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The LORD GOD, creator of the whole universe, hates all forms of oppression, including oppression of the poor and defenseless. Let not evil and tribal rulers, as well as dictators and other wicked people rejoice. For God looks down in the kingdoms of men to pay everyone according to his deeds.

The Greatest Rescue
It happened a young man, Joshua Balogun repented and denounced his membership of a secret society. It didn’t go down well with his former colleagues there.

They feared he would expose their evil deeds, in that occult before the world. Therefore, they resolved to adopt and eventually kill him. But, God Almighty rescued him from their custody, in a spectacular manner.

Meanwhile, the convert was enjoying his new found faith in God. He was worshipping and praising the LORD, the creator of the whole universe regularly. Of course, he attended weekly fellowships and activities. God was manifesting Himself to him. It dawned on him all those past years, he was living in darkness in the secret society. He realize God’s own protection and prosperity, added no sorrow to it. His former evil colleagues lured him to a lonely place, and kidnapped him.

They promptly bound his hands and feet with chains, as well as gagging his mouth. From the first day of his captivity, he had been making supplications unto God, to deliver him from his captors. On the day they appointed to slay him, something unusual and spectacular happened. His intended murderers placed him on a stretcher.

As one of them lifted his hand to slaughter him, a very strange, bright lightening struck that place. They were all terrified; and lay low like dead people, watching for what was about to happen. After about thirty minutes of terrifying silence and uncertainty, a strange man in a white robe (angel), suddenly appeared on the scene. In their bewilderedness, they were peeping on him; pretending to be sleeping. As he came close to Balogun who was on stretcher with chains, the angel opened his hand and grabbed a pair of scissors that mysteriously appeared. He used it to cut to pieces the chains on the man’s hands and feet.

Then, the angel instructed Balogun to stand up which he deed. He had no clothes on him; he was stripped down to his pant by his captors. The angel told him to stretch out his hands, and a white robe was placed on them miraculously. He put it on, and followed the stranger through the bush paths, to the side of expressway. A cyclist appeared, in that early hours of the morning. The stranger paid for his fare to drop him in a nearby village. As they were about leaving, the angel disappeared. And when he was dropped at his destination, the cyclist also vanished.

For years now, Balogun has been going about preaching and telling people of the dangers in belonging to secret societies; how God rescued him from the clutches of devils and their human agents. He has been proclaiming among other things, that Ogboni society which he came out from is evil; whether reformed or not. One cannot reform evil. They are all built on demonic foundations.

He maintained that many prominent persons are in secret cults, including the ones in governance. They come up with polices, they know are clearly against the welfare of the masses. The devils they serve use them to inflict untold hardships on people: such as mass retrenchment, unemployment, perpetual indebtedness to workers and pensioners, as well as demolition of people’s property without any compensation. They are religious hypocrites. Something has to be done to remove agents of the devils from the helm of affairs of this nation.

At one time, AMORC society which was proscribed as a secret society, by Nigerian Supreme Court, embarked on environmental sanitation at Abuja. It was a desperate move to salvage their battered image, and win people’s sympathy.

All lovers of God should rise up against the menace of occult societies in the land. Time has come for us to take the bull by the horn, and wipe out evil from our land.

Pay Up Workers And Pensioners.
Millions of workers and pensioners are owed for years in Nigeria. It speaks volume of high level of corruption, and wickedness of those at the helm of affairs. Any Government that owes workers and pensioners for years, is wicked Government. Those in charge of affairs are heartless. They are religious hypocrites; who allow the devils to use them to cause misery and among the populace. Perpetual indebtedness tallies with ‘gold medal’ the country has won in corruption index, by Transparency International.

Some Governors for instance, have stolen more than the annual budgets of their respective states. Yet, they don’t want to pay up the meager wages, they owe ordinary workers and pensioners. The money they allocate to themselves, family members, and surrogates, are more than the accumulated debt to entire workers and senior citizens for decades. Nigerian political office holders are the highest paid in the world. One of them can earn money that can take care of thousands of civil servants, who are even more qualified than him.

