aguiyi-Ironsi, Murtala Mohamed and Musa Yar’duah. Ironsi was assassinated within six months in power. He couldn’t do much. But there were signs he wanted to change and transform this country. Murtala made spirited effort to stamp out corruption, after removing Gowon from power. But his life was cut short by assassins’ bullets. His death was mourned by generality of people of Nigeria. Yar’duah appeared to be the best exemplary leader among all of them. He dealt ruthlessly with terrorists. He might have wiped them out, had it been he was able to complete his tenure. Musa died of sickness midway his tenure_ about two years in power. The President didn’t discriminate, on the basis of tribe or party affiliation. He treated the Governors equally. As well, he brought genuine amnesty to Niger-Delta. The truth is that his sound education and upbringing, played a dominant role in achieving such feat. He didn’t have time for religious bigotry or fanatism.  The man didn’t aid and abet terrorism or banditry in the country. He came from Katsina State, and wasn’t a tribal President.

Ill-education and high-sounding paper qualifications, are the banes of Nigerian rulers. Most of those who have presided over Nigeria, including military dictators are fetish, ill-educated or half-educated persons. There membership of occult groups, has turned them against the people they ought to catter for. Those occultists allow devils they serve to use them, in causing bloodshed all over the place. That people are being slaughtered here and there, doesn’t move them. Their conscience is dead. They condone killing going on in the land; as well as sponsor terrorism,  to further their selfish political ambitions.

On the other hand, high-sounding paper qualifications of some of our rulers, have been of no use to governance in Nigeria. Instead, they are used to secure high position where the treasury will be looted dry. Somebody with Ph.D degree has ruled Nigeria for almost six years, with nothing to show for it. The most annoying part is, he couldn’t maintain the few oil refineries to stop importation of fuel, and the politics of fuel subsidies running into trillions of naira yearly. They steal the country blind through the so-called fuel subsidied. Nigeria doesn’t need a Ph.D holder to change it; neither should ill-educated person be allowed to rule. HND or B.Sc. Certificate holder is okay. We need people of great integrity, who truly fear and reverence God; and not religious hypocrites, who back their kinsmen to mow down others.

We therefore call for a change of attitude. Let all political or public office holders, and other religious hypocrites, renounce  their membership of secret societies. Then, they will begin to be humane to people under them: pay up workers and pensioners, stop the killings, and tribalism. Eventually, Nigeria will be a better place for those who want to remain in it.


Selective Prosecution and Imprisonment of Southern Treasury Looters

Northern Nigeria has the highest concentration of billionaire and trillionaire rogues in the country. This is because they have been at the helm of affairs most of the time, since the so-called Nigerian independence. They control most of the Government apparatus, including the three arms of Government.

They are in control of the military, Police, Para-military Outfits, and  NNPC. Others are Nigerian Ports Authority, Anti-Craft Agencies like EFCC, and so on. When you hear of hundreds of billions, or trillions missing from the country’s coffers, you keep wondering what is happening. Southern and Middle Belt political office holders, including their Governors, bear the brunt of arrests and prosecutions, for stealing as low as two to three billion naira. But, the cases involving their Northern counterparts heading establishments, who steal hundreds of billions or trillions, are treated with kids’ gloves.

The crux of the matter is that Nigeria has never produced a true leader. Our rulers who are mostly Northerners, whether military or civilian, are very tribal and are religious bigots. They play divide-and –conquer politics. They and  their tribesmen and kinsmen, loot the treasury with impunity. The North controls the three arms of Government: Executive, Legislature and Judiciary. They conspire to the empty the treasury, and cover up their people, to the detriment of the rest of the country. It is a conspiracy against Southerners.

The truth remains that such large scale looting, can never occur under an exemplary leader. A country or any company, is a reflection of the overall leader. A good tree bears good fruits; and bad tree bears bas fruits. Nobody dares to steal under good leader. He will be too scared to do so, for fear of being promptly apprehended and dealt with. But, when the head is bad and rotten, it’s a matter of time, the other parts of the body will follow suit. The whole body structure will collapse.

