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Whatever anybody does in this world, he will receive the reward: whether good or bad. God looks down in the kingdoms of men to pay everyone according to his deeds. Whatsoever somebody does he shall reap. What goes round comes around.

Use Technology to Apprehend Evil Doers

We call on nations and international bodies, to utilize technology to detect evil doers anywhere in the world; and get them apprehended. With intelligence gathering and inventions like world-class telescopes, nothing should be hidden under the earth. Let activities of dictators, terrorists, bandits, criminals, and other undesirable elements, be closely monitored anywhere in the world; to be followed by arrest and prosecution whomsoever.

United Nations, World Powers, EU, AU, and the rest, should fully avail themselves of intelligence technology, to record heinous crimes, and other nefarious activities, going on in their member countries, and act accordingly. Take for instance, International Community and World Powers, are fully aware of atrocities of dictators, and other killers the world over. Yet, they have decided to overlook them. With all their satellites, hidden CCTV cameras, and large telescopes, they are able to identify killers, rapists, terrorists, and their likes, as well as their exact locations, anywhere.

United Nations and World Powers are more  or less, the ruling Empire in the world currently. They should allow themselves to be used of God Almighty, to purge nations and their rulers. Let them rise up to their obligations to God their creator, and humanity. Then, the likes of Idi Amin, and Emperor Bokassa, will never happen again. Presently, there are quite a lot of dictators and religious bigots; who engage in ethnic cleansing in their respective countries. They hold their people to ransom. Nigeria is one of them.

Let world courts and International Criminal Court be expanded, with much more judges and  branches in all the continents. This will make provision for more suspects to be arraigned for prosecution. There should be no immunity for murderers, ritualists, monumental looters; no matter how highly or lowly placed. Trial shouldn’t be restricted to country’s apex rulers alone; but also to terrorists, ritualists and other outlaws. International Police (Interpol) should be increased in number and logistics. Let more personnel be recruited, with more modern spy gadgets.

Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), and other pro-Biafra groups, need be commended for their intelligence gathering, against our oppressors_ Nigerian Fulani Government and the sponsored terrorsits. The latter employ all forms of murderous tactics, and suppression, against the voice of dissent. Nigerian Authorities are being taken unawares, by Biafran hidden CCTV cameras, which exposed their atrocities against our people, to the outside world. They supply weapons to Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen in our forest, with war planes; bombing villagers in Biafra with armoured tanks and planes; among other weapons of mass destruction. They are all filmed. They are all being recorded for the day of reckoning.

A lot of inventions are going on in the world, to detect all acts of criminality. For example, the launch of Giant Telescope called James Webb Telescope in France, in the year 2021. According to information, the telescope can see everything above us, and on earth. That is to say, nothing on earth can be hidden now. Can’t this equipment and others, be used to fish out criminals and other outlaws? Any country seeking information on activities of criminals in its domain should be assisted. By this way, the world will be a better place to live in.

The flow of arms and ammunition, from Northern borders with Niger Republic, Mali, and other Muslim neighbouring countries, are being exposed. The closure of borders in the South with Benin Republic is an act of wickedness.  Their hide-and –seek games, as well as collaboration with terrorists, and so-called bandits, are being well recorded in videos and other electronic gadgets. They have been killing our people in Biafra secretly, using their puppet Governors in Imo State, Rivers State, and other places. Youths are being arrested indiscriminately, and sent to Northern Nigeria detention facilities. There, they are tortured and killed. There will be overwhelming evidence against Nigerian rulers when sued in International Court.

The mystery of succession of foreign impostors, ruling over Nigeria since 2017, has been unveiled by IPOB. The leader Nnamdi Kanu came up with facts and figures, that can never be controverted. He said it clearly that Nigerian ruler Muhammadu Buhari, was long dead and buried. This fact has been collaborated by many prominent Nigerians, and public figures in the world. Nobody in the Government has ever challenged it in court. Among all the charges against him now, after his illegal abduction from Kenya, none talked about his allegation of an impostor ruling Nigeria. We therefore call on the world bodies, to end this illegal detention and trial of IPOB leader. We are fully backing him, in the struggle for Biafran Independence. Let there be a referendum. It will be a mere formality, for the actualization of sovereign state of Biafra.