Recently, US Government released list of top public office holders in Nigeria, who have billions of dollars individually in US banks. The list include past and current rulers, ministers, and Governors. How can they stash hundreds of billions of dollars in foreign banks, and elsewhere, when their citizens are wallowing in abject poverty? How can they be talking about seeking for more foreign loans running into billions of dollars, when they individually have stolen more than that amount? We urge President Trump to freeze the accounts. They are stolen money from our evil rulers.

We are going to rubbish the political ambitions of Governors and other political office holders, who owe workers and pensioners for years. They stockpile billions they are supposed to use to pay up people they owe, to pursue their narrow and selfish ambitions: to rig election and buy their ways to the top. It is disheartening to note they embark on white-elephant projects, to siphon billions meant to pay up wages and pensions. They are in for a big shock. We are going for the jugular!

Take for instance, pensioners of Delta Steel Company, Aladja, in Delta State of Nigeria; a pioneer Federal Government owned steel company. They are owed upward of ten years of pensions. Many of them have died of frustration, and hunger related illness. Top managers, who were Government appointees, sent to run the company looted the place blind. Today, they are moving freely in the country with their loot.

A Governor from South Eastern Nigeria, has up 1.4 billions dollars in a single US bank account. But, he owes workers and pensioners for years. The crux of the matter, is that most of these wicked rulers are deep into secret societies. They are heartless and inhuman; who love to see people under them suffer. The law banning members of secret cults, from contesting or occupying elective positions in the country, is not being enforced.

The LORD deals with them at the height of their impunity and arrogance. He has allowed some of them to actually die; and go to the great beyond. They are fully aware of God’s judgement and reward. Soon after He allows them to come back to life; they seem to forget about what they went through. One day, they will die finally, and leave behind their ill-gotten wealth!

A lot of politicians and their likes are diabolical. They are patrons to ritualists, juju priests, and other undesirable elements in the society. Electioneering period records the highest rate of ritual killings.

The devils they serve give them instructions on how to make life unbearable for the masses. They engage in wanton demolition and destruction of people’s property, without any compensation. When the wicked are ruling, the people mourn. These charlatans subject their subordinates, into demonic oath taking before an evil shrine. It is aimed at ensuring their subjugation, and assurance never to expose their masters’ secrets.

A former Governor picked up his then Chief of staff, to succeed him in office. He compelled him to take oath, before a deadly shrine. The man was striped of his clothes, remaining pant. Then, he was bound hands and feet, and dumped in front of the shrine, like a goat ready for slaughter. He swore never to expose the secrets of his boss, or probe him, when he eventually became Governor. He also swore to be submissive to the deity.

As soon as he became Governor, the devil used him to make life miserable for his people. He demolished their markets, and some other property with impunity, shutdown many companies, owe workers and senior citizens for years.

Their evil powers won’t lead them to anywhere. God said, “Behold, the hire of the labourers who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by fraud, cry and the cries of them which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of sabaoth. You have lived in pleasure on the earth, and been wanton; you have nourished your hearts, as in a day of slaughter”—James 5:4-5.


In the world today, people are languishing in abject poverty, due to the nefarious activities of heartless rulers.

Take for instance in Nigeria, thousands of moribund industries and abandoned projects abound. They are scattered all over the country. Millions of workers have lost their jobs as a result. Successive Nigerian Governments have nonchalant attitude toward the welfare of their citizens.

The mentality of average Nigerian ruler, is to amass wealth for himself at all cost, using his privileged position; to the detriment of the establishment. He cares very little about the situation of people he is ruling. He will later receive all kinds of mundane awards, like chieftaincy titles. As well, he is a regular recipient of honourary doctorate degrees, from fund-raising Universities. They are all mediocres! He prefers to own property abroad including: refineries, and estates; where it will be very difficult if not impossible, to trace his ill-gotten wealth. Then, every other company or firm can get grounded in his own country. He doesn’t care.

A typical example is the sorry state of the few and age-long refineries, that are still functioning in Nigeria. They are operating far below capacity; despite the regular questionable turn-around maintenance, that engulf billions of dollars. It is painful to note many of our rulers, including former Presidents and military juntas, and their family members, own well functioning refineries overseas.