The fact is that subordinates, can never steal huge amount of money and get away with it, without the consent of the overall boss. Somebody placed them in the exulted positions. He monitors their activities. They are not alone in stealing such outrageous amount of money. The person who put them in such positions, has larger share of the loot. They are like terrorists, who demand huge ransom to release their innocent abducted victims. Their sponsors and backers, also share in the ransom money when paid.

That is why when they are caught, the case fizzles out easily. How can one explain a situation where Accountant General of the Federation, a Northerner was arrested briefly for stealing about 80 billion naira. Later another 90 billion was discovered to be stolen by same man. He was speedily released on bail. Nobody hears of the case again. Prior to that incidence, a Political Party Secretary, an Igbo man was accused by a Anti-Craft Agency of misappropriating Party’s 400 million naira. He was arrested with handcuff and paraded. His court appearances were videoed and dramatized. There were times he was carried along with his sick bed, into the court room to make appearances. He was humiliated and ridiculed as he is somebody outside the ruling Northern tribe.

But, in another development, a search was conducted in the residence of  Aso Rock aid, somebody from far North. In fact, he is the kinsman of the ruling President from Daura. Twenty-one billion naira cash was found, among foreign currencies in his house. It was when Osinbajo was Acting President. The matter was covered up soon after the arrival of the sick President. The man was never detained or charged to court. Nothing was heard about the stolen billions. Nigeria is bedeviled by tribal, corrupt and wicked rulers!

At the peak of the corona virus pandemic, notable Nigerian rulers were dying suddenly. God was actually taking them away from the earth. Then, there was a spate of panic looting of the treasury. It was occasioned by mysterious fire outbreaks in Government money-spinning agencies in quick succession. We heard of sudden inferno in Account General’s office, EFCC, INEC, Central Bank Jos, etc. They deliberately ignited fire, destroyed vital documents related to financial transactions. Instantly, hundreds of billions and trillions were declared missing or consumed by fire. Of course, heads of those offices are Northerners. While the treasury is being emptied by privileged individuals, Nigeria is rated among the poorest countries in the world; a debtor nation. What a shame! Our rulers and their accomplices are richer than the rest of us.

Yet, most of the beggars and illiterates in Nigeria are from the North. The emergency billionaire and trillionaire elite in Northern Nigeria, impoverish the “Talakawas and Almajiris,” and use them in riots, and other destructive activities; to further their selfish political ambition.

Dubai is one of the safe havens of top Northern Nigeria treasury looters (sorry politicians). When Presidential elections draw near, they will come out of their comfort zones, to flaunt their ill-gotten wealth. Many of them have individually stolen billions of dollars of nation’s money, starched into foreign lands. They plunged the country into huge debt. They individually have more than the money the country borrows abroad. In fact, it’s part of the stolen money lodged in foreign banks that is being lent to us with interest.

The selective trial and conviction of persons, shows culprits from far North are treated as sacred cows. Tribalism, nepotism, and religious bigotry, are destroying the country. Northern elite feel looting the nation dry is their birthright; and nobody can challenge them and succeed, as they control everywhere. Even when jail sentence is eventually passed on any of them, it’s usually a very light one. It will be reduced further somewhere along the line. Before you know it, he is pardoned, and let off the hook.

There is a new dimension to the preferential treatment of Northern elite rogues. Ordinary persons are being heavily hired to serve out the jail terms of these billionaire rogues. Barrister Ayo Falana made comments of persons being paid to serve jail terms for others.

They have stolen the future of the masses, whom they use as shield to safeguard their stolen money. Once in a while, they gather the destitute (they made them poor), in their compounds to serve them meals.

If you give  cooked food to a destitute to eat, have you solved his lingering problems? Won’t he get hungry again in some hours time? What about the upkeep of his family, including paying school fees of children? Recycling of rogue politicians, is worsening the situation in Nigeria. They should be shown the way out. Let young person from Southern Nigeria rule, to salvage this country.

Monumental Looting and Membership of Secret Society.

There is a close relationship between monumental looting of the treasury, and membership of secret society. A normal human being, who has not sold himself to the devils, cannot use his exulted position to steal money running into billions or trillions and hiding them; while people under him are wallowing in abject poverty.

