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A young man, A. Nweke, left his village for the city to learn trading. Eventually, he ended up becoming a fake pastor, being used by the devils to afflict and hold people under bondage. At the appropriate time, God Almighty visited his atrocities. And today, he is blind, and confessing his misdeeds to the public.
He was apprentice trader for some years. After the apprenticeship, he was able to own a store. And he made little progress. Pastor In the Church he was fellowshipping in, prayed for him and told him he had a “call” to be a pastor. He later decided to work closely with him. Soon, he was made assistant pastor in that Church.

As time went on, he began to observe irregularities, in the conduct of the Founder/Senior Pastor of that church. He discovered the man was using negative powers. It was a matter of time Nweke opened his own Church; and operated for two years. People were coming in trickle, and were being converted to Christ. God was being glorified. However, he wasn’t making as much money as he wanted from his Church,

He complained to ‘colleague’ pastors about his situation. Some of them introduced him to shrines, where they acquired their ‘anointing’. He went to odd places in search of powers to do signs and wonders; including from marine demon worshippers.

Eventually, he was instructed to sleep on the bar-beach. When he woke up in the mid-night, he saw himself in Benin –capital of Edo State of Nigeria; in the midst of occult pastors, who initiated him there. They welcome and gave him some charms which he took home. He was instructed to marry quickly, which he did. Soon the wife became pregnant.

He was told wife and child in the womb would die during birth. Their death would generate much magical powers and wealth, for his ministry. As was expected, mother and child died on the day of delivery. His occult colleagues congratulated him for the deaths.

Shortly, he began to perform signs and wonders in his church, with the invisible magical ring on his fingers given to him. A python vomited the ring where he went for fake anointing powers. He was told to put on the ring on his fingers by the juju priest, in charge of the evil shrine. The ring was only visible to him. He healed a woman of fibroid. Another person vomited poison, and so on. Of course, he was hypnotizing people with his demonic power.

This counterfeit pastor was dramatizing and commercializing on deliverance; as well as casting spells on people. He buried charms and life goat in his premises, in order to enhance his powers to see visions and perform ‘miracles’. He began to make fortunes. Somebody bought a car for him. Another person hired and paid for a flat for him for two years. Some other persons took charge of his clothing and food stuffs. He was living big.

He used to see visions and prophesy at every stroke of prayer. Of course, people were rushing to his church. This evil genius used cocoa-nut  water to wash the heads of his clients; to conduct fake cleansing and deliverance; which would lead to more bondage. By the familiar spirit inside him, he could tell his ‘customers’ everything about their past; the history of their families, their phone numbers, their bank account numbers and the exact amount of money lodged in  there. He would be able to tell his bewildered clients, the colour of their underwear’s, including pants. People scavenge for visions and prophecies.

This man was using spinsters as baits to corner men and extract money from them. When suitors came for the girls, they were subjected to all forms of extortion and exploitation. First of all, they were booked for deliverance and family liberation, and charged a lot of money. Some of the desperate suitors are compelled to buy expensive cars for the pastor. They make huge donations here and there on white-elephant projects in his Church.

Eventually, most of them would be disappointed and frustrated out of the enclave, without marrying the girls. Yet, he would use the spinsters to catch more prey (suitors) to milk dry.

This man used to spray evil perfumes from marine world, in and around his church premises, including toilets. When people stepped into his premises or urinate in the toilet, they got afflicted by diseases. Then, they would come to him for prayers and liberation, with corresponding charges; which sometimes ran into hundreds of thousands of naira.

Before going to people’s homes for liberations, he and his surrogates used to bury parcels of charms in the premises of their clients magically. On the appointed days, they would go and exhume the charms physically, to the consternation of villagers around. They are all magicians! Things they exhume include: keys, tortoise, skulls and other rubbish.

By so doing, he was always pointing accusing fingers on neighbours around, for the misfortune of his clients. Satan was using him to tear families, and relations apart, in the name of liberation prayers. Soon, his time of reckoning came. A family came to him to conduct liberation in the home. He charged them exorbitant fee, which they promptly paid. On the appointed day, he went with his team of ‘seers.’

And that was his last. Unknown to him, God Almighty had prepared two under-aged children (about seven and nine years old), to put an end to his evil career. As usual, he contacted his ‘magic box’ before going. And he magically buried charms in the compound he was contracted to ‘liberate.’
As he and his team members were settling down in the parlour of their client, a child ran out and told everybody in the house that the man had seven heads. The prayer businessman was embarrassed and annoyed. He instructed that the children be locked up in a room, while prayers were going on.

The father rebuked the child, and ordered him to go and greet the pastor and shake hands with him. As soon as they shook hands, the magical pastor experienced an invisible fire pass through his hand. Instantly, his right hand began to be paralyzed. He managed to hold himself throughout the prayer session.