We appeal to UN and other bodies, to be hard toward atrocities being committed in the nations, by people in high and low places. UN and World Powers should see themselves as world ruling Empire. They should promptly deal with dictators, terrorists, and their likes anywhere in the world. It will go a long way to address the impunity of wicked rulers, and evil over the countries.

Virtual War in Biafra Land

Nigerian Government is virtually at war with pro-Biafran groups, especially with Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). Right now, a combination of Nigerian Military, Police, Civil Defence Corps, and Fulani terrorists who camouflage as vigilantes, are invading the land of Biafra. They claim they want to flush out Biafra agitators. These vandals use heavy weapons, including military tanks and war planes, to bomb our villages. They kill and maim people on daily basis. It is hardly reported in Government-owned media.

Intelligence of pro-Biafra agitators, particularly IPOB, are closely monitoring and exposing Federal atrocities in our land. It could be recalled IPOB has powerful, invisible CCTV cameras, and other intelligence equipment, that baffle Nigerian Authorities. The video recordings, and exposure of atrocities orchestrated by Nigerian Government in our land, have remained a mystery to them. The exposure is extended to other parts of the country. The world is now abreast of the happenings in Nigeria. Videos of the country’s war planes supplying weapons to Fulani terrorists in bushes located in Southern parts of the country, including Biafra, have gone viral. There is overwhelming recorded evidence, that Nigerian Fulani Government is arming and using Fulani terrorists, and so-called Jihadists to invade communities, rape, kill people, and take possession of their lands. Such information, was very scanty during Nigeria-Biafra war; when Britain and many nations turned against Biafra. The scenario is quite different now. 

Everything is being exposed, including the imposters who have been ruling over Nigeria since 2017. Northern cabal conspired to be imposing a succession of foreign impostors: first from Sudan, and now from Niger Republic, to be lording it over the country. What do you expect from them? Unprecedented looting of the treasury, uncontrollable borrowing, diversion of nation’s resources to Niger Republic, and all worth. They have turned out to be dictators and parasites, until when they ground the country. Then, they can quietly leave the stage without trace, and go back to their impoverished countries.

Modern day Biafra agitators, being spear-headed by IPOB, are formidable. Apart from the barrage of exposures from them, they have the capacity to chase away Fulani terrorists from Biafran forests; and contain the nefarious activates of Nigerian security agents. Right now, virtually all the sponsored Fulani Jihadists in Biafran forests, disguising as cattle rearrers, have been driven away by Eastern Security Network (ESN). Their huts and primitive structures they erected have been destroyed as well.

ESN is a security outfit of IPOB. It  is doing a marvelous job in protecting lives and properties, especially of those villagers working in their farms; far away from their houses. It is very rare to hear of Fulani terrorist herdsmen, raping people or destroying farmlands in our area again. Most of them have been forced out of the territory.

ESN has also dealt with the invading Army, along with their sponsored terrorist groups, who pretend to be vigilantes. A number of war planes have been shut down, and several military tanks destroyed. Nigerian Government is waging a secret war against the people of Biafra, mostly in the remote areas. They now hire the services of known terrorists; and turning them to vigilante groups. They are mostly from other states to fight and kill out people.

Eastern Security Network is rated the best security outfit in African continent: both in performance and conduct of members. The personnel don’t indulge in: rape, looting, adoption, indiscriminate killing, and wanton destruction of property. They don’t wear military uniforms. They have their unique outfits. The truth remains that Nigerian military cannot be a match to ESN, when it comes to full combat situations. ESN is much better. The latter takes instructions from IPOB hierarchy. The concentration now is to guide Biafra forests; and not to fight against Nigerian security agents, despite their attacks and provocations.

It might interest you to know, all the nefarious activities of Nigerian intervention forces in Biafra, are being properly videoed and recorded. The arbitrary abductions and killings of youths, rape, burning of houses, stealing, etc, are on tape. We are made to understand, hundreds of thousands of unseen CCTV cameras, have been placed all over Biafra; to monitor the evil activities of those vandals. Nothing is hidden from the cameras. One day, they will answer for their deeds, with clear evidence against them. This is the dawn of a new era; unlike in the past (1960s), they massacred millions of our people, and committed other crimes against humanity, and got away with them.

Boko Haram-infested Nigeria military, invaded a community in Izombe, Imo State in the year 2021. They burnt down many buildings, and destroyed properties running into millions. Later, the army spokesman blamed IPOB for the attacks. But the hidden CCTV camera, recorded exactly what transpired. It was shown to the world via social media. Identities of all those soldiers involved are clearly known.