Nigerian wealth is concentrated on few hands. A lot of our rulers and political office holders, are fetish and very deep in occultism. They have mortgaged their souls to the devils, in exchange for riches and fake powers. The devils they serve give them compelling instructions, on how to steal and ruin establishments under their care; as well as make life miserable for people they supposed to taking care of.

You steal billions of dollars of allocation money or generated revenue, and bank them in coded accounts abroad. Meanwhile, you owe your workers and pensioners for years. They dare not voice their grievances; else you will sack them. You, your children and wife, are living ostentatious lives. You all fly in private jets and do shopping abroad. Your conscience doesn’t  prick you, that people around you are suffering terribly? Your initiation into the occult has hardened you, and thereby forget that God is a consuming fire.

So many political office holders in Nigeria, including Presidents and Governors, are religious hypocrites. They use religious affiliations, to win sympathy and votes of common people during election. But, they don’t have the fear of God in them. They only care about themselves and people around them, including sycophants and hangers-on. They and cabinet members, as well as retinue of aids, receive their monthly wages and multitude allowances regularly. But, refuse to pay the impoverished civil servants their peanuts.

How can you promptly pay a retiring judicial officer as much as 2.8 billion benefits; while you owe tens of thousands of pensioners for many years- some more than ten years? The monthly pay of some retired citizens is as low as 4000 naira. That huge amount you give to your fellow looter, can pay pension to up to 700,000 people. How do you sleep in the night, or pray to God?

In Nigeria, a governor who looted the state (sorry governed) for eight years, is entitled to huge monthly pensions, among other benefits till he dies. As well, former Nigerian Presidents and Military dictators are paid outrageous amount of money running into billions, to the detriment of the down-trodden masses. Nigerian legislators and other elected officers, are the highest paid anywhere in the world. Yet, the country is among the poorest in the world.

Because of the bad leaders we have had over the decades, the mentality of an average person in a top position, is to loot the place as much as possible, and run it down. He aims to be richer than the place: be it in government or  company. He doesn’t care about legacy of good leadership when he leaves. He wants to use the money he has stolen, to contest and bribe his way to a bigger position. Take for instance, a Governor of a state. He is ready to steal hundreds of billions, worth more than the state annual budget during his tenure, to pursue his presidential ambition. It includes money to bribe delegates during party presidential primaries.

An aspirant can bribes some thousands of delegates with as much a 35000 dollars each. How does he get the money. How much is his salary? How will he recover the money, If he eventually wins the position?  He hasn’t paid his workers. The bitter truth is that anybody who owns workers and pensioners for years, is fetish and belongs to secret cult. A law should be passed, making it a punishable offence by by years of mprisonment without option of fine, for those who owe workers or senior citizens for years.

Imagine the hundreds of moribund industries and factories. scattered all over the federation. They are owned by federal or State Governments. The persons they appointed to head those firms, ran them down due to high level of corruption, despite their high-sounding paper qualification. All those companies are shut down due to management problems. The ordinary workers are ready to do their jobs, if provided with the materials and tools to work with. One day, He will deal ruthlessly with you!

There is hardly anybody to show good example for other to follow. Corruption has been institutionalized in Nigeria. There is a law in the country that bans members of secret societies from contesting and occupying elective positions. The law should be followed strictly and expanded. There should be jail term and disqualifications of guilty candidates. Those already in office should be dismissed.

All those involved in ritual killings, and other diabolical activities during electioneering period, should be dealt it. They are so many. All those ’bouillon van and Ghana-Must-Go Bag’ politicians should be banned. Anybody who owes workers and pensioners shouldn’t be allowed to contest or seek re-election in any position. Why should you owe workers when you receive your own pay promptly? Nobody checks you. But there is God who reigns in the kingdoms of men.

Watch any political office holder, who carries out much propaganda about his achievements on office. He is a noise maker, who wants to cover up stealing going on in his office. He is an empty vessel that makes the greatest noise. He seeks and pays for unmerited awards and attention, against mounting opposition and critism. He spends a lot, to dish out lies through the media, that he has paid up all workers and senior citizens, when he hasn’t. He has only been paying his kinsmen, and in the service, and abandoning others.