As prayer was going on, the magical pastor was busy sending spiritual attacks to children locked up in a room. One of the children managed to come out, to complain the man wanted to strangulate him. As the evil genius was sending the attacks, it boomeranged on him and covered his eyes. That moment, he became partially blind. His situation compelled him to cut the prayer session short. He managed to reach home unaided. Soon he became totally blind till today. All forms of medications and prayers, for recovery of his sight proved abortive. His health is also failing him.

He has no option but to close down his satanic Church. God Almighty has compelled him to make public confessions of his misdeeds. He now goes about with an aid to do so; and to warn his former colleagues, to desist from deceiving and holding people under bondage. His blindness should serve as a deterrent to them. If they refuse to repent, God will visit their iniquities; for He is a consuming fire!

It happened that things were very tough for me in life. I was finding it increasingly difficult to feed. At a stage, I decided to meet my close friend, who happened to be a pastor at Aba, for financial assistance to enable me start business to earn a daily bread.

He declined to give me any money. Instead, he volunteered to introduce me into ‘ministry’ business. He drew my attention to multitude of people coming to his Church for prayers, with their fat offering and thanksgiving gifts which included: goat, fowls, and food items. People were also coming to book for family liberation, and paying the outrageous charges. I actually saw he was living big.
I then realized ministry is a business. He drove me to the place of a woman worshiping mermaid spirits. There he derived his diabolical powers to perform miracles and healings. She used to visit a river to commune with water spirits, for the products from them, which she in turn sold to her clients.

There, I was initiated into the marine world, and instantly became a pastor and prophet of the devils, with no previous biblical training. I was told to look for a hall to hire. I got one and they helped me pay for two years. They appointed a date for the ‘spiritual’ cleansing of the hall, so that customers (sorry worshippers), would be trooping in there. They also buried charms, stool, and live goat, in my church premises, in order to enhance my ‘revelation gifts’.

I was able to pin-point problems of my Church members and clients were facing. But, I didn’t have any solution. Many of the so-called anointing oil in the markets are fake; produced in the marine world. They cause more afflictions to those who use them. Such evil anointing oil is partly responsible for: spiritual attacks; swimming in the river in dreams; activities of spiritual wives and spiritual husbands, etc.

There are lots of products from spiritual world in forms of oil and perfume, being sold in this physical world. I bought some of them I used in magical arts. I used to spray evil perfume in my church environment; to help hold my clients and members in bondage; so that they would always be coming to me for prayers, bringing money and other gifts to me.

At a stage, it appeared I was not making enough money from the ‘ministry’ business. I went and complained to my colleague at Aba, Abia state of Nigeria. He sympathized with me; and took me to Cross River state, to a fellow ‘pastor’ in the ministry business. The man brought a liquid in a small bottle for me to drink. I drank it, and my body change instantly. I couldn’t control myself that moment. The two pastors held me. Strange power had come into me.

When I went back to my Oluwa Intervention ministry, visions, signs and wonders became order of the day. I had a ring in my finger. Each time I lifted my hand up in incantations (sorry, speaking in tongues); worshipers would fall flat all over the place. There are speaking in tongues from God; while Satan the counterfeiter has his own.

I went to Igara in Benue state, Nigeria,  to purchase charms to enhance my operations in family liberation. After many invocations, the juju priest told me I had a ‘call’ to serve a deity in my community. But as generality of people are no longer interested worshiping idols, I could still do the job in a church way. On the physical, I was regarded as a pastor or prophet: but in the spiritual, I was a native doctor.

He gave me the charms and images, which I wrapped in a polythene bag, after paying the exorbitant charges. People used to book me for liberation, with huge charges paid. Before going for the prayers, I would wake early in the morning, urinate in a bowl, and drink it. I was acting on instructions given to me. I had power to bury charms by invocation, in the compound of clients who booked me for liberation. All the rubbish I exhumed during my liberation prayers were buried by me. I invoked them there by my magical powers.

I used to monitor my members in the spirit; and had control over their lives and finances. There was a time I told them to bring each of their passports to me. I made photocopies of them, and placed them inside a huge pot in my bedroom. I used them for incantations, and of course to control their lives; so that they won’t live my ministry. Up to seventy percent of their earnings, used to come to me spiritually; then manifest on the physical.

Whenever I spoke to a client, on what it would cost him to get his problem solved, if he refused or dragged his feet, I would send accident or any misfortune on his way. Then, he had no choice than to rush back to me, for solution and pay the charges. I would pray and assure him the problem had been solved. But that was just the beginning of his problem.

I committed all manner of atrocities, just to sustain my evil powers. I used humans and animals for sacrifices. I engaged many of the women who come to me for prayers on sexual intercourse; as well as virtually all my workers, including prayer warriors. I was also a homosexual. Ladies in my Churches were instructed by me, to be putting on seductive dresses to expose their: breasts, thighs, and other vital parts. By so doing, they were attracting all manner of men to my enclave, who I extracted money from.