Crude oil is being stolen is large quantity, and shipped to those refineries; then sent back to us as finished products at exorbitant prices. ‘Subsidizing’ the cost of importing fuel, has made many billionaires and trillionaires in this rogue country; with active connivance of the ruling class.

The country is still importing fuel, due to the selfishness and wickedness of our leaders, for decades now. For the past thirty years, none of our rulers has built any new refinery. They are satisfied wirh making ‘blood’ money from the importation; while millions of people are fleeing the country, in search of means of survival. Our bad and hypocritical leaders, have inflicted untold hardship on the masses, they are supposed to cater for.

A lot of industries, both privately and Government owned, are folding up. This is mainly due to gross inadequacy of power supply and pipe-borne water to run factories; as well as massive looting by top management, in case of Government owned industries. Multiple taxation by different levels of Government agencies, has added salt to the injury. Our overlords pay lip service to provision of amenities. Instead, each of them builds several mansions for himself and family, with stolen money. Of course, these mansions or kingdoms are highly fortified. They provide giant power generating sets, and water bore-holes for themselves; while people living around them are suffering terribly for lack of basic necessities of life.

The truth remains that all Government-owed companies shut-down, are caused by very corrupt and wicked top managers; most of whom are Government appointees. These political office holders, like their masters in Government, have the propensity to be richer than the firms, they are entrusted with. They loot the places blind with impunity; knowing fully well they cannot be jailed; neither can the stolen money or property, recovered from them.

They fail woefully in their responsibilities to provide adequate working materials, amenities, and conducive atmosphere, for workers to perform their duties. When a company is sold or privatized, the new investor simply sacks the entire management. Then, he will use same workforce to bring the company back to full production, after providing materials and other basic necessities to them. Nigerian managers, are as fraudulent as those who appointed them into their exotic posts.

One of the industries that has survived all odds, is Innoson Motors owned by a Biafran, Innocent Chukwuma. It existence has not gone down well, with those at the helm of affairs in Nigeria; that an Igboman can establish a flourishing Motor Manufacturing Company; comparable to the ones overseas. Vehicles being produced there are of very high international standard; very solid. It is first of its kind in the whole of Nigeria. Obviously, he has stepped into the toes of powers that be. The bank he does transactions with, is being used against him.

A frivolous charge is being tabled against him. He has survived all forms of subjugation and subversion; calculated to shut down the company, as was done to many others in South Eastern part of Nigeria. The survival of Innoson Motors, is a tip of the iceberg, of the ingenuity of Biafra, if allowed to separate from Nigeria; that land of bondage. Innoson Motors should not be allowed to be brought down, by detractors and enemies of Igbos. God is on our side.

Finally, those enemies of progress should know that at God’s appointed time, they will leave behind their ill-gotten wealth, and depart from this world. For everyone will give account of his life to God.

                    Evangelist Joseph U. Afurobi

Abandonment of projects, is a means through which Nigerian Government officials, and their collaborators, siphon billions of dollars, without specified job completed. They award over-inflated contracts, and non-existing contracts.

Many road construction and rehabilitation projects, have been abandoned, and the money for them jointly embezzled. The contractors handling the jobs, and those in Government, share the money on agreed percentage. The so-called contractor, will pour some trips of sand and laterite along the road. He will do one or two things, and abscond with huge some of money paid him. He will hardly be arrested or prosecuted for that.

Virtually, all the current and former Presidents, and Military juntas are billionaire rogues. They are not better than their Ghanaian counterparts, whom Jerry Rawlings tried and executed. These unscrupulous persons, engage in outright looting of the treasury, and inflated contracts.

In Nigeria, you only hear of recovery of Abacha loot, because he is dead. There are other former juntas or Presidents, who have stolen much more than Abacha; and even ruled longer than him. Nobody dares to arrest or probe them. They gather wealth for themselves, and down to their unborn descendants, at the expense of down-trodden masses. These unarmed robbers and their cronies, are richer than the rest people of the country.

A situation where many ministers and Governors, individually have billions of dollars in separate foreign banks, speaks volume of the rottenness in the polity; not to talk of the overall leader. Multitude of professionals and youths, are fleeing the country, in search of sustenance. Thousands of them are being drowned in Mediterranean Sea yearly. Who cares!

