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Alexander Stubb: President-Elect Of Finland

Open Letter To New Niger Republic Leader Tchiani

Good Day Sir (Bonjour Monsieur),

We want to first congratulate you, for your outstanding performance in revamping the ailing economy of Niger Republic; months after taking over power from your corrupt predecessor. Your country’s economy and standard of living, are among the fastest growing in Africa. Do not relent in your efforts.

Many believe it’s expedient for persons like you, to come on board to salvage the mess, some African leaders are in. We have military or civilian coup. In Africa, military takeover of government in some countries, can be justified. Quite a number of African Presidents are very corrupt, and stooges of colonial masters. Civilian coup occurs, when election results are massively rigged and manipulated, to remove the real winner of presidential election. Then, the looser is declared the winner. It happened in Nigeria in the year 2023 Presidential Election. Civilian coup should be more condemnable than military coup.

Sir, we appeal you use your credible position as Niger leader, to address the menace of your nationals in other countries; especially in Nigeria. Peasant Fulanis recruited from Niger Republic, and some other African countries, are being used by Nigerian Northern elite, to wreck havoc in the Middle belt, and Southern part of Nigeria. They are brain-washed to shun western education. Instead, they are engaged in primitive Jihad war of killing people, and dispossessing them of their ancestral lands. These disguised murderers and kidnappers, use nomadic cattle rearing to cover up their atrocities, and heinous crimes against our people.

You can redeem the reputation of your country, which has been dragged to the mud, by recalling and rehabilitating these vulnerable ones. Build ranches for them to breed healthy, well nourished cows, with modern facilities. Build more skill-acquisition centres. Make education compulsory, at least up to primary school level; even among the nomadic herdsmen. These will go a long way to reduce drastically, the exploitation of herdsmen and other peasants, by evil politicians and elite. Illiterate and ill-educated war mongers ruling in Nigeria, have no regard for human lives. They shed blood to pursue their selfish, political ambitions.

Why can’t they use their own children and close relatives, to commit those atrocities? Religious hypocrites! Their children are in the best schools overseas; living ostentatious lifestyles there. They arm Fulanis of poor background to, destroy farmlands, rape women and girls, as well as engage in kidnapping and ritual killings.

A civilian dictator in Nigeria, handed over power  to his puppet in 2023, who lost in an election. It was a well, orchestrated civilian coup, calculated to cover up his mess, while in office. He was the architect of Fulani herdsmen terrorism across the country: apart from the treasury he looted with impunity. He encouraged the influx of Fulani from Niger Republic and other neighbouring countries for sinister motives. He armed them with automatic weapons to invade communities. Also, he massively recruited them into the Military and Police. He sent a lot of them to fight our people here in Biafra land.

This impostor, colluded with some governors in Biafra land, especially in Imo State, to recruit Fulanis (many from Niger) into Ebubeagu Vigilante group, along with pipeline vandals from River State, to fight Biafra agitators.  We urge you to call them back home. You can give them a much better future. They are facing a very formidable Biafrans, who are highly determined to defend themselves against their sworn enemies. Gone are the days when Gowon and his cohorts, recruited “Gwodo Gwodo” soldiers from Northern neighbors, to maim and kill our people; then got away with it.

We have confidence you will return those terrorists in uniforms, hastily enlisted into the Armed Forces by Nigerian Authorities, back to your country. A lot of them are from Niger Republic. Don’t allow them to be used, as experimental guinea pigs by wicked rulers. The truth is that they are on suicide mission. This generation of Biafra agitators they are fighting, are the descendants of those who fought for Biafra, during Nigerian civil war in the 1960s. Let them withdraw from our land with their deadly weapons. We don’t have anything personal against them.

In fact, we have many Fulanis, who engage in legitimate means of livelihood here. They trade in food stuffs like: rice, beans and yams. As well they sell clothes. We patronize them; and co-exist peacefully with them. Of course, we don’t have problems with this set of people. Recall those ones who make themselves willing tools, in the hands of wicked Northern politicians and elite. They will never succeed in Biafra land, for God Almighty is solidly behind us.

We urge you to carry out thorough probe, on how your nationals are being recruited and used to carry out heinous crimes in Nigeria, in the name of Jihad war. They are sponsored to involve in kidnapping and ritual killing business. You must have heard how a Methodist Church Prelate in Nigeria, was kidnapped with his two colleagues. Ransom of 100 million naira was paid to their abductors, who include your citizens from Niger Republic. It happened in Umunneochi, Abia State in Biafra land in the year 2022. They are also actively involved in kidnapping and ritual murders in Abia Cattle markets. Recently, Abia Governor ordered a raid in the place; and many decomposing bodies were discovered there; some of them beheaded. These are  a tip of the iceberg, of the dirty jobs your nationals are being used to do in Nigeria; particularly in Biafra land.