Soldiers also burnt many houses of innocent people at Awo Mmamma, Imo State in 2021. The incidence is just a tip of the iceberg of destruction going on in Igboland. Even the movement of armoured tanks, their jet fighters, and other military hardware, are closely monitored and videoed. They mount roadblocks even inside villages, and extort money from the peasants. The other day, a soldier was caught on camera with a stolen bunch of plantain on his head inside bush. He thought nobody saw him. Another Nigerian soldier used a machine gun, while another soldier was holding the chain bullets for him. He sprayed the bullets on villagers and massacred them, in the Biafra hinterland. They are unaware they are being remotely recorded.

The day of reckoning is coming. We therefore call for a change of attitude. We call on Nigerian President, and his lieutenants, to initiate dialogue with IPOB. A political solution to Biafra agitation is inevitable, as brute force is not leading to anywhere. The agitators are highly determined to actualize Biafra at any cost. 

Obigbo Massacre and Rape.

We call on International Criminal Court (ICC), to arrest and prosecute Governor Wike of Rivers State in Nigeria, for the atrocities he committed against the people of Obigbo in his state.

During the End-SARS protests nationwide, in the year 2020, the pig-headed Governor invited security agents, comprising of Military and Police, to deal ruthlessly with protests going on at Obigbo, Biafran land. Before then, he imposed 24-hour curfew in the area. That enabled the heartless security agents, to enter the territory with ease to: kill, arrest, as well rape women and girls there. It was a horrible incidence.

The barbaric action of the Governor, was politically motivated. He was desperate to please his Fulani overlords in Abuja, by demonstrating his hatred for Igbos. Igbos in any part of Nigeria, are regarded as endangered species, after the Nigerian civil war, that ended in January 1970. Himself denied being an Igbo, though he is. He claimed that although his name sounded like Ibo name, he is not an Igboman. Even, he said igbos are cursed people in Nigeria. But, his kinsmen lambasted him for denying his identity, and the destruction inflicted on the people. Only a prodigal son denies his root.

Most of the women and girls captured in their respective homes, by terrorists-infested Nigeria soldiers, were raped. A lot of people including the youths in the area, were arrested and detained in various prisons in Northern Nigeria. Many of them were tortured to death there. This action aided and abetted by the Governor of Rivers state, is part of ethnic cleansing against Igbos going on in the country.

It could be recalled that Obigbo was part and parcel of Imo/Abia territory. Shortly after the war, Nigerian military juntas annexed it to Rivers State. They balkanized Igboland, and ceded many communities to other states outside our land, like Benue and Kogi State. They did so for selfish and political reasons; to create false impression Igboland is land-locked. Nigerian Northern-dominated Governments are doing everything possible, to subjugate and depopulate the Igbos for decades now. These Easterners are the same everywhere: whether in Delta, Rivers, or Benue States. The dialects may differ; but we are the same. All languages have dialects. Ours should not be an exception. Our oppressors and wicked masters, want to divide and rule us. They will eventually fail woefully.

All those involved in the abominable acts in Obigbo, must be brought to justice; no matter how long it takes. The women and girls released after months in detention, complained they were serially raped by their captors. What happened at Obigbo, was far more abominable and despicable than that of Lekky Tollgate. The latter was probed by Lagos State Government; and findings made public. Of course, Nigerian soldiers were indicted for indiscriminate shooting and killing of people. They complained orders came from Abuja, the seat of power. Wike cannot probe the shameful acts in his state, due to his complicity in the matter. Time of reckoning will surely come.

If they escape the judgement of men; they can never escape the judgement of God. The General Officer Commanding (GOC), who sent troops that wrecked the havoc, died mysteriously. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. The LORD said, “The righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him. And the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him”—Ezekiel 18:20. The wicked shall never go unpunished!

Reaction of Nigerian security agents to peaceful protests is very bad. The other time, soldiers deployed to enforce curfew in Warri Delta State, during corona virus epidemic, boasted publicly they would rape females in the area, and do whatever they liked, to bring the people to subjection. So-called repentant terrorists and bandits are being massively recruited into the Armed Forces and Police; then sent to southern part of the country to commit despicable acts. The crux of the matter, is that our leaders at the top are bad and wicked. When the head is sick, it affects the rest parts of the body.

