Dangers Of Occultism Volume 2

No of pages: 216


This book is aimed at exposing the evils and deceptions of false prophets and other false ministers. As soon as God used the ‘White Missionaries’ in the African countries, many indigenous charlatans invaded the scene. They adopted their practices in secret societies, or occults into Christianity. They now operate in ‘negative anointing’: play oracles, prophesy, or see visions of the devils. Witches, wizards, and juju priests are taking over the pulpit. They now find ‘work of God’ more lucrative; as they loosing ‘customers’ to churches. Counterfeiters!

The book begins with a life testimony of a man that was a false visioner or false prophet for many years, until the time he repented. During that period, he along with some others, used to prophesy and divine problems into people’s lives. Their powers to perform miracles, were derived from demons of the forest and river. He was operating through familiar spirits. He could call people by their names, or describe their houses perfectly well, without ever being there physically, through the unclean spirits operating in him.

Many of them are highly deceptive, and go by high-sounding religious titles; as well as presiding over established churches. Most of their followers are in dark, concerning the diabolical activities of the leadership. These wolves in sheep clothing, divine problems into clients lives, and scatter families; glorified fortune tellers or diviners. They divine: accidents, deaths, and other misfortunes for people in order to extort money from. Then, they will ‘cancel’ the impending doom when their pockets have been lined by their customers or victims. These modern false prophets usually tell those to patronize them that their colleagues, neighbours, uncles, brothers, and other relations are responsible for their misfortunes. Their mode of operation is very similar to those of native doctors and juju priests, apart from the clergy regalia and bibles they carry about.

The evangelical novel also exposes the hallmarks of false religions and secret societies: reincarnation and necromancy. Any religion that believes in any of these twin doctrines is of the devil: an “acid test” for satanic religions. There is nothing like dying and reincarnating as a human being, or animal living in another part of the world. As well, there is nothing like hearing from the spirit of the death (necromancy). They are all deceptions of the devils, and their human agents.

The lovely book also declares God’s supremacy, and manifestations in human lives. He visited Rocky Feller, one time the richest man in the world. In his travails and protracted sickness, he realized only Almighty God could deliver him from his predicaments. The Lord miraculously healed him of his terminal disease, the day he was told by medical doctor he would die. That day, people gathered in his house, including newsmen.

Instead of seeing him dead, they saw Rocky Feller coming to them with a big bible. He told them, “The Rocky Feller you used to hear of, is different from the one you are seeing now. For if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature. Old things have passed away, everything has become new.”

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