But one night, the time of reckoning came. God came to me in a dream to warn me to go and confess publicly my evil deeds. I was being beaten with stripes all over my body. It was unbearable for me. Suddenly, I woke up from sleep in pains and gasping for breath. I instantly went to my church to confess everything to the members. I haven’t relented to tell all and sundry about the evasion of the pulpit by agents of Lucifer. I have been calling on my former evil agents, who are still masquerading as ministers of God, to repent and come out of darkness. They should not wait for Almighty to deal with them, as He dealt with me before they change. There is no future in acquitting fake powers…..

“Balaam also the son of Beor, the soothsayer did the children of Israel slay with the sword, among them that were slain by them. But I have a few things against thee, because thou hast there them that hold the doctrine of Balaam, who taught Balac to cast a stumbling block before the children of Israel, to eat things sacrificed to idols, and to commit fornication”– Joshua 13: 22, Rev. 2: 14.

Once  upon  a  time,  there  existed  someone  who  declared himself a man  of God. He swiftly went into action: holding crusades in many cities; and planting churches as he went along. He was conspicuous and flamboyant in his outings. His voice was heard on many radio stations. He appeared on television stations as well. Little did people know he is an agent of Satan!

 He had the headquarters of his church at Port Harcourt, River State of Nigeria. He had branches in Bayelsa, Imo, Delta States, among other places. He was pulling crowd wherever he went. He could pass for a genuine minister of the gospel. He used to dress very decently. He had a church that was sitting thousands of unsuspecting worshippers. Of course, he could quote the bible extravagantly.

This charlatan was very vocal in his condemnation of: witches and wizards, native doctors, devils, and juju priests. He called them names. He used to parade himself as a man of God, until the time the Lord exposed him.

He performed outstanding miracles and healing, by the unclean spirits residing in him. He once boasted of healing someone of AIDS. This fake minister could preach and teach, and people would repent: while he himself was heading to hell. He used to call on the name of Jesus Christ while praying. Actually, God was taking the glory of his activities, in the sight of the public; who mistook him for a real minister of God. He claimed he had healed many blind, and crippled persons.

He would tell them to come to his church and do thanksgiving; else the sickness would come back. Hear him, “My God is a God of now. He answers my prayers immediately”. He used to dramatize and commercialize on deliverance, along with his surrogates.  Deliverance is a physical exercise to him. He could hardly distinguish between casting out devils, and torturing people!

What he was actually doing was exorcism – driving out evil spirits by magical powers. He was casting spells on people in the name of healing and deliverance. An agent of Satan can never cast out devils completely from somebody. What he does is mere substitution of devils. He can command a demon to leave the body, for a higher demon to replace him. On the physical, the person may look healed or delivered: but in the spiritual realm, more bondage has taken place. Devil cannot cast out devil –Mark 3: 23.

This occult minister used to attribute virtually every problem, or sickness to demons. He was a prayer businessman. He could recommend deliverance for any headache. He was making a lot of money; and living ostentatious lifestyle.

But one day, his day of reckoning came. For Christ said in the tenth chapter of Matthew, “for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed, and hid that shall not be known”. In 1999, he organized a crusade in Warri, Delta State of Nigeria, that lasted several days. Multitude of people went as usual. He preached and ‘healed’ people, on the first and second days without a hitch. Unknown to him, his former colleague in a certain secret society, was watching him on the crusade. The man genuinely repented: and left him in the occult many years previously.

The born-again Christian discovered a lot of irregularities, and similarities of his operations: with what obtained in his former occult society. He observed this fake man of God, adopted some of those practices, into his mode of operation on the crusade. For instance, he noticed the tongue he was speaking, was their language while in the occult world. Hear him,  “Oh Urobo Urobo Scatter!  Urobo Scatter! Marii!  Ah. Inanaaa!!!” Rubbish! Some people suggested he was calling on Urhobo people to scatter!

The young man also noted he was using demonic powers on the people. He watched him for two days. Then, he prayed and prepared for him on the third day. He went straight to the stage to meet him. The occult minister was shocked to see him there. However, he welcomed him and gave him a seat. He only introduced him as a friend, to his assistants.  He didn’t allow him to handle the microphone to speak. That day, himself couldn’t preach. He called on one of his assistants, who took over the proceedings. He was highly afraid of the unwanted guest. He knew his time of exposure was imminent.

The following day, the ‘man of God’ failed to turn up. The same assistant preached and prayed for people. Then, he handed over the microphone to the guest to greet the audience. The young man saw it as a golden opportunity; to expose the fake minister. He greeted the people, and told them he knew God was taking glory, of what was happening on the crusade ground: the conversions, healing, and so on.