There is no doubt you’re a man of integrity and educated enough; going by your superlative performance in office, and conduct so far. Do not align yourself with wicked rulers; whether still in power or out of power. You’re not compatible with that illiterate dictator, who relinquished power in the year 2023 in Nigeria. He brought the country to its knees during the years of his tyranny. He is ill-educated junta that doesn’t have even primary school certificate. Thousands of people were brutally murdered across the country: in pursuit of his primitive Jihadist agenda. He used Fulani herdsmen, to kill and take over communal lands. He impersonates somebody who died several years ago. This charlatan staged civilian coup in Nigeria; to hand over power to someone who lost woefully in the election. Somebody from Biafra land (Peter Obi), won the election clearly. He hates our people to his own peril.

His plan was to flee to Niger Republic, and hide after handing over power. Now, he must have realized somebody like you won’t condone his crimes against humanity. His evils shall find him out. The evils men do live with them. It’s a matter of time, he will be brought to book for his abominable acts. He is the most wicked and corrupt person that has ever ruled Nigeria. If you want to maintain your integrity before the International Community, distance yourself from him. We are looking forward to your positive response.


Colonial Masters: Leave Africa Alone

We want imperialist countries like France and Britain, to stop exploiting and impoverishing countries, they forcefully colonized in Africa. Colonialism should be treated as a criminal act.

You invade a country with your military might, claiming to bring civilization and light to the inhabitants. But, you are in darkness and far from being civilized. Take Nigeria colonial master, Britain for instance. It’s a heathen nation in all its ramifications. You sponsor Missionaries as fore-runners, who prepared the ground for you to operate. Then, you came in with armed, fierce looking men, to run over the people.

Nearly all your top government functionaries, are members of a particular secret society (Freemason). Your Archbishop, and some other church leaders there, are gays. They are homosexuals, who support gay practices going on among you. How then do you claim to be Christians? You religious hypocrites, first remove the beams in your eyes, so that you can see clearly, to remove the moths in other people’s eyes. The truth is that you forced yourselves on us; in order to steal our natural resources by tricks. You used bible to corner our crude oil. How came about you claim to show us the light, when you are wallowing in darkness? You are covered with darkness you occult rulers. You need to repent before judgement of God comes upon you.

Most of the military coups in African countries, are aimed at removing stooges of colonial masters, who claim to be Presidents of their respective countries. But, they give away their mineral resources to colonialists, at rock-bottom prices. The latter in turn sell them at astronomically high prices in international market. For example, France was getting Uranium at 0.8 Euros per kilogram weight. But the new Niger Government now stopped the cheating, and sell directly to the Export Market, at the rate of 200 Euros per kilogram. Imagine France was getting it always free.

Similar thing occurs to our crude oil being shipped to Britain, to that imperialist nation. The crude oil is smuggled to them at give-away prices; very far from the official price. In most cases, these colonial or imperialist nations, don’t pay cash for mineral resources smuggled to them by puppet, aging African Presidents. They exchange the goods for weapons of mass destruction, including military tanks, to be used against perceived enemies of these African Authoritarian rulers; tribalists.

Former colonial masters, instigate tribalism, nepotism, and monumental looting of the treasuries, among African Presidents. This in-turn cause unrest and rebellion, by the oppressed tribes in their countries. Before you know it, civil wars or guerrilla warfare, has begun in the impoverished countries. You tag them rebels. Then, these despot rulers in civilian clothes, will order for weapons from Western countries, in exchange for their natural resources. Colonialists and some Western countries are war mongers; who thrive on conflicts. If their former colonies are at peace, they lose out.

Since after the take-over of power in Niger Republic in the year 2023, the economy of the country has been growing rapidly. The nationals are no longer slaves to France, and other imperialists. They succeeded in getting rid of parasites; who were collecting their natural resources almost free. Similar changes are taking place in Burkina Faso, Mali. Etc. The eyes of emerging young leaders, are opening to realize the sellout of their countries, by civilian dictators. Many of these despots have been in power for over thirty years. Lording over their poor countries, has become a family affair, or family dynasty. Many of these ruling families are richer than their respective countries.

There are two major types of coups: military and civilian coups. Military coup occurs when military officer seizes power. Civilian coup happens when elections are massively rigged to declare the looser as winner. It happened in Nigeria in the year 2023. Britain, the self-proclaimed colonial master, was accomplice to the enthronement of somebody who lost the election woefully, to become President of Nigeria. They want someone they can easily manipulate, to rule over the people. Then, they can join in looting the treasury. They don’t want young, intelligent, and dynamic persons to be in power: whether military or civilian rulers.

Peter Obi from Biafra land clearly won, but was denied victory as President of Nigeria. Now, they are fighting against Biafra actualization, tooth and nail. Britain fuels and thrives in Nigerian crisis. It’s the major supplier of arms and ammunition, to fight and suppress the people of Biafra; in exchange for Biafran crude oil. The exploitation began as far back as the Nigerian civil war in 1960s. Britain colluded with Gowon to steal billions of pounds sterling, from Nigerian central bank. This time around, their exploitation and bondage, are coming to an end. Biafra is about to be an independent nation, by the grace of God.

We Africans should be wise. We must not allow our territories, to be made dumping grounds for weapons of mass destructions, in exchange of our mineral resources. Let them go with their sophisticated weapons: supersonic war planes, nuclear war heads, robot soldiers, and all worth not. Don’t give out your God-given minerals for deadly ammunition. Rather, we need infrastructural, industrial, and agricultural development, among others. Our people want genuine multinational companies, to help tap our natural resources.

