Our Mission

is a website established by the inspiration of God Almighty, the creator of the whole Universe.

It’s aimed at declaring the greatness of the ‘Great I AM’ to the nations: his eternal plan for the inhabitants of the earth, who obey Him. We also declare His omnipotence, and His impending wrath upon evil doers, including members of secret societies, and idol worshipers.

God Almighty has commissioned us to exhort, rebuke and admonish all categories of people: leaders and the led; those in positions of authority; those in Government; ministers of the gospel, name them. The website is aimed at purging the society, no matter whose ox is gored.
We are going to descend heavily upon false religions, and secret societies, especially those of them that believe in reincarnation and necromancy, the ‘hallmarks’ of evil religions.

We are going to expose and stigmatize them before the public. The exposure is going to be thorough, courageous, and devastating. We are going to carry out the assignment with the extra-ordinary boldness that can only come from God. The Lord reigns in the kingdoms of men. We won’t initiate litigation against any individual or group. But when sued, we will follow it up to it’s logical conclusion. It is going to be fight to finish!

Dangers of Occultism Vol I

Our new Publication detailing the ills of belonging to an occult group.


Dangers of Occultism Vol II

Our new Publication detailing the ills of belonging to an occult group.


Life After Death

We have published a new book highlighting the facts of life after death.




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