Nevertheless, he told them he was in the same secret society with the so-called man of God, until the time he left him there. He was courageous to tell them, the man was speaking in the tongue of devils; they were using in communicating in the occult. He said further, his powers were demonic among other things. After the exposure, he left.

It had adverse effects on that ministry. The size of crowd, attending subsequent days of crusade began to dwindle. There was murmuring everywhere. Many people found it very hard to believe the exposure. His assistants, and other church members were highly embarrassed. The mighty had fallen! The self-proclaimed man of God, never showed up on the crusade ground again. He abruptly stopped making television appearances, or speaking on the radio. He deserted his ministry! Up till now, nobody knows of his whereabouts.

Many of his pastors have changed the signboards, and name of the church. They have renamed and taken over most of the branches. Others are operating without signboards. They regard the name of the church as a stigma. We heard he holds clandestine meetings, with some leaders of loyal branches: probably to collect money from them. For him to come out again, and pray for people to be healed and delivered, no way. He has gone into hiding! Unless he repents, he will likewise perish!

He is much more possessed, than many of the people he claimed to be delivering. He has climbed very high in occult level. Many like him, have probably come face to face with Satan. Such take orders directly from Satan. Demons possessing him are much stronger than witchcraft or mermaid spirits; he can easily chase away. Unless he repents, he will go to hell. There are so many fake ministers like him, who don’t want to change. Some of them break away from their masters, in occult churches to form their own. They are stubbornly waiting for Almighty God, to cast them out of the churches!

And there existed another occult preacher. Before the Lord exposed and disgraced him, he used to parade himself as a man of God. Many churches and Christian organizations: used to invite him to minister in their churches and crusades. He had the negative anointing to perform miracles, signs and wonders. He was popular in that city.

But one day, his iniquities became full before God. He was invited as usual, to preach on a crusade.  Before making any appearance to minister, he would go into his strong room to perform some rituals: to revive his demonic powers. He would turn to a beast: then turn back to human being before going to preach. He had sold himself to devils for fake powers!    On that very day of reckoning, he performed the rituals as usual. He turned to animal, but couldn’t return fully to human being. He was therefore half-man and half-animal. People waited in vain, for him to come on the crusade ground, and perform miracles as usual. Some persons were sent to go, and find out the problem with him. When they arrived at his residence, his doors were wide open, even to his bedroom.

They called him several times, but no reply. Then, they began to search for him everywhere in the house. They eventually went to his bedroom. And behold, there he was half-man, half-animal. From the legs to chest was animal. From the arms to head was human being. They were astonished to see him in that condition. And that was the end of the so-called man of God. There are many more hypocrites like him, in the ministry. They are waiting for the Lord of Hosts to kick them out; and end their demonic careers!

There is another fake pastor based in Lagos. He specializes in prophesying by the ‘spirits’ of departed Apostles. The impersonating spirits in him; operate by adulterating some of the apostles’ epistles, to suit his perverted doctrine. For instance, by evil spirits living inside him, he could see visions, or prophesy for people. Then saying “I Apostle Paul, made a mistake in the advice I gave to Timothy, in the epistle of Timothy; telling him to take little wine for his stomach’s sake (1 Tim 5: 23). I should have told him to take plenty wine, for it was good for his stomach”.

Then, the “spirit” of Peter will prophesy and say, “I shouldn’t have wept, or shown remorse for denying my master. After all, my master couldn’t defend us and himself, in time of trouble”. The devils are terrible liars!

Before conducting fake healing on sick people, he would first hypnotize them; and put them in a state of unconsciousness. Then, he would wield his staff over the motionless bodies of his patients; and make incantations to his gods to come and heal them. He is still in the business. Like native doctors, he collects money, fowls, goats, and yams for ‘thanksgiving’. He is in league with butchers, yam, and rice sellers, who patronize him regularly.

There are species of satanic pastors, mushrooming prayer houses here and there. They burn various colours of candles and incense, to invoke evil spirits. They establish satanic altars. Of course, they go to burial grounds in the mid-night; to perform sacrifices and invoke demons for evil powers!

They invoke many demons to appear, who disguise as angels of God. They worship fallen angels (demons). Demons usually impersonate angels Michael and Gabriel. Hear them:   But Rev.19: 10 says: “And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, see thou do it not, I am thy fellow servant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus; worship God for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy”.  John attempted to bow before an angel but he declined; telling him he was a fellow servant. Angels take instructions directly from God; not from any man!

False ministers bury goats, rams, charms, etc. in their church premises: to entice and retain people, as their members or clients.

A man went to a false prophet to help him solve his problem. He told him to buy two pigeons, which he did. He took him to the center of a river, after ordering him to remove his clothes, remaining his pant. He used one pigeon to smash on all over his body. At the end of the exercise: the blood, feathers, and flesh of the pigeons were all over him. Then, the false prophet bound the other pigeon, and threw it into the river. A mighty snake came from nowhere and swallowed it. He bathed the man in the river. Later, he told him, the pigeons were used to cleanse the curses upon him. He charged him a lot of money, which he paid and left.