Nigerian security system, is plagued by mediocrity and ill-education of personnel. Show me anywhere else in the world, where soldiers will invade a community, destroy property, rape women and girls, among other heinous crimes, and get away with it? Nigerian security agencies are infested with stark illiterates, terrorists and bandits, who have been brainwashed to hate and deal with Southerners, especially Igbos with impunity.

Nevertheless, we thank God for the emergence of pro-Biafran groups like IPOB, ESN and others. They are the reason why Fulanis-sponsored terrorists, have not been able to overrun our land. When the chips are down, Igbos in any part of Nigeria, will no long be endangered species. Those who masterminded the massacre and rape in Obigbo, can never get away with it. They must be brought to justice. Above all, their wickedness will haunt them for the rest of their lives!

Ban on Fulani Cow Consumption

The impending ban on consumption of Fulani cows, by Biafra agitators spearheaded by IPOB is justifiable. The reasons range from health hazards, to destruction of lives and property. Something has to be done to address eating of those dirty, contaminated  cows, being sold to our people in Biafra.

Nomadic cattle are dirty and malnourished. They are unfit for human consumption, in any civilized society. They wander about on daily basis through the bushes, swamps, and other dirty environment. They eat all kinds of rubbish they come across, even poisoned foods, drink dirty water and urine, as well eat human wastes. Those cows match on everything they meet, eat crops and vegetables in farms; and even rub their bodies or lie on dirty grounds. They are a little better than wandering pigs, which consume all sorts of rotten things, and rubbish they come across.

There is no provision for medical treatment for the animals; no medical care. Nothing. Some of the cows get mad at times, and go about to destroy lives and property in communities they are sent. They go berzerk. I have seen a mad cow uproot motorcycle rider up with its horn, and hit him hard on the tarred road. The man died instantly. Mad cows are  killing people on regular basis with their horns. What baffles people, is that the cattle rearrers themselves hardly fall victims to their insane animals. Do they deliberately give the animals substances to eat, drink, or inhale, which cause their crazy behaviour? Are the Fulani cattle rearers using those mad or intoxicated animals, as part of their war strategy, to fight and dispossess people of their ancestral land? Time shall tell. They strike the cows with madness to wreck havoc in the hinterland.

Many cattle herdsmen in Nigeria practise bestiality_ having sexual intercourse with animals. You find the most dirty and unkempt people, among the nomadic herdsmen. There, you will discover persons who have not bathed for weeks or even months, or cleaned their teeth for a very long time. Yet, they climb and ‘ínject’ cows with their body fluid. They transfer diseases and other infections, from their own bodies to those animals. Eventually, the cows are killed and sold out as meat, to unsuspecting customers. Numerous herdsmen, also engage their cows in sexual intercourse for diabolical reasons: to reactivate their evil powers to fight, and takeover people’s land.

The question now is, why is it that almost all the Fulani herdsmen don’t eat cow meat? They know quite well the animals are not fit for human consumption, after all the unhygienic process and contamination. Something you forbid to eat, why sell to people you consider as strangers?

There is a big difference between nomadic cattle and those reared in ranches. In ranches, they are well catered for. There, they are well fed. The animals drink clean water; and not dirty and contaminated water in the streams, and other odd places. Cows in ranches have medical attention and adequate rest. Of course, they are not exposed to the alternate onslaught of rain and sunshine; unlike nomadic cows in the bushes. Cows raised in ranches and other enclosures, are robust, healthy and produce quality milk. Milk from Nigerian nomadic cows is very inferior, low quality and not marketable. That is to say milk from nomadic cows in Nigeria is not sellable. Nobody is willing to buy it. It’s like buying poison with your money.

Ban on eating of Fulani cow, will be a panacea to the incessant heinous crimes, of Fulani herdsmen in Biafra. Destruction of farmlands, invasion of communities and taking over of land, raping of women and girls, will be things of the past. It is to nib in the bud their destruction of lives and property in our Biafra land.

They have sinister motives of trying to take over our lands, using those dirty and malnourished cows as fronts. Sometimes they attack and destroy farms. When the people give them hot chase, some of them use their diabolical powers to turn to dirty cows, to avoid being apprehended.