Let those war mongers go with their military bases, missiles, aircraft carriers, etc. We need factories, well equipped schools and hospitals. Africans want food, clothes, and basic necessities of life. The so-called super powers, can test their deadly weapons on themselves; and not on us. Their robot soldiers can fight or compete among themselves. They should leave us alone.

African Union, should place restriction on importation or production, of weapons of mass destruction. Instead, let there be strong conflict resolution mechanism in the continent. Authoritarian and tribal rulers should change; to avoid being used by Western powers against their own people. We don’t want arms race in our continent.

Finally, we call on Western powers, including former colonial masters, to stop fuelling crisis in African countries; and subsequently exploiting the situation. Let them know, there is a God in heaven, who reigns in the kingdoms of men. At the appointed time, He will destroy this world, and create a new one.


Open Letter To The Vatican

We will begin by appreciating your efforts, to move Christianity forward over the centuries. About half of Christian population are Catholics. Early Missionaries to African countries, and some other places, were largely from Catholic and Protestant Churches; like Anglican and Methodist, then, the coming of Pentecostals. Apart from establishing Churches, you build schools, hospitals in communities, at highly reduced fees. Also, you embarked on many humanitarian ventures.

Now, there are some unpleasant recent developments in your Church, you need to look into as apex leaders. It’s about the conduct of the current Pope (Pope Francis). His utterances, and ungodly changes he is bringing into the Church are worrisome. It’s quite unbecoming of a genuine Priest, or Minister of God. You need to call him to order, or remove him entirely, before he causes more damages to Christendom. What happens to the Catholic Churches, trickles down to other denominations.

He should never be allowed to condone, approve, or wed gays in your Churches, if you still want to be regarded as being a Christian Church. There are basic standards laid down by the bible, a true Church of God must follow. Else, it will be viewed as a cult, which believes in only a portion of the bible; while it blatantly disregards other portion. Bible is the standard.

The bible clearly abhors all forms of homosexuality, lesbianism, and gay marriages. “For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural us into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet. And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient”—Romans 1:26-28.

Pope Francis, as a mortal cannot change the bible to suit his occult beliefs, and practices. Gay practices are closely related to membership of secret societies. Most members of the latter indulge in homosexuality and lesbianism. Because of these abominations, God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah with fire. If you condone and join sodomites in your midst, you are not better than Sodom and Gomorrah, which God Almighty consumed in His anger. “Nevertheless the foundation of God stands sure, having this seal. The Lord knows them that are his. And, let everyone that names the name of Christ depart from iniquity”—2 Timothy 2:19.

Your current Pope has no fear of God in him. Right from the time of his selection, he has made series of statements which shows clearly, he is very far from obeying God and His word. He gives false impression that idol worship is part of worshipping the true God. He has made many idolatrous utterances, which cause people to take another look at your denomination. Now, he is forcing `Catholic Clergy men to bless or join gay marriages. Two things stand clear about him. He is a member of secret society and a gay.

The Vatican needs to review, and be more strict, in the selection of Pope and other principal officers. Any so-called Clergy man, or Priest who believes that deities or gods are intermediaries between God and man, is working for the devil. He is into idolatry; using the bible which tenets he doesn’t follow, to cover up. He is worshipping an unknown god; like the people of Athens – Acts 17. All members of secret societies and homosexuals, have no business serving in the pulpit or altar. Don’t allow infiltration of religious hypocrites, and bad eggs in the service.

The current Pope and persons like him, are wolves in sheep clothing. He has no power to change or go against the bible, to suit his backslidden state. Neither can he force others to derail  like him. He doesn’t own the Church. The Church had been in existence, centuries before he was born. Therefore, he has no power to hold the Church of God to ransom; else God  Almighty will deal with him ruthlessly.

God said, “But whoso shall offend one of these ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea” –Matthew 18:6. The LORD  won’t allow him to turn the Church into occult group. Let him resign and leave, if he cannot abide by the tenets of the bible. He is free to form his own secret society and draw followers. Let him come out clear to serve Satan, if that’s what he wants. He should stop deceiving and sending people to hell. God is ready to deal with him, in a way that will serve as a deterrent to other disguised agents of the devils. He shouldn’t allow himself to be used by Satan to dictate the fate of over one billion people, who innocently gather to worship God.

So many of his predecessors, were God-fearing Popes. They never supported Gay marriages. They didn’t derail like him. We therefore call on the Vatican to correct the anomaly. Remember everyone will give account of his life before God his creator. We believe the LORD can use you to restore the image of the Church. Catholic is like a mother Church. God has used it to produce Churches like Anglican, Presbyterian, and other protestant Church. God is still raising more genuine Ministers of the gospel from there. May the Almighty God guide you, as you take the right decisions. Amen.

Mazi Simon Ekpa: Making  Of Alexander The Great

Mazi Simon Ekpa is an embodiment of Biafra struggle. He took over the initiative, shortly after his boss, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, was kidnapped and incarcerated by Nigerian Authorities. Their thinking then was that the perpetual detention of Kanu, will eventually bring the Biafra agitation to nothing.