Sooner than later, he discovered his problem had not been solved. He went back to same man, with ‘jerry coil’ hairs like a mad man to complain. The evil prophet cleverly told him, he had a devil to be cast out of him by flogging; before his problems would be totally solved. He told him to come with a bundle of cain the next day. On the appointed day, he instructed him to remove his clothes, and lie on the table face down. He told him should he run away during flogging: his problem could not be solved.
He began to flog him. He continued to flog him hard until he ran out of his house. He chased him out of his compound with the wipe. He told him not to come to his house again: as he didn’t want his problems to be solved.

There was a time an occult minister invited a genuine preacher to his church. He honoured the invitation. When the appointed time came, he began to minister. In the middle of his ministration, he noticed smoke was coming out under the altar. It was becoming thicker and thicker. The power of God was at work.

At a stage, the guest speaker took to his heels. And members of the church pursued after him, including the host minister.  They were in hot pursuit with sticks and clubs: very angry. He was able to jump through the high wall. That was his saving grace. Then, they stopped pursuing after him. They went back to clear the debris. The altar was burnt with all the charms buried underneath it. The Lord exposed and destroyed their evil powers that day!

Another evil minister invited a genuine minister of the gospel to preach in his church. The latter told him he would fast and pray about it. They agreed on a date. He went there that day, and began to preach. Then, he began to pray a general prayer. As he was praying, the power of God hit the occult pastor who fell flat on the ground. Later, he confessed to membership of a secret society: and was delivered.

It is true many of the now evil ministers, have the calling of God upon their lives, at the initial stage; like Judas Iscariot. But, somewhere along the line, they backslid, and embraced demons for fake powers, and gifts. They are not patient to wait upon the Lord: to know how He intends to use them: and their proper gifts from Him. They wrongly equate their success in the ministry, with the ability to perform miracles, or heal the sick. Everybody cannot have the gift to perform miracles.

Out of impatience, envy, and ignorance, some have left the ministry in frustration; some have committed suicide; while some go for the negative anointing. They feel they can still use it to work for God. Soon, it will dawn on them they have sold themselves to the devils, to make use of. Like backsliding King Saul of Israel, they go to wizards for help! They get more than they bargained for! King Saul died shortly after consulting a necromancer (woman with familiar spirit), 1Sam. 28:15-19.

John the Baptist didn’t have the gift of miracles or healing. But, God used him mightily, to turn multitude of people from darkness unto marvelous light. Seventh chapter of Luke says: “For among them that are born of women, there has not been a Prophet greater than John, the Baptist. But, he that is least in the kingdom of God is greater than him”. There is none among the Prophets of God, greater than John the Baptist: though he was the least in the sight of men, by his low standard of living: eating locust and honey as food; as well as wearing animal skins as clothes. He was a great Prophet of God. Nowadays, people look for false powers to boost their ego, and self-aggrandizement.

People should beware of the dangers and consequences, of acquiring fake powers. There was a minister called of God. He was doing the work of the Lord faithfully. He began to pray to God, for the manifestations of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, in his ministry. But it wasn’t forth coming. He became impatient with the Lord. He began to complain and compare himself, with his colleagues he started with: how the gifts were operating in their lives. He became frustrated. His frustration led him to a place where something was rubbed in his eyes; to enable him see visions of the devils.

As well, something was rubbed on his tongue; so that people would promptly respond to his calls, for donations or pledges. He paid the charges and left. Instantly, he started to see visions. At each stroke of prayer, he would usually see revelations for his clients. He was making money. He was in business. People began to rush to him. He began to prophesy and see visions, by the foul spirits inside him. Also, whenever he called for donations, the response was always overwhelming.

It didn’t matter whether the donations or launchings were genuine or not. He could call people to give generously toward his birthday anniversary. Or, after fasting for some days, he could mandate members of his enclave, to raise offering for him as thanksgiving. Sometimes, he would call on members to raise huge amount of money for him, without disclosing reasons. People were competing among themselves to give the highest. He was using them as his wares!

Sometimes, the evil spirit would move him, to tell some wealthy individuals to give him thousands of naira. He would groan in the spirit, and mutter some strange words. Then, the spirit would move him to point at somebody and say, ”God wants you to donate ten thousand naira”. He would gather all the money, and live big with it.

But one day, God exposed him. He fell sick. The sickness was very severe. Many Physicians tried, but couldn’t cure him. He was dying! People were praying for him beside his bed. One day, he opened up. He told his life history. He narrated how the Lord saved him from death: converted and commissioned him to preach the gospel. He regretted his impatience and envy; that led to his seeking fake powers. At last, he died on his sick-bed.