We therefore call for a change of attitude. All the money you’re accumulating, you will die and leave them one day. Your bank accounts abroad, especially the coded ones will be lost to owners of the bank. You have a short life to live here. The purpose of being here is to serve God and humanity. Naked you come into this world naked you will go. But if you refuse to repent, remember God is a consuming fire. He will not allow the guilty to go unpunished.

Evangelist Joseph U. Afurobi

You need to change before the wrath of God comes upon you. He said, “Behold, the hire of the labourers who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by fraud, cries, and the cries of them which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of sabaoth. You have lived in pleasure on the earth, and been wanton; you have nourished your hearts, as in a day of slaughter. You have condemned and killed the just; and he doth not resist you” – James 5: 4-6.

Jerry Rawlings Formula

Ghana and Nigeria have certain things in common, before Fl. Lt. Jerry Rawlings took over power to bring sanity to Ghana. Prior to his intervention, Ghanaian successive rulers, both civilian and military, looted the country with impunity from 1960s to 1979, when he came on board.

Their girlfriends and concubines, whom they disguised as aids, were also looting Ghana, just like what is happening in Nigeria. And nobody could really stop them then. At a stage, it looked like Nigerian and Ghanaian rulers, were competing  among themselves, for who will loot their country’s economy more than the other. Each ruler especially Military juntas that took over power, would accuse his predecessor of corruption and highhandedness. Later, he himself would turn out to be worse.

Ghanaian rulers were very rich and flamboyant, while the ordinary citizens were suffering terribly. A lot of them migrated to Nigeria to do menial jobs, at very cheap charges. Many of their females were everywhere as prostitutes. At a stage, Nigerian Government gave the illegal Ghanaian aliens, deadline to leave the country. Before their departure, they bought over most of the leather bags in the market, with which to pack their belongings. The normal bags were too expensive for them. That is why till today, those leather bags are fondly referred to as “Ghana Must Go Bags.”

Then, Rawlings eventually succeeded in seizing power. He promptly apprehended all the former Ghanaian rulers, who were mostly military dictators. He got them arraigned for corrupt practices. They were found guilty and summarily executed. He urged people of Ghana to come back home to help rebuild the country. He presided over the country for two terms of four years each as a civilian President. As well, he helped to bring sanity to the system. He passed away in 2020 after leaving office.

Now, there’s a kind of check or restraint, on anybody presiding over Ghana. He knows if he performs badly as his executed predecessors, he may suffer the same fate sometime in future. That fear is in any prospective Ghanaian ruler.

We need such restraint or fear on our rulers for them to seat up. The stealing and impunity are too much. Something drastic needs to be done in this country, for rulers to be brought back to their senses. Anti-corruption agencies have left those from the far North off the hook_ the real rogues in the country. Their concentration is on the relatively ‘petty’ thieves in the South and Middle Belt. They are also focusing their attention on swindlers (Yahoo boys), who are mostly from Southern Nigeria. These biased agencies are chasing shadows; leaving the main substances untouched. 

You parade, handcuff, and try Southerners, accused of misappropriating some hundreds of millions or few billions. But, you left somebody who stole up to 170 (80+90) billions as Account General of the Federation, after brief arrest. What is the rationale behind it?

If we are sincere about stamping out corruption in Nigeria, all past and present Presidents and dictators, should be held accountable for their deeds directly. In fact, the so-called immunity should be outlawed. It is being used to cover up those rogues, and wicked people who run the country and states as their fathers’ estates. Civilized countries try their rulers for embezzlement of funds in America, Europe, South Africa and other places. Many of them have been handed heavy jail term; forced to return stolen money; and even executed. \

Those who steal in millions or billions, are worse than armed robbers. They are unarmed robbers, surrounded by fierce-looking armed men; the jumbo-sized criminals in the society! Why do you spend  fortune to fight ‘insecurity’ in the country, when you and your gangs of rulers, have stolen the future of the youths, and people? Return the hundreds of billions of dollar you have collectively siphoned from the coffers, and use it to develop the nation. Then, see how low crime rate and insecurity will be. Those billionaire rogues should no longer be treated as sacred cows!