We are therefore solidly behind the call by IPOB, for the total ban on slaughtering and eating of Fulani cows in our land. Those adventurers and wanderers, are coming to kill our people and possess their lands. As well, they get the cows poisoned in various ways. We will no longer allow them and their elite sponsors in power, to kill our people and grab their lands, under any guise.

Evangelist Joseph U. Afurobi

Evils That Men Do Live With Them

Wanton destruction of lives and property, is going on in North Central Region,  far North, and other parts of Nigeria. It is the aftermath of genocide carried out against the Easterners (Igbos): before, during, and after, the Nigerian civil war. There was a conspiracy in the massacre of Igbos, from many parts of the country. Today, they have no peace. What goes round comes around.

Northern elite colluded with Nigeria Military juntas, to instigate the killings of Igbos, and destruction of their property nationwide. They used the illiterate, as well as semi-illiterate Almajiris and Talakawas, to unleash mayhem on our people with impunity. The attempts to annihilate us, were prompted by deep-rooted hatred and jealousy; just like the Jews were hated in Egypt, for their ingenuity and resilience.

The instructions given to the rampaging killers and rapists, by Northern politicians and rulers were, “Kill them and own their property.” Our people were slaughtered like animals, especially in Northern Nigeria. Women and girls were serially raped before being killed, under the watchful eyes of so-called security agents; including Soldiers and Policemen. Yakubu Gowon, the wicked and ill-educated military junta, pretended  as if nothing wrong was going on. Many people who were lucky to escape the killings in the North, but came back to the East empty-handed.

A lot of our people were thrown into River Benue alive; including women and children. Bulk of the foot soldiers recruited to fight against Biafra, came from Benue, Plateau, and other Middle Belt (North Central) states. Yoruba collaborated with them. Even some parts of so-called South South, were not left out in the betrayal.

The civil war lasted for 30 months. Biafran soldiers and people gave good account of themselves, with our inventions which included military hardware like “Ogbunigwe, shore batteries, and local flying missiles. Casualty  figures were much more on Nigerian soldiers. That is to say vast majority of soldiers who died during the war were on Nigerian side. Biafra soldiers were more tactical, and dealt a deadly blow on them. If not for Britain that imperialist and occult nation, that fought side-by-side Gowon men, Biafra would have roundly defeated Nigeria. Soon after the war, systematic suppression of other tribes outside the core North by the ruling military juntas began. Isaac Boro, who led other South South soldiers to fight on the Federal side, died under suspicious circumstances. He was shot dead. Death of Saro Wiwa from Ogoniland followed suit. He also fought as a Federal soldier. He was tried and summarily executed, along his 8 kinsmen by Sanni Abacha, for their agitation for fair share of oil resources from their land.

Today, Middle Belt region, which includes Benue and Plateau states, have become war theatres; as Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen are taking over their communities. Tens of thousands of indigenes, have been killed and maimed for life. A lot of their houses were razed down, and farms looted and destroyed. Many of them are now refugees in their own lands. Their atrocities against Igbos have boomeranged on them. They are repeatedly calling for forgiveness, for the roles they and their fathers played in massacring Easterners. Most of the soldiers executed by firing squad, by successive Nigerian Military Government for plotting coups,  came from Middle Belt geopolitical zone. They are seriously being sidelined in the scheme of things.

Concerning the far North, there are not less than seven Islamic terrorist gangs ravaging the area. Bandits who are also terrorists, are springing up and operating everywhere in Northern Nigeria. A lot of people are being killed and kidnapped, on daily basis there. Even Soldiers and Police personnel, are falling victims. Many of them have been abducted, and ransom running in hundreds of millions, are being paid for their release.

Initially, Northern politicians and elite, financed the terrorists and bandits to kill Christians and Southerners. Now it has backfired on them. They attack Mosques and Schools in the North. Of course, they kill and kidnap people there. Those miscreants  are opposed to western education. Those armed gangs, are now taking over many Local Government Areas in the North. Subsequently, they set up their own Government, collect taxes from the people; as well as mount roadblocks on the highways with impunity. Governors and other Government officials, are running away from Government Houses, and relocating to Abuja and remote places. Our enemies have turned against each other. Their wickedness are finding them out.

Sponsored Fulani Terrorists and Jihadists, have not spared Yorubaland. Those Northern armed gangs, have taken over forests in the region. They have turned them to kidnappers’ dens. Even their traditional rulers are being abducted, and millions of naira ransom placed on them. Many of those terrorists are into ritual killings; butchering human beings and selling their body parts. Yorubas are feeling the heat of Fulani atrocities. Unless they let Biafra go, they will never know peace in the country.