But, they are shocked by the superlative performance of Ekpa and his colleagues; in pushing the Biafra actualization forward. He is a kind of Alexander The Great in the making. The truth remains that God is using him mightily, as He used individuals like Alexander and Dairus in the past. The LORD has a master plan about the major events in this world: both the ones that have taken place, and the ones yet to take place. Biafra sovereignty is one of them.

God planned about succession of world empires. They featured Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon (Iraq), Dairus of Persia (Iran), and Alexander The Great of Macedonia (Greece). Others are yet to come. Jehovah used those men at one time or the other, to fit into His master plan for the end of this world. Some of them were ungodly men, not fully aware of God’s hand upon them. Nevertheless, God used them to achieve His purpose for nations. They thought it was by their own might, to conquer nations. But later, some of them realized God’s supernatural intervention in their lives, for the great victories.

God allowed Alexander to easily conquer nations, which were much stronger and more armed than his. Their soldiers vastly outnumbered his also. He met little resistance in the territories he defeated. God showed Prophet Daniel in a revelation; referred to Alexander as the “He goat that broke the horns of the ram.” The ram signified King of Persian Empire – Daniel 8: 5-8. God said he would conquer nations and establish himself in the empire. Four kingdoms will arise from his domain. History had it that when Alexander died, his kingdom was split among his four Army commanders.

People are amazed at the high level of success Simon and his colleagues, have recorded in the struggle. God is highly involved in what they are doing. The LORD has seen the oppression and bondage of our people, in the hands of Hausa/Fulanis, with Yoruba collaborators. He has therefore come down to deliver us from the hands of the wicked; as He did to Israel under bondage in Egypt.

Ekpa continued with his activities in a non-violent form, after the detention of Kanu. He was merely exposing the atrocities of Nigerian armed men deployed to terrorize Biafra. He videoed and showed to the world, the secret killings going on here, against our people. They mounted road-blocks even inside villages; extorting money from people, and arresting innocent youths. Mortuaries were filled up, especially in Imo State with dead bodies of youths killed. All kinds of criminally minded people, were given deadly weapon and uniforms, to terrorize our land.

His lamentation and those of us on the media, over the carnage going on in Eastern Nigeria, fell on deaf ears. International Community did very little or nothing to address the genocide against us. The impunity of our oppressors began to get out of hand. They started burning houses and shops of our people under flimsy excuses. At a stage, Ekpa began to issue warning and ultimatum to those terrorists in uniforms, to stop burning properties. It yielded some results.

Then, they began to bomb our villages with war planes. Of course, many people were killed. The dictator who left power in 2023, committed a lot of despicable acts during his misrule. Soldiers used machine guns to spray bullets on houses, and people in our villages. The impostor and illiterate, wrecked havoc in our land. God Almighty will expose and punish him; devil incarnate.

World bodies did nothing to stop them. They were bribing left and right with huge quantity of crude oil, gotten mostly from Biafra land. They sent billions of dollars worth of crude oil to world leaders, in exchange for support and delivery of sophisticated weapons, to kill our people. You claim the war planes and other weapons of mass destruction sent to them, are only meant to fight terrorists in the North. But you know the purpose is to be used to kill Biafrans. You make blood money. There is a God in heaven who judges people according to their deeds. During those periods, Mazi Ekpa never allowed the Biafran security men, to attack the military. The concentration was to chase the sponsored Fulani terrorist herdsmen, out of our forests.

Then, Methodist Church Prelate of Nigeria, Uche, was kidnapped by Fulani Herdsmen in the year 2022, along with two occupants in his car. They were tortured for three days. 100 million naira ransom was paid before their release. Half of the money went to their elite sponsors, who include top Nigerian Government Officials from the far North. That Fulani impostor from another country ruling us, never uttered a word about the kidnap, and atrocities of his kinsmen. The complicity of the Nigerian rulers, and their Armed Forces, were exposed by the Fulani abductors. They said they are on a mission to kill our people and take over our land.

Now, we have been pushed to the wall. The only option left is for our people to defend themselves, against our annihilators. We need to congratulate IPOB, Kanu, and others, for their foresight in forming the Eastern Security Network (ESN), early enough. God used them to do a yeoman’s job. They checkmated the Jihadist invaders. If not, by now Biafra land would have become Fulani Colony, with refugee camps and graveyards everywhere. We serve a living God, who won’t allow us to be wiped out from the surface of the earth, by our vicious enemies.

People should understand God is at work in the lives of Ekpa and others, to achieve this great feat: though the latter may not be fully be aware of it, like Alexander The Great. A horse can be prepared for war; but safety is of the LORD. Withdraw your soldiers and other armed groups from our land. We no longer want to remain your slaves. Seeking to arrest or silence Ekpa, won’t stop the struggle. Since you abducted Nnamdi Kanu over two years ago, has it slowed down the Biafra struggle? It has escalated instead.

Biafra is like a spirit that cannot be killed. Those ones you are seeking to apprehend, didn’t start Biafra agitation. Most of the agitators including Kanu and Ekpa, were not yet born when Nigerian civil war began. This young generation of Biafrans, are the children and nephews of those you fought in 1960s. They are highly determined to free themselves, from your bondage and slavery. Let Biafra go; and you will have peace. We can co-exist peacefully as neighbouring nations. God will help Biafra to be free. Amen.