Making ministers and other subordinates of former Presidents escape goats of misdeeds of their bosses, won’t achieve any meaningful results. We should take the bull by the horn, if we are serious to wipe out evil in our land. Take for example, a former ruler in this country_ a drunkard and womanizer. He allowed his so-called aid (girlfriend), to steal the country blind, while still in office; of which he was very much aware. She stole billions much more than many Governors.

Now, the overall boss has long left office and is scot-free. You are chasing after his minister who fled the country to answer for one scandal or the other.  Meanwhile, his former boss is free enjoying himself with returns from those thieves he positioned in his government, and didn’t care to check on them. Our rulers use their stooges when in office, to loot billions of dollars, and pretend not to be aware of what is happening.

This country is drifting to a point of no return. Something urgent has to be done to salvage it. No amount of force or military hardware will stop it. We therefore call for a change of attitude. One day, you will leave that position and become ordinary person. In the day of God’s visitation, your fortified mansion, and stolen billions in foreign banks will be of no use to you. God said, ”As the partridge sits on eggs, and hatches them not, so he that gets riches, and not by right, shall leave them in them in midst of his days, and aat his end shall be a fool” –Jeremiah 17: 11.


Can They Allow Peter Obi: The Exemplary Leader To Be President

We have observed the antecedence of Peter Obi, right from the period he was Governor of Anambra State, as far back as 2013. He is an exemplary leader, who can be compared with Nelson Mandela of South Africa and Julius Nyerere of Tanzania, in simplicity, honesty and integrity. 

He chose to live simple lifestyle, devoid of long convoy of vehicles; excessive travelling with multiple allowances claims, inflated contracts, etc. There was a time he rejected free lands allocated to him. As well, he turned down inflated budgetary allocation to Government House. He was impeached by State Assembly for his integrity; as he refused to mismanage or share state fund. He was later reinstated by law Court.

He lectured political office holders on prudent spending and accountability. He took the decision to leave People’s Democratic Party (PDP), as he refused to join Ghana-Must-Go money sharing bazaar, which overwhelmed delegates at the party’s Presidential Primary Election.

It appears he is the only Governor, from Southern Nigeria, who didn’t have issues with EFCC, or any other Anti-Corruption Agencies.  They have not found any sharp corrupt practices against him, to warrant his arrest and prosecution. The fact remains he is easily the best, among all those contesting to be President of Nigeria come 2023. But, will he be allowed to occupy the seat, even if he eventually wins the election, being an Igbo man? There is a long standing conspiracy in the country, against Ibos to rule Nigeria. It started with the brutal assassination of Aguiyi Ironsi in 1966, after being barely 6 months in power. At the end of Nigerian civil war in 1970, Northern leaders in collaboration with Yorubas, held meeting and resolved that nobody from Ibo tribe will ever rule Nigeria. That was about fifty-two years ago. And it has remained so till date.

Our people have been excluded from the scheme of things, to the extend we are merely part of Nigeria by territory. There has been systematic repression and killings of Igbos, even in this current government. The few Igbos who made spirited efforts to contest and clinch power at the centre, have been blackmailed, accused of one embezzlement or the other, arrested, tried, humiliated and frustrated. They have remained at the corridor of power for more than half a century; picking crumbs which fall from their slave masters’ tables.

From the look of things, it appears Obi may break through the barrage of obstacles, and become the next President. He and his Labour Party, are having overwhelming support, across the length and breathe of the country. Virtually, people of all tribes are fed up with this tribal and retrogressive government. Killings everywhere! Terrorists and Bandits have even penetrated Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory. Just recently, they broke into Kuje Prisons in Abuja, to release their colleagues held there. Nobody is safe anywhere in the country.

Now, enemies of progress are laying all forms of stumbling blocks against Peter Obi. His magnificent superstore at Abuja was burnt down by strange fire outbreak. His goods were looted in the inferno. He is being warned by sponsored armed gangs, not to campaign anywhere in the North.  These are calculated attempts, to weaken and intimate him to quit the presidential race. Voter registrations are going on in Northern neighbouring countries like Niger Republic and Chad. They are predominantly Muslims. It could be recalled during the last Presidential elections, those nationals flooded the country to vote. Large number of them still remain in Nigeria, engaging in banditry and other criminal activities. Can they quench this lone voice from the East? Time shall tell.