We therefore call on Nigerian Government, to allow Biafran referendum to take place. We cannot continue to be slaves in our own land. We have the right to self-determination. If they refuse to allow us to go, there can never be peace in `Nigeria!

Atrocities of Gowon against Easterners

Yakubu Gowon was a pioneer Nigerian dictator; who initiated bloodbath across the country. His half education didn’t help matters. He is the father of tribalism in Nigeria. The havoc he wrecked in his  9-year military dictatorship, is still reverberating till date. The seeds of discord he sowed decades ago among various ethnic groups, have not only germinated; but also growing  and spreading rapidly, in heaps and bounds.

He emerged a military ruler from a counter coup of July 1966. Hundreds of Eastern Army Officers were killed in the process. Aguiyi Ironsi, the Head of State then, who happened to be an Igbo man, was assassinated. Gowon and his accomplices, aided and abetted the killing of Easterners (mostly Igbos), across the country, especially Northern Nigeria. He falsely believed, the first military coup was carried out by Igbos, in which prominent Hausas were killed.

Over 3.5 million Igbos were massacred in the North. No single arrest of the sponsored murderers was made. Instead, Gowon was making inciting statements that, “Some officers from a section of the country, connived with certain civilians, who are causing problems in the country. We are out to deal with them.”

That same year 1966, Gowon sent soldiers from Kafanchan (Zaria area), to go and kill all the “Nyamiris” (a derogatory name for Igbos), working in Minna Railway Station: all in present Niger State. They arrived by train and swiftly went into action. My father was a worker there then. Those soldiers shot dead as many of our people, as they could lay hands on. God miraculously saved my dad. He wasn’t a huge man, which helped him to hide. He hid himself somewhere inside an office. He was seeing them clearly; but they didn’t see him. God shut their eyes and delivered him, like He delivered Daniel from lions in the den. As they were slaughtering people, they were boasting they would wipe out Nyamiris from Nigeria.

After the bloodshed, the killer soldiers entered the train and went bad to Kafanchan that evening. Later, Gowon made announcement, and lied that certain civilians from a section of Nigeria, wanted to cause problem. He said further the military had brought the situation under control. Yakubu Gowon is the most wicked and hypocritical human being on earth! In another incidence, a paid mob met my father face-to-face on the road, with their bows and arrows, matchets, clubs etc. His escape from them, was a wonderful miracle from God. They didn’t kill him, as they were doing to others Easterners. One of the rioters stretched his bow and arrow to strike my father. He aimed at his stomach. Just then, another man in their midst warned should any harm be done to my father, he would kill him there. Then, he withdraw his arrow, and shook his head in disappointment. They left my father in pursuit of other Igbos.  Finally, my father was able to escape to the East with only the clothes he was wearing. He left all his belongings to the vandals: and came home empty handed. Praise God he didn’t die in their hands.

Pomposity and ill-education of Yakubu Gowon, led to deaths of millions of innocent civilians. He reneged on Aburi Accord. That semi-illiterate, allowed Britain the occult nation, and his aides, to deceive him. Britain claimed to have brought Christianity to us. Yet, they are very diabolical and occultic: from their rulers down to ordinary citizens. Freemason is the controlling secret society of that cursed country: in which their rulers are staunch members. They promote gay and lesbianism. God will punish that heathen nation called Britain! They used bible to ‘corner’ the crude oil in our land!

Yakubu catapulted himself from unmerited Lieutenant Colonel, to a Four-Star General in a single day. He jumped five ranks suddenly_ somebody with poor WAEC result. Virtually all despots are ill-educated, or school dropouts. He committed heinous crimes against humanity: a war criminal who should be prosecuted and severely punished by International Criminal Court (ICC). But, he is being shielded by British Government which shares his loot from Nigeria with him. When he was kicked out of power in 1975, he ran to London with his stolen wealth, to acquire paper qualifications he lacked, when he was misruling Nigeria.

That under-aged ruler, mortgaged Biafran crude oil, in exchange for military and material support of Britain, and other countries. That imperialist nation plundered our crude oil, and made a blockade against us. Even after the war, Gowon stole half of the money in Nigeria Central Bank, and relocated them to UK.