Evangelist Joseph U. Afurobi

Stop Destroying Igbo Property

We make urgent appeal to International Criminal Court (ICC), to apprehend and prosecute Lagos State Governor Sanwo-Olu, for the systematic destruction of Igbo properties in Lagos. Let ICC also issue arrest warrants to some state governors in the far Northern Nigeria, like Kano, where there are serious threats to kill and destroy belongings of Biafrans there. They have issued ultimatum to our there to leave. Let them not think they can repeat the Kano massacres in the 1960s, and get away with it.

Since after the massively rigged 2023 elections, Governor Sanwo-Olu and his boss at Abuja, are hell bent on demolishing the investments of Biafrans (Igbos). They are desperate to frustrate our people out of Yoruba land. It’s on record the Biafrans contributed immensely to the early development of Lagos State. They helped to make the city what it is today, through industrial transformation, and boosting of commercial activities there.

The pig-headed governor and his illiterate boss based at Abuja, now develop intense hatred, jealousy, and inferiority complex against our people: more than that of Pharaoh against the Jews in Egypt. So far, he has demolished  a number of big markets controlled by Biafrans. They include the popular Alaba International Market, Ladipo Market, and Computer Village. Some other markets owned by Igbos have been razed down by mysterious fire. When the dust raised by the demolition dies down; they still plan for more demolition of structures. He is running a retrogressive government; and on vendetta mission against Igbos.

Billions of dollars worth of our people’s investments have been destroyed, by these heartless and wicked taskmasters. Our people are helpless in this ugly situation. The government at Abuja collude with them to unleash mayhem on Igbos. Moreover, Igbo elite at the corridor of power, cannot raise their voices against such atrocities. We therefore call on International Community, to come to our rescue against the conspiracy to destroy our means of livelihood.

Hatred against us took a dangerous dimension, when a Biafran (Peter Obi) clearly won the 2023 Presidential Election; but was denied victory. The Yoruba APC Presidential Candidate, even lost in Lagos State. But, he was fraudulently declared winner. In the subsequent Governorship Election, our people were massively disfranchised, and threatened not to vote in Lagos State. They were openly warned and barred from voting. Nobody did anything about it. If not, the current Governor wouldn’t have been able to rig himself into power. Since then, he has been doing everything possible to destroy the means of livelihood of our people there, under flimsy excuses.

Those hypocrites always talk about one Nigeria. But deep down inside them, they are full of wickedness and deceit. Why clampdown and suppress the Igbos all over the place? As you are gradually destroying their investments in your state under suitable pretext, your boss at the seat of power, is sending heavily armed Soldiers, Policemen, and Terrorists in uniforms, to invade the South Eastern Nigeria. Through indiscriminate bombings of our villages, a lot of people have been killed in their homes, farmlands, and other places.

Peter Obi was robbed of victory in the Presidential Election, he clearly won. You are pushing Igbos to the wall. Let God be judge between you people and us. Your hatred towards us is much greater than that of Egyptians against Jews in their land. You have gone further to destroy Igbo properties, bomb and kill them secretly in the villages; which Pharaoh never did. You’re not God who created us. Your oppression and subjugation won’t survive the test of time. As human beings like you, we’re entitled to self-defence.

This is not the first time of attacking Igbos, or burning and looting their goods. It has been going on since time immemorial, in many parts of the country. Millions of our people were massacred before, during, and after the civil war. Our goods were either looted or destroyed. Today, we have bounced back to reckoning. God created us to be enterprising and resilient people, like the Israelis.

We admire what God Almighty is using Mazi Simon Ekpa, and others to do: to defend our land and prevent another round of genocide from re-occurring. They have even gone to the extent of sending security men to Middle Belt, to guard against the primitive Jihad being sponsored there.

Why do people take pleasure in wanton destruction of lives and property? Nigerian rulers use their exulted positions, to condone, aid and abet, ethnic and religious cleansing. It calls to question, the eligibility of our rulers to be in power. When the head is rotten, there is nothing you can do to salvage the body. When lawless persons are in power, what do you expect? Lawlessness. Look at countries that have credible, and qualified persons as Presidents. See how they’re fairing.

Look at Niger Republic. The current leader is humane, with sound educational background. He can’t allow such carnage going in Plateau State, to occur in his country. He isn’t a religious bigot. The man values human lives. The economy of Niger Republic is growing very fast; with great impact on the masses. We believe in no distant time, he will address the issue of his nationals in Nigeria, being used to carry out heinous crimes and terrorism. It’s only a terrorist that condones or sponsors terrorism.

The eyes of this young generation of Biafrans, have been opened to fight for their rights. They’re not taking the threats to forcefully quit our people, and loot the properties in the far North or South West lightly. Gone are the days our people were massacred, raped with impunity, under the instigation of their elite kinsmen. Nobody will try it now, and get away with.