“Then the LORD said unto me, the prophets prophesy lies in my name. I sent them not, neither have I commanded them, neither spoke unto them. They prophesy unto you a false vision and divination, and a thing of nought, and the deceit of their hearts. Therefore, thus said the Lord concerning the prophets that prophesy in my name, and I sent them not, yet they say, sword and famine shall not be in this land. By sword and famine shall those prophets be consumed” –Jer.14: 14-15.

The occult minister was consumed by his evil powers. Satan uses and then dumps people. He can use somebody mightily. Eventually, he will forsake and destroy him. A man went, and acquired fake powers. Soon, he began to get invitations from various quarters, to minister and perform miracles.

He would give them high bills, which they would promptly pay. During ministration, by mere pointing at people, they would be falling like palm trees: or over-ripe paw-paws; and would be wailing and sprawling on the floor. People would fall and be groaning all over the place. He was making a lot of money. But one day, God unmasked him!

He was driving to a crusade ground he was paid to preach. He was stopped at a Police road block. And his car was searched. Police found charms hid inside his car, and other fetish. People who knew him came around, and were surprised at what they saw. He couldn’t attend the crusade. The rumour spread like wild fire. Later, he left the preaching business, to sell cement and building materials.

These impatient men and women: go to juju men and other native doctors, who rub some charms in their eyes; to enable them see visions. They get themselves possessed by familiar spirits, who give them fake revelations. Many so-called ministers are backsliding like Samson.  They don’t know God has left them. Samson was called of God from the womb (Judges 13:3-5). He was used mightily of the Lord; to bring deliverance to his people of Israel, from Philistines. He started well; but ended up tragically. Immoralities and disobedience led to his destruction.

He rent a young lion with his bare hands –very easily. He began to destroy the Philistines and slew thirty men at Ashkelon. Later, he smote the Philistines in hip and thigh, with a great slaughter (Judges 15:8). He used a jawbone of an ass to slay about one thousand men. Then, came his waterloo: his encounter with Delilah a harlot; who seduced and ended his ministry abruptly. He was sleeping with her daily. He was seduced to violet his covenant of Nazarite unto God: by having his head shaven.

Then, the Lord departed from him. The Philistines caught him; plucked off his eyes; and beat him up mercilessly. Thorough beating is part of God’s punishment, on rebellious ministers by their enemies! He ended up killing himself and thousands of Philistines.

Many false ministers practise ‘blood’ and ‘fire’ religion. They ‘see’ blood: they ‘see’ fire too. Plenty! They were originally called of God; but have fallen by the way side to acquire satanic powers. More are still doing so. Though, the generality of their congregation, still regard them as men of God; the Lord has departed from them. They go about bewitching people with their  evil powers. They are sorcerers in disguise!

“And when Simon saw that through laying on of the Apostles’ hands, the Holy Ghost was given, he offered them money, saying, give me also this power, that on whomsoever I lay hands on, he may receive the Holy Ghost. But Peter said unto him, thy money perish with thee, because thou has thought that the gift of God may be purchased with money. Repent therefore of thy wickedness and pray to God… Then answered Simon, and said, pray you to the Lord for me, that none of these things which you have spoken come upon me“ –Acts 8:18-24.

Simon the sorcerers, eventually repented of his sorceries. I therefore urge other sorcerers, who are masquerading as ministers of God to repent now; else the wrath of God will come upon them. People regarded Simon as a great man of God; when he was displaying his sorceries.

“But there was a certain man called Simon, which before time in the city used sorcery, and bewitched the people of Samaria, giving out that himself was some great one. To whom they saying this man is the great power of God” –Acts 8: 9 -10. But he was evil in the sight of God. If they refuse to repent, their punishment will be much greater than those, they have been bewitching, and deceiving!

They shall have their part in that lake that burns with fire and brimstone. “Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? And in thy name have cast out devils? And in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, you that work iniquity” –Matthew 7:22-23.

They know religion is the opium of the people. People are massively embracing Christian religion: and paying less attention to secret societies, and idol worship. Therefore, it is not surprising to see members of secret societies, witches and wizards, translate themselves from ministers of darkness, to ministers of light without repentance. They want to catch up with the trend. And they are establishing “Baal Centres” (sorry Churches), here and there. Wizards and other occult men; are invading the pulpits. They use their gifts of evil spirits, to bewitch their gullible followers.

When a fake pastor ‘delivers’ somebody, it doesn’t last. The devils come back later with greater force. This is because the person remains not filled with the Holy Spirit. He is empty and swept inside.

“When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man: he walked through dry places, seeking rest and found none. Then he said, I will return into my house from where I came out. And when he is come, he found it empty, swept and garnished. Then goes he and takes with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state of the man is worse than the first. Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation“ –Matthew 12:43-45.

What fake ministers do is exorcism: driving away evil spirits by magic, or demonic means. That is not deliverance. When God’s own kind of deliverance takes place in somebody’s life; it is complete and permanent. He cannot remain empty. God will fill or ‘secure’ him with the Holy Spirit.

