Dangers Of Occultism Volume 1

No of pages: 48


The purpose of this book, is to expose the dangers and consequences, of indulging in occultism and idolatry. The Lord said, “the thief cometh not but for steal, and to kill and to destroy. I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly—John 10:10.

It begins with a living testimony of a man that was lured into being a false prophet, and opening a false church by the spirit he met in a night club. He initially thought her to be ordinary human being. And he decided to take her home for the night. Inside the bedroom, the “lady” turned into a menacing beast.

Then, returned as human being again before the terrified man. She said she was sent to prepare him for the job, he supposed to inherit from his dead father. It happened his father was the chief priest of a deity in his village. Following his demise, the son was supposed to succeed him; being the first son. He bluntly refused the offer. He left to live in the city. The demon reminded him of that assignment.

She however told him, he could still do the job in a church way. He was right away ordained minister of the devil that night. He resumed work instantly, and opened his own church in a warehouse. He began to see visions frequently, in virtually any prayer he prayed for people. He was prophesying problems into his clients lives; and scattering families through satanic revelations. Eventually, God Almighty exposed him publicly. He left the ‘ministry’ unceremoniously. He closed the church, and handed over the warehouse to the landlord.

The book of 48 pages, also gave a narration of the conversion a young rich man, who delved into secret societies. He was a millionaire under the age of thirty years. He was lured by ungodly elders in his village, to seek for false ‘protection’ from juju priests and secret societies. He was given charms to bury in his compound, to prevent thieves from breaking into his house. But, the charms failed woefully. Thieves burgled his house in his absence, and carted away his property. Eventually, God ordered him to gather those charms and burn them. He heard a voice, but saw nobody. He obeyed. Today he is enjoying the Lord’s protection and favour. The book is full of testimonies and illustrations.

The book also declares the greatness of God Almighty and His intervention in human affairs. There was a testimony how a child of God and his wife went to live in a certain village. But, a native doctor there saw them as a threat to his evil career; and decided to try to afflict them diabolically. He couldn’t do so, due to the invisible hedge God made over them.

The evil man tried all he could to afflict them with all matter of diseases: including madness and leprosy. But failed woefully. Instead the diseases came upon him and his family. Suddenly, he became blind. Later, he repented and the Lord healed him of blindness. Today, he is a minister of the gospel.

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