Calling for the arrest of Mazi Simon Ekpa won’t solve the problem. Stop destroying Igbo property and bombing them. Nnamdi Kanu is the apex leader of Biafra struggle. If you are sincere about negotiation. Get him released and dialogue with him. We don’t want to hear that something bad has happened to Ekpa. We thank God for the people and government of Finland for their unflinching support for the people of Biafra. They have refused to be bribed or intimidated from supporting us. Finland is one of best friends of Biafra. May God Almighty bless that country abundantly. Amen.

We therefore call for a change of attitude. God will raise the people you hate above you soon. We are destined for greatness, by God Almighty the creator of the whole universe. No amount of suppression will change the LORD purpose for us. All those still going to juju priests, fortune tellers, and false prophets for powers against us, are wasting their money and time. There is no divination, or satanic prophecy against Biafra. Biafra must be a reality. The LORD will prepare a table before us, in the presence of our enemies.

Seaports And Infrastructure Will Check Igbo Migration.

Igbos (Biafrans) have been used and dumped, in some parts of Nigeria like Lagos and the North. They make investments in those places, only to be destroyed by the government in power, or use their sponsored thugs; under flimsy excuses. The crux of the matter is that Igbo land is yet to have standard seaports, which will carter for the needs of our enterprising Igbos. Then, all these destructions of Igbo properties, will be drastically reduced, if not eliminated.

Take for instance, the systematic demolition of Igbo investments in Lagos, by Lagos State Government and their accomplices. In the first place, Biafrans are drawn to move to Lagos in their millions, because of seaports there. They are constrained to establish their businesses including industries, due to the closeness to the seaports there. It’s expensive to move their imported goods to the East. Apart from that, Nigerian Authorities line up all kinds of uniform men on the roads to the East, to extort outrageous amount of money from them. Before then, they must have spent heavily to bribe, and clear their containers from the Warf.

From Lagos to Enugu, you will count not less than 30 roadblocks, manned by Police, Custom, Army, and other parasites in uniforms, who extort huge sum of money from motorists, and business men. Sometimes, the distance between two roadblocks is less than a kilometer. You must give them specified amount of money, if you are conveying passengers or goods, before they let you go. It doesn’t matter, if your documents are up to date or not. All their eyes are on Igbo traders, and commuters to collect money from them, as if they owe them. They force you to make bank online transfers of money, running into hundreds of thousands of naira to them once they find fault with import documents. Their bosses in the office also get involved through phone contacts.

Therefore, our people have no choice than to invest in Lagos. That’s why you hear of places like: Alaba International Market, Computer Village, etc. There, they sell their imported wares. But, many of these places have been bulldozed by wicked Lagos State Governor. He collaborated with his Yoruba boss at Abuja to frustrate our people. The hatred and jealousy are too much. The aim is to get the Biafrans out of Lagos, and take over their positions.

Igbo land has grossly been neglected by successive Nigerian Governments, over the decades. They abandoned a number of viable proposed seaports in our land. Then, went ahead to build Lagos seaports for tribal reasons. They created false notion that Igbo land is landlocked. Today, they have been proved wrong. The ongoing Abia Deep Seaport construction is in a better site, and closer to Atlantic Ocean, than Lagos seaports to Atlantic Ocean. There are other sites including those in Anambra State, which are also closer to Atlantic Ocean than Lagos seaports.

The small Onitsha Seaport in Anambra State, has been of great help to our people. Biafrans are great industrialists and merchants. When we have enough seaports in our land, genuine millionaires and billionaires of international standard will spring up. They won’t be like all those Nigerian emergency billionaires, who steal and smuggle crude oil, to the detriment of the masses. Then, the demolition and looting of Igbo property in Lagos and other places, will become history. Our haters have been fighting tooth and nail, to stop seaports in the East. Instead, they prefer having dry ports in Northern Nigeria that has no sea. The situation is beyond them, as God is on our side.

Another area we are facing serious challenges, is in infrastructural development. South East geo-political zone has the worse road networks, anywhere in the country, especially federal roads. Our taskmasters at Abuja grossly neglect the roads, no industry or rail. Buhari spent billions to build modern rails in Northern, Western and other parts of Nigeria. Also he used billions of dollars to build railways in Niger Republic. He completely neglected Igbo land. He conspired with the then Minister of Transport overlook our area. For all the billions of dollars loan he collected, he never invested a dollar in Igbo land. What a wicked country? They are doing everything possible to suppress and subjugate us. However, we serve a living God who will help us address all the injustice, when Biafra becomes independent sooner or later. God will bring our sworn enemies to nothing!

We don’t have standard Federal Airport in this part of Nigeria; not to talk of International Airport. What we have is the so-called cargo airport that is not functioning. Electricity being generated by the national grid, is very low. The Electricity tariff is ever increasing. It is mostly needed in Southern part of the country. Nigerian Government prefers giving it free to neighbouring countries, while we suffer blackout terribly here in the East. We indirectly pay for the free power given to them. Intermittent power supply is affecting business here.

Biafra restoration, is the panacea to all the injustice being meted to us by our haters. Within a very short of independence, we will be refining enough crude oil, for local consumption and export. The development that will take place in our land in few years, will surpass the stagnation we have suffered for decades.