False ministers conduct deliverance on all kinds of people; and give them bills. They care little about their repentance: as they themselves have not repented. Therefore, they go about conducting deliverance, or healing without repentance. If at all they succeed initially; the persons will remain empty. Later, the demons or sickness will come back in a greater dimension. Deliverance without salvation is destruction. Deliverance is not salvation. Somebody can be delivered, yet not saved.

“Counterfeit ministers” equate deliverance with salvation. When they are contracted to pray in people’s homes, the emphasis is much on renouncing the gods of their grandfathers. If the people involved are robbers and harlots; it matters little to them: as long as their charges are settled.

Renouncing all forms of idol worship, is not the only condition for being right with God: though the person has taken a giant step forward. He may still be a murderer, robber or prostitute. Then, he has not repented. He is not saved. If he dies in that condition, he will go to hell. God’s own kind of deliverance goes with salvation. It is genuine and lasting.

A fake minister was fond of boasting publicly, he had the powers to stop the rainfall. Some time ago, he was preaching on a crusade ground. The signs of impending rainfall were becoming more obvious. He was still bragging it wouldn’t rain. At a stage, he commanded his prayer warriors to ‘stop’ the rain. God allowed him to conclude his preaching, and praying for people who answered the altar call. Immediately after the altar call prayers, the heavy downpour began, with thunder and lightning. That day, it rained cat and dog!

Initially he didn’t give up. He was still ‘binding and casting’ out the rain, with his prayer warriors. When it became too much for him; he took to his heels. His warriors also ran for cover. By then, it was too late. The rain beat him mercilessly and soaked his bible, together with his surrogates. Since then, he has mellowed down in his arrogance; about having the powers to stop the rain anytime, any day. The Almighty God humbled him that night. God resists the proud, but gives more grace to humble—James 4:6. False ministers are braggarts!


“Son of man, prophesy and say unto them. Thus said the LORD God unto the shepherds. Woe be to the shepherds of Israel that feed themselves!  Should not the shepherds feed the flocks? You eat the fat, and you clothe you with the wool. You kill them that are fed: but you feed not the flock. The diseased have you not strengthened. Neither have you healed that which was sick, neither have you bound up that which was broken, neither have you brought again that which was driven away, neither have you sought that which was lost, but with force and with cruelty have you ruled them.  And they were scattered because there was no shepherd: and they became meat to all the beasts of the field, when they were scattered” –Ezekiel 34: 2-5.

 God Almighty was pouring out His indignation upon hired shepherds of Israel: and by extension hired shepherds of today. They were his ministers. But they became brutish and terror, to the flock they were supposed to cater for. They were not feeding the flock with the word of God properly. They cared little, about the spiritual well being of the people God entrusted them with. They were more concerned about what they could get from the people: money, fowls, goats, etc. He lambasted them for milking the flock dry. He accused them of covetousness, and materialism.

He also accused them of dictatorship, and cruelty. They lorded it over the people. He lamented the sheep scattered, because there was no shepherd to take care of them. The sheep wandered through all the mountains, and scattered upon all the face of the earth. The shepherds fed themselves, and fed not the flock. He said as they made His flock to be meat to every beast of the field, He would stop them from feeding the flock: neither would the shepherds feed themselves of the flock anymore. He promised to gather them from the countries they were driven to; and bring them to their land and feed them.

He promised to judge the shepherds: to judge between the fat and lean cattle; to destroy the fat and the strong. He promised to bring Jesus Christ, the son of David, as their true shepherd. He said He would make a covenant of peace, and cause evil beasts to cease from the land: and they shall dwell safely in the wilderness, and sleep in wood. And, He will no longer allow hired servants to serve themselves of them. During the invasion of Judah by Babylonian soldiers, God used them to deal ruthlessly with many of the shepherds: scribes, kings, priests, and so on. Many of them were slain, even in the temple. The Lord judged them!

So it is with us nowadays. The Lord is indignant with many modern shepherds. Many are serving themselves, rather than serving God. They lord it over members of their congregation. They make themselves next to God, or almost equal to Him. As well, they exploit their members. They are accountable to none, for their reckless spending of church fund. They personify their ministry. They make themselves dictators in their enclaves!

“His watchmen are blind. They are all ignorant. They are all dumb dogs. They cannot bark, sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber. Yea, they are greedy dogs which can never have enough. And they are shepherds that cannot understand: they all look to their own way, everyone for his gain, from his quarter“ –Isaiah 56:10-11.
Many modern shepherds are carnal, and grossly under-feed the flock. They in turn breed carnal and half-baked Christians like themselves. They allow the spirits of permissiveness, to creep into their social gatherings (sorry churches). They grossly neglect the spiritual well being of their members; and emphasize on material possessions. They harbour and condone the evil activities of: robbers, hired killers, adulterers, and secret society men. The latter group uses their blood money, to bargain for leadership positions for themselves in their churches. Multitudes of their members don’t know what it is to repent.