Igbo man being President of Nigeria, will go a long way in addressing some of the injustice meted out to us. However, it can never be a lasting solution, to what we are passing through in the hands of our taskmasters; who will eventually come back to take power in near future. The way out of our problems with Nigeria, is to eventually leave the country. If not, we will still be back to square one.

Take a cue from the Yorubas; and  there present situation, after their sons have ruled Nigeria for long. Obasanjo governed the country for a total of almost 12 years: both as Military Head of State, and as Civilian President. Apart from him, Ernest Shonekun was Interim President for three months, before he was kicked out of power. Osinbajo will soon complete his tenure of eight years as Vice President. He was Acting President, most of time the incumbent President was abroad for medical treatment.

When Obasanjo was in power, Yoruba land was peaceful: devoid of terrorist activities. Things were moving smoothly for them that period. He has since left the stage; and the Northerners have resumed the stranglehold of the country. Are the Yorubas smiling now, despite the fact that their son Obasanjo, presided over Nigeria longtime ago? The answer is no. They are at the mercy of Jihadist terrorists who have taken over their forests. The so-called bandits from the North, are killing people in every part of the country including South West. Those at the helm affairs pretend to be ignorant of what is happening. There’s a grand plan to allow those cattle rearrers living in the forests (disguised Jihadists), to drive away the inhabitants from their ancestral homes and take possession.

Biafra project is unstoppable. We are like Israelites who were living under bondage in Egypt. Later, God rescued them out of the land to a place He prepared for them. We need a country to call our own, to enable us attain our full potentials, unhindered. Biafra is the future of our unborn generation. The earlier we leave the better for us. Had it been Israel remained in Egypt till today, they wouldn’t have been able to reach such enviable heights in development, freedom of worship and expression.

If somebody from South East becomes President of Nigeria, it is good. We all pray for that. It will be a temporary relief, from the terrible condition we have found ourselves in. It can never be a permanent solution. We wish Peter Obi success in his endeavours. And let the will of God be done in his life. However, Nnamdi Kanu has an edge as Biafra leader. He and his colleagues are highly committed, to the emancipation of our people from that forced marriage called Nigeria. Our oppressors have the grand design to continue to hold us under bondage perpetually, even after the expiration of the tenure of the Igbo man as President.


Sellout by Political Office Holders

Average Nigerian politician or public office holder, is a sellout and deceiver. During electioneering campaigns, they will promise the electorate heaven and earth. Even, they will lie to the people, they intend to turn rural areas to look like European quarters, just to win their votes. Most of Nigerian politicians are blatant liars. In their desperation to win elections, and loot the country, they make promises they can’t fulfill.

Some years ago, when election was fast approaching, a presidential candidate of a known party and his members, organized a weeping session on a campaign ground. He instructed everybody, including himself to start weeping for the country; for it was in a deplorable situation. He vowed to stamp out corruption and wipe out terrorists, within few months of taking over power.

Then, everybody began to cry and wipe his face with handkerchief. They were shedding crocodile tears. Even the hardened ones among them cried like babies. Professional mourners hired among them, were wailing uncontrollably, like people who lost their husbands or loved ones. They wept ostensibly for bad governance in Nigeria. When the weeping was over, they settled down to eat and drink, and became merry. Of course, bundles of money were shared among their hired mourners. Those deceivers succeeded in winning the sympathy of many people.

When election was announced, they won the presidency: whether by crook or hook, it was another issue. Since then, they have been administering the country for years now. Terrorism is ever on the increase; with more terrorist gangs springing up. If they can attack President’s convoy and Kuje prison the same day, and freed their members there, nobody is safe anywhere again. It is surprising that out of the hundreds of terrorists, who came for the operation that lasted for hours in the prison, no single one of them was arrested or shot. They even relaxed and had the time to preach Islam, to the inmates and shared money to them, before freeing most of them. It was revealed that soldiers stationed there to guard the facility, were withdrawn 24 hours before the operation of terrorists. There was no form resistance throughout the duration. All the intelligent networks and communication crumbled. Even the other batch of criminals who attacked the convoy of the President had a field day. They killed two security agents. The soldiers and other security agents in the convoy, were instructed not to shoot or harm any of the attackers. There is conspiracy somewhere. Nigeria is finished as a country.