Of course, there will be boom in investments in Biafra land. Our people will no longer be prey to wicked rulers, who are always looking for ways to put us under pressure, and destroy our dreams. Those parasites in uniforms, on roadblocks will no longer be our problems. God Almighty will establish us far above our detractors. My advice to those demolishing and looting Igbo properties, is that they should turn a new leaf now. For whatever has a beginning, has an end.

Evangelist Joseph U. Afurobi (Publisher)

Where Are The Mineral Resources In The North

Nigerian Authorities are very partial and tribal, in their obnoxious policies. The proceeds from mineral resources like gold, from the Northern and Western parts of the country, are not accounted for. They’re not shared as national wealth. All their eyes are on the crude oil from Biafra land mostly.

Take for instance, the gold deposits in Zamfara State. They are the exclusive wealth of the Government of Zamfara State and its fronts. They make billions of dollars from the gold; and share among themselves. As well, they conspire with some faceless persons, to mine the gold and other natural resources in the North. The money realized is never accounted for. There is this allegation that the recent explosion in Ibadan, Oyo State, was caused by hastily recruited foreign Chinese gold miners. Why is the money from crude oil, the only mineral revenue shared across the federation?

Where are the revenues from all these tribal mining, which supposed to be national minerals? Where is the bitumen in the West (Yoruba land), capable of competing with money from crude oil?  Our rulers are very crafty and selfish. Their concentration is on Biafran crude oil. Over 80% of the crude oil, is being stolen by those at the helm of affairs, and their collaborators.

Billions of dollars of oil money, goes to private pockets. People are suffering terribly, in the midst of abundance. Hausa/Fulanis and Youbas, control most of the oil blocks, and share the money to themselves. Then, they give peanuts to people they term South South, as security guards of pipelines. Meanwhile, their lands are grossly neglected; with oil spillage and environmental devastation everywhere.

Nigerian Government prefers spending a lot to import refined fuel products, to allowing any form of private refineries in Biafra land. They don’t want to hear anything like granting licenses, for local refineries there; though they know it will go a long way to stop importation of fuel. Their selfish actions are meant to perpetuate impoverishment of the people; and to reduce them to pipeline security men. Had it been the oil exploration were in the North, licenses would have long been issued to individuals there, to refine crude oil. They will also turn blind eye to the so-called illegal refineries; just like they do to illegal mining taking place there. The suppression is too much. You are desperate to destroy and burn, what you term illegal refineries in Biafra land. Then, you aid and abet, the monumental looting and smuggling of the crude oil out of the country, to your private, illegal refineries abroad. You treat us like fools.

During the reign of terror of the out gone Fulani dictator and impostor, there were mysterious fire outbreaks, in many so-called illegal refineries, and bust pipelines. A lot of people were burnt to death, for even being close to the illegal refineries. There was a conspiracy to reduce the population of our people, by setting those facilities on fire. Why destroy what we have, and import same thing at exorbitant prices?

We therefore call on the partisan Nigerian Government, and dormant National Assembly, to ensure that all proceeds from mineral resources from North and other places, are shared across the nation. They shouldn’t only talk about one Nigeria. Let them also show the oneness by their deeds. Stop discriminating against our people. We are not your slaves. The North controls over 80% of oil blocks in Biafra land. Who are in charge of mining in your land? Why don’t you remit the proceeds to the federation account?

You are probably waiting for the oil in southern part of the country, to get exhausted before you begin to drill oil, in Lake Chad basin, and other places in the North. Then, it will be exclusive Northern affair. You will now allow individuals from the far North to own refineries, as you allow private mining; selfish and wicked people!

Your other source of making huge amount of money, is to form and sponsor terrorist groups. Half of the money they make from kidnappings/ritual killings, go to you as their backers. When they are caught, you go for their rescue. You use your influence to free them from their brief detention. None of them has ever been charged, or convicted of kidnapping or ritual killing in Nigeria. You keep on recycling them into criminal activities upon their release; until when they meet their waterloo. You have millions of blood money through these heinous crimes. If you don’t repent, God Almighty will expose and deal with you ruthlessly. You can only be a sacred cow that cannot be touched, to your kinsmen and accomplice in power. God is not a respecter of persons.

Look at the havoc you and your fellow sponsors of terrorists, are wrecking all over the country, including Eastern Nigeria. You have turned many cattle markets in Biafra land to human abattoirs; including the cattle market in Abia State. You use your gullible young kinsmen to occupy forests, and commit despicable acts. Why not get your own children and other family members involved, in those abominable acts which include: murders, rape and robberies? You instigate them to engage in primitive Jihad war; after impoverishing and brainwashing them to shun western education. Meanwhile, your children are in the best Universities abroad and living big.

You and others like you, have made the exit of Biafra from Nigeria irreversible. God will soon free us from your bondage and slavery. That “Umbilical Cord” between Nigeria and Biafra, will soon be severed. You drain our oil, to sponsor all forms of terrorism against us. Everything that has beginning has an end. We have the right to know, what you do with oil from our land. There is hardly any federal presence here. Most of our graduates are roaming the street jobless. But, as soon as your people graduate from schools, they gain employment; even in oil companies in the South, with all their headquarters at Abuja. Our people are languishing, in the hands of you taskmasters.