Many of the modern day shepherds, are hired servants. They charge exorbitant fees, in order to make appearances on crusade grounds. Some charge as much as a million naira. They are hired to preach, teach or pray. They haggle over charges or bills, before honouring invitations. They have intermediaries or negotiators: who help to bargain for good charges; first-class hotel accommodations for them; among other things. “The heads thereof judge for a reward, and the priests thereof teach for hire, and the prophets thereof divine for money. Yet will they lean upon the Lord and say, is not the Lord among us? None evil can come upon us” –Micah 3:11.

Had it been Christ is living physically on earth, he will flog many hired shepherds out the churches, for making merchandise of the people: as he did to those doing business, in the temple of God in Jerusalem. They turned the house of God to the den of thieves —Matt. 21:12-13.

Many of them are hardly known in their respective villages, and communities as believers: not to talk of being known as ministers of the gospel. They over-fly African countries. They love to fly thousands of miles away, to Europe and America to minister. Actually, they go there to make dollars. They know how to convert dollars and pound sterling, into local currencies in the black market; more than to convert people to Christ. They should first evangelize their ‘back-yards’, before flying thousands of miles away to preach. Why should they ‘over-fly’ even neighbouring countries?

“And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgement now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not” –2 Peter 2:3.

They grossly lack the magnanimity and benevolence, of the early missionaries, mostly from Europe and America, whom the Lord used to lay solid foundation of the church, in African continent. The ‘white missionaries’ were caring for the populace, apart from preaching the gospel to them. They clothed the poor; fed the hungry; cared for the sick; established leper colonies; among others things. Nowadays, we have many wolves in sheep clothing, who have come to devour the flock. Religious mercenaries!

“For such are false apostles, deceitful workers; transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel, for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works” –2Cor.11: 13-15.

I want     to   use     this      opportunity to     narrate      my ordeal in a c counterfeit church. For about twenty-two years, I was a member there. I rose to the position of a visioner. You could call me a ‘minor’ prophet if you like. We were seeing visions and prophesying for people, by means of familiar spirits operating inside us. But today, I thank God for delivering me from the bondage, and from occult ministry.

It all started with the sickness of my sister. People advised us to take her to a prayer ministry at Ufuma, a.k.a. “Ekpere Ufuma” in Anambra State of Nigeria, for her recovery. I, and some of my relations took her there. We were told by visioners and prayer warriors, that her sickness was the aftermath of our forefathers’ sins. They instructed us to book for home liberation and deliverance.

We booked for prayers and paid the charges. Then, they gave us series of revelations about our lives. They also saw visions of recovery of my sister’s health. However, the so-called visions and prophecies came to nothing. Her condition worsened. We took her to a hospital, where her sickness was diagnosed as sickle cell anemia. She died in spite of all the false revelations.

I  want  to say it categorically, that the woman  who  owns   the   prayer   ministry   at Ufuma;  is  using  demonic  powers.  Her  evil powers  are  derived  from  demons  of  rivers and  forests. Her surrogates: the  so-called visioners and pastors are all false.

They operate through familiar spirits possessing them. They are like many false ministers today, who go by big tittles as: Bishops, Primates, or General overseers. Some of them are highly deceptive and occultic. Their mode of operations, are basically the same with that of Ekpere Ufuma; apart from usage of ‘holy’ water and coloured candles.

Revelations in that occult church, center much on: accidents, deaths, miscarriages, robbery attacks, and all worth not. They are usually on the negative side. They use false and negative revelations, to make “customers” out of the people. They give lying visions and prophecies that will unsettle people; and put them in fear. Then, the people in turn will seek for ways out of their predicaments. These would lead to seeking for prayers, liberation or deliverance: with corresponding charges. If people refuse to cooperate, they will send some of the devils controlling their occult church, to fulfill the negative revelations, or divination.

They usually tell their clients, the sins of their ancestors are being visited on them. It costs much to hire the services of these “prayer businessmen”. Under the fear of death, and other calamities, people are ready to spend a lot to get off the hook. Their charges include: thousands of naira, goats, tubers of yams, and bags of rice. Then, they can see lying visions of open doors for you: that you will buy car soon, build a magnificent house, or travel abroad.

Most of these so-called messages, never see the light of the day. The fulfillment is half-hearted. They use false promises to ‘detain’ people in their enclaves. They raise the hope of individuals through lying prophecies; and milk them dry. They exploit people!

When  they  give  prophecies   or  see visions,  and  they  fail to happen; it is normal for them to blame the failures on the persons’ sins.  They  would  claim  the person have sinned, or  are   possessed.  Therefore, the revelations couldn’t come to pass.
………………To be continued

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