Those armed gangs are being pampered and given huge sums of money, even by the Government. There is a glaring grand plan to Islamize the country, through nefarious activities of terrorists, bandits, Fulani Herdsmen, Jihadists, name them.

Corruption is at its highest level now. Hundreds of billions and trillions are getting lost in the country’s coffers. Nobody cares to find out what is going on. Those who vowed to stamp out corruption, are deeply involved in it, to the detriment of masses they claim to be serving.

Most of the politicians from the Eastern part of this country, are a great sellout to their people. Take for instance, the immediate past minister of transport. He was used and dumped. He didn’t care for his own people, but he personally got what he wanted from the system. The man was used to build railway inside Niger Republic, with Nigerian resources. As well, they used him to build Transport University in Daura_ the home town of the President. He was later rewarded with turban (chieftaincy title) by Daura traditional rulers. This man at the corridor of power, was used also to carry out other development projects outside the South East and South South, his home base. He grossly neglected his own people, to please his Northern overlords. He was thinking his servitude would earn him presidential candidacy, of his ruling party. But, he was betrayed.

During the campaign for the primary election, he was seen wearing “Ishiagu” (Igbo attire), and moving up and down to solicit Igbo support; the people he relegated to the background. He lost out at the end. He probably thought Igbo people are fools he can dribble and deceive. He still puts on the  Ishiagu and claims to be Igbo man. Many of them deny and hide their identity as Igbos; only to resurface when they need our votes. Charlatans (Ndi Iberibe)!

Most of Nigerian politicians claim they are coming out to serve their people. Actually, they are serving their stomach; as they jump from one political party to another, looking for opportunity to grab positions. As well they look for avenues to steal money. When a contract is awarded to any of them to execute, they usually abandon it, after collecting huge amount of money. Some of the deplorable roads in the South East, were awarded to some Senators from the zone. But, they couldn’t excute the jobs. They largely imbezled the money.

Take a look at the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC). Most of the allocations to the commission are being misappropriated (embezzled). Hundreds of billions are being stolen. People are suffering terribly in the midst of plenty. The rich are getting richer; while the poor are getting poorer.

During election proper, politicians are very desperate to the extent of consulting ritualists for diabolical powers. They she’d blood because political offices. They give out rice, indomie, and some other food items to people, in order to buy their conscience to vote for them. Many also give cash, like few thousands of naira to each voter. When you accept their gestures, you are selling your future to those wolves in sheep clothing.

By the time they buy and rig themselves into power, they will forget all about you for the next four years. They will change their telephone numbers, and alienate themselves from you. These heartless persons, will start to demolish people’s property or houses, in the name of illegal structures. Oppressors! We therefore call for a change of attitude, for everyone will one day stand to give account of his life, before Almighty God the creator of the whole universe.

Form Vigilante Groups in your Communities and Forests

We call on all traditional rulers, town unions, and other village heads, to come together and form strong vigilantes groups, to safeguard their villages and forests against bandits, kidnappers, and other undesirable elements. We make passionate appeal to communities in Biafra land to put in place well-trained and equipped vigilantes, to protect them from the onslaught of well organized, armed, and sponsored jihadists, who camouflage as cattle rearrers in the daytime; but are kidnappers and killers in the dark. You cannot use cutlass to confront those using automatic weapons like AK 47.

If you continue to wait for compromised Nigerian security agents to save you and your villagers from being slaughtered, you are in a very miserable condition. Learn from advice given by TY Danjuma that people should defend themselves or be slaughtered. Take a cue from the bloodbath going on in Benue, Plateau, Imo and Anambra, almost on daily basis. Don’t think the mayhem won’t reach where you are.