But, there will be drastic and dramatic changes, soon after independence of Biafra. The umbilical cord (crude oil), will be cut off. There will be massive transformation of our land: boom in employment and upliftment in living standards. It’s better you start withdrawing those terrorists, kidnappers, and ritual killers, you sent to our land. Our people are prepared to defend themselves against invaders, under any guise. When the chips are down, your sponsored killers will leave our land.

Nigerian President: Take The Bull By The Horn.

We want Nigerian ruler, to arrest and probe his immediate predecessor; if he is sincere about recovering stolen billions of dollars and trillions of naira, from past administration. The current detention and prosecution of former CBN Governor Emefiele, is like scratching the surface of a problem. The latter is like a messenger, who carried out directives of his main boss in power.

Trying to recover some stolen money from him, is like chasing shadows; leaving behind the substance. His former boss was quite aware of virtually all policies he embarked on. He didn’t act alone. If a messenger is able to steal some billions in an office; you can be sure the boss himself, should be held accountable for missing trillions. What happens in Nigeria is that rulers cover up the mess of their predecessors, who rigged them into power. Instead of arresting the main rogues, they go for their messengers and concubines. Why treat those rogues like sacred cows?

Emefiele is suffering for obeying instructions of his boss, to change colours of higher denominations of the naira notes. It was calculated to make physical cash very scarce to the public, during 2023 Presidential elections; especially voting for the office of President. Money was so scarce, that people made online bank transfers, just to buy food to eat, or pay for their transport fares. Therefore, it was extremely difficult to bribe voters with huge sum of money, to vote for any Presidential candidate. Bribing voters in Nigeria is a cash-and-carry business: on the spot transactions. Everywhere was tight. Had it been there was enough cash in circulation then, nobody would have been talking about Peter Obi winning with landslide victory. Rather, the complaint would be that a particular Presidential candidate won, due to massive vote buying. Emefiele has been made scapegoat of his master’s policy.

Let the Nigerian President Tinubu, stop the unprecedented looting of the treasury by his surrogates. We call on him to address the terrible suffering of the masses. Recently a female Minister was quizzed for stealing a staggering 37 billion naira; just some months in office. That money alone is enough, to pay arrears of pensions and gratuity owed Federal pensioners for many years. Tens of thousands of them are owed for more than ten years. For instance, pensioners of Delta Steel Company Aladja in Warri, are owed for about eleven years. We know nothing tangible will come out of these quiz or probes. It’s a drama that will end soon after bail has been granted. Appointees have made away with hundreds of billions of naira over the years; and move free today. This is Nigeria for you.

Why arresting only few women. We want you to exercise courage to apprehend all those involved, in looting the country blind; both past and present. A former female petroleum Minister during Jonathan regime, is the only person standing trial for stealing billions. We also hear  of another woman in charge of humanitarian affairs, during Buhari reign of terror, is being probed. They can all pass for mistresses or concubines. Where are the men who stole, and are still stealing billions of dollars, and hundreds of billions of naira? The truth remains that our leaders don’t have the moral stamina, to probe and recover stolen money from any public figure. They are all guilty of monumental looting. Remove the beam in your eyes, then you will see very well to remove the moth in another person’s eye.

Let this government take drastic measures, to tackle the increasing wave of kidnappings and ritual killings in the country. Our rulers are doing little to fight this twin evil. Recently, it was discovered some Fulanis turned Abia Cattle Market to human abattoir. There, kidnapped persons, who couldn’t pay ransoms, are butchered and their body parts sold out for ritual purposes. What has happened to those arrested by security agents till today, after Governor Otti ordered raid on the place? Scores of decomposing bodies were found there; some of them beheaded.  Did their kinsman at the seat of power, order for their release?

Fulanis are rampaging in the whole place. They are being pampered like the previous administration. Recently in Owerri, mutilated bodies of persons killed by Fulnalis, were found inside bush, very close to Obinze barracks. We heard some of the Fulani culprits were arrested. Will they be brought to book? It’s on record that no Fulani has ever been prosecuted, and convicted of kidnapping and ritual killings in Nigeria. They’re always left off the hook, by their influential kinsmen who back them. Yet, we are still talking about one Nigeria.

The fact is that they won’t find it easy, operating anywhere in Biafra land, along with their faceless sponsors. Our people are out to defend themselves, against sponsored killers under any guise. They use nomadic cattle rearing, as front to unleash mayhem on our people. Let them go back to the North, with their dirty cows!

We appeal to Tinubu to bring down the prices of refined petroleum products, including petrol and kerosene. Now, kerosene cost more than 1000 naira a litre. The prices shouldn’t be up to 200 naira a litre. The prices of goods and services, including food stuffs have skyrocketed as a result. People are suffering terribly and dying. We are supposed to stop importation of refined fuel; as some local oil refineries are functioning.

This  Federal Government is yet to pay arrears of salaries and pensions owed Federal workers and pensioners up to 10 years. They currently pay old rate to pensioners, which are peanuts. Can you believe multitude of Nigerian Government pensioners, receive less than 10,000 naira monthly as pensions? There is God in heaven who visits people according to their deeds. We are looking unto you to address these pressing issues. And the country will be better for it. Amen.

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