Nigerian has never produced a true leader. When the head is sick, it affects the rest of the country. What we have on the ground, is gathering of dictators, tribal and religious bigots; out to serve their selfish interests. They are as bad and corrupt, as those they investigate. Brutality of members of Armed Forces against civilians, has never been so bad in the history of the country. The  Military is now dominated and controlled by Northerners, under the present tribal Government, as well as the Police. The insurgents and Fulani terrorist herdsmen, are killing thousands of defenseless people, and nobody doing anything about it. They are being giving tacit support, by those at the helm of affairs. Nigerian is sliding back to the era of military dictatorship and lawlessness.

Money being recovered from selected looters is being re-stolen. The evil cycle continues. They allocate annual budgets to themselves and family members. Money is being hidden in odd places: overhead tanks, suck aways, uncompleted buildings, even in burial grounds.

Many of these evil men have died and left behind their ill-gotten wealth. God said, “As the partridge sits on eggs, and hatches them not; so he that gets riches, and not by right, shall leave them in the midst of his days, and at his end shall be a fool”—Jeremiah 17:11.


Nigeria is the leading crude oil producing country in Africa; and among the highest producers in the world. She has as well produced a lot of questionable billionaires, and even those who count in trillions, from stolen oil proceeds for decades. Past and current rulers, Heads of states, Ministers, Governors and their surrogates, name them, are not left out in the monumental looting of the oil money, being produced in the Southern part of the country.

Yet, Nigeria is one of the poorest countries on earth. Over eighty percent of the population, is living below poverty line. The simple explanation is that the nation’s wealth is concentrated on few hands; among the elites. They are richer than the rest vast majority of the people.

Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, once said, “If the kind of money stolen in Nigeria for the past thirty years occurred in Britain, the country would seize to exist. He said further that Nigeria is a fantastically corrupt country.

Nigeria has not produced true leaders, in the likes of Julius Nyerere of Tanzania, and Nelson Mandela of South Africa. What we experience nowadays, is the handing over baton of lordship to fellow: tribal rulers, religious fanatics, billionaire rogues, and occult persons; who don’t care about the plight of people they are lording it over.

Some years ago, elites from Northern Nigeria gathered, ostensibly to fight poverty in the North. They included those who have ruined the country: former military juntas, former and serving ministers, ambassadors, Governors. It was like a row call of Northern cabal.

If they are sincere about fighting poverty, they should return the hundreds of billions of dollars they have stolen, along with their Southern counterparts. Then, you will hardly hear of poverty in the North; and indeed in any part of the country. They live flamboyant and ostentatious lifestyle, to the detriment of exploited masses.

The recovered stolen money, can be used to resuscitate shutdown industries, and other abandoned projects, scattered all over the country. It will provide job opportunities for millions of people, and ensure regular payment of salaries and pensions. Organizing breakfast, once in a while for beggars and poor people by hypocritical elites, can never solve the problem of extreme hunger in the land..

Although most of the rogue billionaires and ‘trillionaires’ are from the North, most of the beggars and illiterates in the country are from the same North. The reason is simple. Nigeria’s wealth is concentrated on few hands; among the elites. They use and dump the “Talakawas.” The latter are hired for riots, terrorism, killings, and all worth not. The ever increasing unbearable hardships in the country, is evident everywhere. The rich are getting richer; while the poor are getting poorer. The so-called Nigerian independence has plunged us into more bondage. We are now under the subjection and internal slavery of Hausa/Fulanis.

The truth is that this Hausa/Fulani oligarchy in Nigeria, won’t survive the test of time. It has given rise for various agitations: including self-determination for Biafra. At God’s appointed time, He will deliver His people from this local imperialism, man’s inhumanity to man.

We are looking unto God Almighty to change this country Nigeria, and other countries as well. The level of oppression and wickedness is growing day by day. We know no major event occurs in this world without his pre-knowledge of it. The disintegration of former Soviet Union, was not a fluke. Self-determination is the lasting solution to perpetual bondage in the country. God will do it in His own way.

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