They are systematically clearing their ways through Benue State; to enable them to flood into Biafra land. You all know the civil war against Biafra began from Benue border. The enemies entered through Benue. Don’t wait for them to subdue that state, and march into our land before you protect yourselves.

The law anywhere permits self-defence, including in the bible. If somebody comes to kill you, and you’re able to defend yourself; and in the process he is injured or dead, the law permits it. There was a conspiracy to wipe out the people of God (the Jew) in the land, in the time past. They cried unto God, and armed themselves against their enemies. Mordecai and Esther organized the people.

“The Jews gathered themselves together in their cities throughout all the provinces of the king Ahasuerus, to lay hand on such as sought their hurt: and no man could withstand them; for the fear of them fell upon all people. For Mordecai was great in the king’s house, and his fame went out throughout all the provinces: for this man Mordecai waxed greater and greater. Thus the Jews smote all their enemies with the stroke of the sword, and slaughter, and destruction, and did what they would unto those that hated them. And in Shushan the palace the Jews slew and destroyed five hundred men” –Esther 9:2, 4-6. Kanu is kind of Mordecai!

Forming vigilante groups is your legitimate right. Don’t allow anybody or group of persons to intimidate you from defending yourselves; no matter how highly placed he may be. He wants you to be helpless, and then be consumed by those he’s aiding and abetting. When those criminals are killing your people, our rulers won’t talk or react. But, as soon as you begin to defend yourselves, and apprehend some of those killers, you will see them sending Soldiers and Police to harass and stop you; or even arrest and beat you up for flimsy excuses.

God Almighty has a time frame of judging wicked rulers; even while they are still in power. A lot of them have died mysteriously. “The LORD is slow to anger, and great in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked: the LORD has his way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet. Who can stand before his indignation? And who can abide in the fierceness of his anger? His fury is poured out like fire, and the rocks are thrown down by him. The LORD is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; and he knows them that trust in him.”—Nahum1:3, 6-7.

You gave order that people should be disarmed; but have done practically nothing to stop the nefarious activities of so-called bandits and terrorists in the country. Instead, they are getting more armed and sophisticated with the money being paid to them; even by the Government. Why can’t you round them up with all the DSS and Military Intelligence network? You pamper them, while sending soldiers and other armed groups, to be killing our people in the East. You want those so-called bandits to take over the whole country. But, God we are serving won’t allow it to happen.

Puppet Governors in Igbo land, like in Imo and Ebonyi States, are doing the bidding of their masters at Abuja. They often run to take refuge at Abuja. From there, they watch the bloodbath they allow to be going on in their respective states; people being slaughtered like animals. Everyone will give account of his life before God Almighty.

Biafra land has been militarized. Soldiers are burning houses, abducting and killing people. Can they deny their complicity in the bloodshed going on here? There are overwhelming evidence they give tacit support to mostly foreign bandits and kidnappers operating in Biafra land. A typical example is the abduction, torture, and extortion of 100 million naira from Methodist Church Prelate and his companions, by Fulani kidnappers who doubled as herdsmen. How do they want these conflicts they are fueling to end?

You and your tribal predecessors have grossly excluded our people from the scheme of things. At the same time, you are violently suppressing them from airing their views, and right to self-determination. He that makes peaceful change impossible; makes violent change inevitable.

Let all the Governors in Biafra land embrace Eastern Security Network (ESN), in guarding all our forests. I commend Governor Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia State, for assigning ESN to guard all the forests in Abia State. He shouldn’t be intimidated or bribed to change his mind by those at Abuja. Let other Governors in the Eastern Nigeria follow suit. They ought not to sacrifice the lives and well being of their people, to please those ethnic and religious bigots, who want to take over our ancestral lands by all means.

Give full support to ESN as a security outfit in our land. It will be the panacea to the onslaught of those jihadists and their collaborators, who want our people dead; so that they will take over their land. Finally, we hail Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), and it’s dynamic leader, Nnamdi Kanu for their foresight in establishing the formidable ESN. They are the main reasons Nigerian is not yet Islamized: and Biafra land not conquered by sponsored jihadists, who disguise as cattle rearers, to be killing our people.

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