Yakubu ceded  Bakassi Peninsula in Biafra to Cameroon. He signed agreement with Cameroon Government, to take possession of the oil-rich Bakassi Peninsular, if they could successfully block Biafran soldiers, from attacking Nigerian troops near Cameroon border. The agreement was sealed. Today, that country, has officially taken possession of Bakassi.

Gowon went and brought in “Gwodo Gwodo” soldiers (very tall soldiers), from Niger Republic, Mali, and other West African countries, to help fight against Biafra. He signed agreement with them to grant them grazing lands free in that North Central Zone. Of course, he paid them heavily. Today, Fulani herdsmen have invaded Plateau, Benue, and other Middle Belt states, and for cattle grazing. They have gone to the extent of claiming ownership of the lands. They kill and displace community dwellers, unchallenged.

Why is it that Gowon has never raised his voice, over the invasion of their lands by Fulanis, mostly from foreign countries like Mali, Senegal and Niger Republic? He has kept quiet and can never talk; as he has sold out to them. The man boasted he would round up Biafra within 24 hours. Now, the Fulanis he used in killing our people, have turned against his own people_ even to his own village. The area is now undeclared war zone. He has forsaken his people and fled. Coward! His old age now looks like a curse. He is beholding the repercussion of his wicked past. What remains, is for him to witness the emergence of Biafra with his two naked eyes; before the grave diggers will do their job!

Where are all the Senior Military, and Police officers from North Central; both serving and retired? They and their junior colleagues, are ever zealous to kill Igbos, in order to keep ‘Nigeria One.’ Now the killings and destruction have shifted to their home base, under their watchful eyes. Only T.Y.Danjuma spoke boldly against the bloodbath, and menace of Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen, and Jihadist there. I challenge the multitude of Military and Police officers in the region, whether retired or serving, apart from Danjuma, to speak out against the ethnic cleansing going on in their land. If they don’t have the courage to do so; then, they are all cowards, irrespective of their high or low sounding military ranks! History won’t forgive them.

Gowon committed a lot of atrocities. Many people were buried alive during the war. Nigerian soldiers, including the imported Gwodo Gwodo soldiers were involved in rape and killing of civilians. The property of our people, including landed property, were declared abandoned property across the country_ even in nearby Port Harcourt. Bank accounts of our people were frozen. Only one pound sterling was given to each account owner. Nigerian soldiers destroyed pipe-borne water, pulled down houses; used the zincs to build bunkers for themselves. But one thing is clear; Biafran soldiers were superior, and dealt with them ruthlessly. The story would have different, if Britain didn’t come to fight the war for them. Our people are very enterprising. They are far better of now than most of their oppressors.

His so-called three Rs were a sham; aimed at deceiving public. He didn’t rebuild or reconstruct anything in our land. Till today, our people are highly marginalized and excluded in the scheme of things.

Instead of Gowon to confess his sins against the people of the East, he goes about organizing prayer meetings. He has no remorse for his crime against humanity. He should make restitution: to return the billions of pounds he has stolen, with interest. There is no sign of repentance in him. He is only trying to cover up his wickedness by clutching the bible, and praying like the Pharisees. He shouldn’t forget the sacrifice of the wicked, is an abomination to God Almighty. He is a religious hypocrite. His wickedness will haunt him throughout his life, apart from God’s judgement on him, and the looming charges against him in ICC.

The only way out for him is to make restitution, first to the Igbos. The money he stole from Igboland, coupled with their frozen bank accounts, are enough to rebuild what he and his vandals destroyed. He should reach out to the Fulanis, both local and foreign occupying his home base. He can pay them compensation, for the unholy agreement he reached with them and their fathers in the 1960s. He has the money to pay. Gowon should return the billions of pounds, he stole from Central Bank after the civil war. That colossal amount is needed for rebuilding the country; including repairing existing oil refineries, and building new ones. He opened the floodgate of treasury looting in Nigeria. He is the father of monumental looting in Nigeria; only to be copied by his successors in power. If Gowon is not probed, who else should be probed in Nigeria?

If Yakubu Gowon fails to make restitution, his wickedness will find him out. God said, “As the partridge sits on eggs, and hatches them not; so he that gets riches, and not by right, shall leave them in the midst of his days, and at his end shall be a fool” –Jeremiah 17:11.   



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